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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 192 - Her Last Name Is Ning

Chapter 192: Her Last Name Is Ning

He Xiaochen had more or less heard about Ning Li’s family background.

If Ning Li refused the Ye family’s help, she certainly would not be able to afford those dresses herself.

He Xiaochen thought about it. This time, Ye Ci had come in fifth in the provincial physics competition, so the Ye family was sure to make a big show out of it.

Ning Li was sure to be pushed aside.

“Seems like it.”

Ning Li thought about the brands that Ye Ci had mentioned earlier.

She could afford those dresses, but…she did not like them very much.

He Xiaochen cupped her cheeks, looking very worried.

“Then, what should we do? Obviously, you did much better than her in the exams…”

The Ye family had always been biased toward Ye Ci, and never gave Ning Li the same treatment.

“If only you could wear G&S’s dresses! All of their dresses look stunning, but they’re just too expensive!”

He Xiaochen had never really been a fan of fashion. However, her idol Tang Wei had recently become the brand ambassador for G&S, so she had brushed up on her knowledge on fashion.


Ning Li’s phone on the table vibrated.

She took it out and looked at it. It was a message indicating a fund transfer from G&S’s.

This was the first payment she had officially received after she had signed the contract with George.

It included the prize money she had received in the G&S Global Design Competition as well as the designer fees for the “Flower and Moon” collection and its related sales commission.

The “Flower and Moon” collection had a total of twelve ensembles.

This kind of luxury high-fashion was limited worldwide, and not many could get their hands on it even if they had money.

Thus, the number of transactions was very limited.

The good thing was that George was very sincere and had given Ning Li a sizable cut from each sale.

Looking at the few extra zeros in her bank account, Ning Li nodded her head in seriousness.

“Their brand is very premium…”

Yunzhou Airport.

George had just walked out of the airport when he sneezed violently.

“Why is Yunzhou colder than the Capital?” He muttered and rubbed his nose.

Many people nearby were looking at him.

With his towering height, proportionate body ratio, and exquisite sculpture-like face, George was easily the center of attention in any crowd.

His light chestnut hair moved with the wind and covered his sky blue eyes slightly, giving off an enchanting and beautiful vibe.

“Sir, where are you going? Do you need help?”

A stylish young woman approached him.

When she saw George’s face, she subconsciously blushed.

At a distance, she had already thought that this man was very handsome. She had not expected him to be so stunning up close. He truly was an extremely good-looking mixed-race man.

George swept a glance at the woman and smiled.

He was already handsome to begin with, so when he smiled, he just looked quite otherworldly.

“No, thank you.”

The woman was instantly disappointed, but she maintained her elegance and waved goodbye to him.

Looking at the woman’s gradually departing back, George shrugged regretfully.

If he had been on vacation, he might have agreed to this invitation. Unfortunately, he was on a business trip this time.

George was a man who always kept his private life and work very separate.

After looking around, George followed the signs and went outside. He soon saw a car parked at the gate.

A woman in a professional black suit saw him and quickly greeted him, “Welcome, Mr. George.”

George looked at her and smiled. “Wen Qi?”

Wen Qi was stunned as she had not expected the heir of a prestigious family to actually know her name.

However, she was extremely professional and quickly smiled warmly.

“Yes, I’m Wen Qi. I didn’t expect your Chinese to be so good.”

George’s trip had been very sudden.

They had only received news of it just before he got on the plane.

The regional and store managers of G&S in Yunzhou had an emergency meeting and had decided to send Wen Qi over to receive the heir.

Since Wen Qi had studied abroad before, it would be easier for her to communicate with the heir.

Now, it seemed as if they had been overthinking it.

However, it was reasonable for them to think that way. After all, George had only ever visited a small percentage of G&S stores worldwide.

Although Yunzhou was a big city, it was still no match for the Capital.

George followed Wen Qi to the car.

He had come so suddenly on this trip, that he had traveled light and had not brought anything with him.

Once the car was on the road, Wen Qi handed a document to George.

“Mr. George, this is the report for G&S’s three branches in Yunzhou…”

“I’m not going to read it.”

George simply refused as he leaned back lazily in his seat.

Wen Qi froze. ‘He didn’t want to look at it?’

“Then, I’ll put it aside for you tomorrow…”

“I won’t be looking at it tomorrow either.” George shook his head.

At first, Wen Qi had thought that George did not want to read it because he was tired from his journey, but it seemed like that was not the case.

The heir’s trip was not an impromptu inspection of Yunzhou’s branches performance.


“I’ll be taking a break tonight and strolling around Yunzhou tomorrow,” George said.

He had actually made this trip to look for Ning Li. He also wanted to see what kind of environment could have produced such a genius.

Wen Qi put everything away and nodded gently.

“Okay, I have booked the Presidential Suite for you at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. I’ll be at your disposal during your trip here.”

Saturday night.

Jinsheng Hotel.

The banquet hall on the first floor was very lively with people mingling around.

The Ye family’s princess had gotten fifth in the provincial physics competition, so the Ye family had specially invited many of Yunzhou’s dignitaries to celebrate her achievement.

“The Ye family really spoils Ye Ci. Even a celebration banquet is so grand.”

“She placed fifth in the entire province. Of course, they have to show off. I even heard that both of the Ye family’s daughters managed to get the provincial awards this time. Ning Li, the one they adopted some time ago, placed first in the whole province!”

A woman laughed. “This celebration banquet has been organized by the Ye family, but that girl’s last name is Ning.”