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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Ning Li Should Come Forward To Apologize!

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Zhou Fei could not understand this.

What was Ning Li thinking to be revising those basic-level questions?

Anyhow, he had to help this girl out.

Sun Quan spoke in a low voice, “Miss Tan, seeing as Ning Li is a new transfer student… Can you let this go?”

Tan Kailan was an experienced and quality teacher.

On the other hand, Ning Li was a one-of-a-kind student with great potential.

How did things end up like this?

A stern look took over Tan Kailan’s face.

“She said it herself that she doesn’t want to attend my lessons anymore.”

Hoping she would give in to a student? Impossible!

Zhou Fei was getting frustrated at her stubbornness.

He raised an eyebrow and chuckled.

“Well, it requires a lot of time and energy to prepare for the physics competition. Since Miss Tan is willing to volunteer this time, then… Ning Li can come to my physics lesson during your mathematics period. Thanks, Miss Tan!”

A flurry of emotions chased across Tan Kailan’s face like a storm. She was about to retaliate but suppressed herself upon remembering Zhou Fei’s background.

She rose to her feet all of a sudden.

“I can’t turn down Sir Zhou’s suggestion. That settles it, then. Dean Sun, I’ll leave first for my upcoming lesson.”

Then, she left the office, keeping her eyes straight.

After making sure she was far into the distance, Sun Quan threw a disapproving glance at Zhou Fei.

“Come on, Zhou Fei, your decision was rather…”

Zhou Fei raised both arms to surrender.

“I didn’t start this war. Is it my fault to do as she wishes?”

Sun Quan seemed frustrated.

“I didn’t hear anything about Ning Li participating in the physics competition prior to this?”

“Because I made the decision on the spot,” Zhou Fei replied matter-of-factly.

The corners of Sun Quan’s lips twitched.

Ning Li quickly glanced at the man. Indeed, it took someone with great strength to become the dean of students. He could actually refrain himself from shouting aloud in this situation.

He took a long inhale.

“Then, Ning Li’s mathematics studies from now on…”

She scored full marks in the general science test, but what about her mathematics?

If she were to stop attending the lessons…

Zhou Fei did not seem bothered by it.

“Senior-level mathematics are peanuts. I’ll help her with that sometime.”

Sun Quan rubbed his temples.

“Alright, you can leave now.”

Both Ning Li and Zhou Fei walked out of the office together.

“Thanks, Sir Zhou.”

She said after walking a short distance.

Her tone was soft but sincere.

She knew when people were being genuinely nice to her.

Zhou Fei looked at her quietly with both hands in his pockets.

“If you really want to thank me, then throw out those silly reference books you have back home.”

One Thousand Best High School Physics Questions?


Ning Li considered briefly before shaking her head.

“I really can’t do that.”

It was a gift from Lu Huaiyu, after all. If she threw that out…

Zhou Fei was not serious about it anyway.

“It’s fine if you want to keep it, but there’s no need to revise that. I’ll lend you better ones later. Oh, right, the lesson for senior physics is arranged in the evening slot. You can just head over there during your night self-learning sessions. It takes place in that block in front, the left classroom on the second floor.”

In actuality, Ning Li had signed up for this competition in her previous life as well. Ye Ci too.

To be honest, Ye Ci was not any good at physics. She managed to acquire good grades in the exams after studying diligently. However, her knowledge was not outstanding when compared to the others who had signed up for the competition as well.

One time, Ning Li overheard her sobbing while clutching the test paper. It turned out the latter had failed to solve the questions again.

After that incident, she started tutoring Ye Ci on the subject.

However, during the semi-finals, she was reported to have cheated. All the effort spent was wasted and a bad reputation was all she gained.

On the other hand, Ye Ci won the first runner-up prize and was heavily praised because of it.

The corners of Ning Li’s lips curled into a smile.


“Don’t worry. I’ll do my best to get good results.”

Ren Qian took back the test paper when Ning Li returned to the classroom.

Pei Song was heading out of the room. The two of them bumped into each other.

“Thanks for earlier,” she said.

Ren Qian realized the new student might be friendlier than expected.

He cupped his chin in one hand while fidgeting with a ballpen in the other in a practiced manner. A smile spread across his face.

“Hey, Ning Li, I was the one who helped you just now. Why are you thanking him?”

Pei Song zipped his jacket all the way up to his neck. He had the tall build of a fit young man. The eyes behind those glasses remained distant.


He had not offered to help in the first place. Not to mention he was not of much help anyway.

Ning Li walked past him toward Ren Qian.

“I’ve already thanked you with the answer for the third sub-question, haven’t I?”

Ren Qian was a mathematics fanatic.

Undoubtedly, he had been elated to discover the correct answer.

He found out this new student was exceptionally smart.

The boy leaned forward.

“Then you can’t say no when I ask you for help with mathematics in the future.”

Lin Zhouyang could not resist himself.

“Are you out of your mind? You’ve been friends with Brother Pei for so long. Don’t you care about his feelings?!”

“Ah, good point.”

Ren Qian clapped his hands together.

“You’ll tutor Brother Pei too, right?”

Lin Zhouyang almost flipped the table.

“What the heck is wrong with you?!”

Pei Song had always been the top student for his year since entering Yunzhou Second Senior High School. No one had been able to challenge his position in all these years.

Would there be any questions he could not solve?

Ning Li nodded casually.

She probably would not get pestered by these two too often anyway, given their outstanding academic results.

Lin Zhouyang crossed his legs together as if waiting for something exciting to happen.

“Brother Pei, this joker here is asking for death! He’s looking down on you!”

Given Pei Song’s personality, Ren Qian would probably suffer for the next few days.

Unexpectedly, Pei Song grabbed his cup and left the room without commenting further.

Lin Zhouyang scratched his head.

“Has he always been this good-tempered?”

Ren Qian kicked the leg of the boy’s chair. What an idiot.

Ning Li went to the canteen alone in the afternoon.

Many eyes were on her when she arrived.

She had long grown accustomed to the attention, but something felt wrong today.

Some people were staring at her while whispering quietly.

A few of them even took out their phones to take pictures of her.

Something was definitely up.

Her phone started ringing in her pocket.

She reached out for it to have a quick look.

[Big Sister Ning Li! Is this you?]

There was a link to the Weibo site on the top. She clicked it without hesitation.

[@CampusGossip: A bullying case in Yunzhou Second Senior High School! Pushing a fellow student down the stairs in broad daylight. Horrifying!]

The contents of that post was a clip about ten seconds long.

The person behind the camera had probably stood on the bottom floor at a close distance. The clip clearly showed a girl pressing another girl against the railing, as if threatening to push the latter.

From the bottom floor, the bully’s pretty profile was captured by the screen.

Anyone who knew Ning Li could definitely tell that it was her.

The post was flooded with comments.

[DecemberWithoutSnow: Cancel school bullying!]

[Summerxyz: How could a person like that be accepted into Yunzhou Second Senior High School, a school with over a hundred years of history? She’s so arrogant.]

[Tay-y: This happened in Yunzhou Second Senior High School. The new transfer senior student is named Ning Li. I heard she was mixing with the wrong group in the past. Munchingpopcorn.jpg]

[Jujubets: Ning Li should come forward to apologize! Expel her from the school! Now!]