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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 182 - A Seeming Embrace

Chapter 182: A Seeming Embrace

“I just brought your painting to Master Yu,” Ning Li said smoothly into her phone.

Wei Songze, who was on the other end of the call, was confused for a moment and said, “What?”

“Yeah, after you’re done, come over as soon as possible! Master Yu usually takes a break after lunch, so he’ll be able to help you look at your work then.”

Ning Li nodded and continued, “It’s rare to get personal guidance from Master Yu, so do appreciate it!”

Wei Songze was still on a different wavelength. “Huh?”

“Alright, I’ll hang up now. Bye!”

Ning Li hung up the phone and looked up to greet Lu Huaiyu.

“Second Brother, why are you at Mr. Yu’s house?”

Quite a few people knew that Yu Pingchuan lived here, but not many were qualified to visit him in person.

Lu Huaiyu replied, “I happen to have something that needs Mr. Yu’s advice. I only just arrived. Did you bring over a painting for someone?”

Ning Li’s expression did not change in the slightest as she said, “Yeah, it’s Wei Songze’s. You probably remember him.”

He did remember him. He was the one who had fought by her side, went to the police station with her, and helped her to rent a house, so of course, he remembered. Oh, and apparently he also won the gold medal of the Huatsing Cup.

It was a perfectly normal thing for Wei Songze to send his painting over to Yu Pingchuan, who was the chairman of the Yunzhou Painting Association.

Lu Huaiyu raised his hand and said, “Give it to me.”

Ning Li hesitated for a moment before handing over the drawing board.

Lu Huaiyu felt the weight for a moment and smiled. “Isn’t it heavy?”

This painting was half her height, yet she had carried it on her back like this.

Ning Li entered the house and gave a vague response. “It’s alright. When I used to sketch portraits in the park, I would also carry a lot of things at once.”

Lu Huaiyu paused for a moment.

“Is Lili here?”

Yu Pingchuan had heard her voice and walked out of the study.

Seeing Ning Li, he instantly smiled brightly.

“Master Yu.”

Ning Li pointed to the painting and said, “Wei Songze asked me to help bring over his painting first. He said that he’ll come over later.”

Yu Pingchuan was stunned for a moment before quickly reacting.

“Oh, sure! I was just wondering why he wasn’t here yet when it’s almost noon! Just put it there then. We’ll look at it after lunch.”

Lu Huaiyu put the painting in the study but did not open it.

Only then did Ning Li’s heart relax a little.

Yu Pingchuan smiled and said, “Lili, it’s rare for you to come over. You must stay for lunch, no matter what!”

Ning Li looked around.

“Where’s Uncle Lin?”

“Something’s going on at the painting association today, so he’s busy and won’t be back for lunch,” Yu Pingchuan said as he went into the kitchen.

Ning Li’s eyes swept to the refrigerator and asked, “Master Yu, why don’t we eat out today? It’s a Sunday, so we can do some shopping…”

Yu Pingchuan opened the refrigerator that was stuffed with all kinds of vegetables and meat.

He smiled and said, “We had run out of food initially, but since Lil Lin knew he would be busy for the next few days, he purposely made a trip to the supermarket yesterday. What would you like to eat? I’ll make it for you!”

The corners of Ning Li’s eyes twitched.

The taste of the fish soup she had last time still seemed to be lingering on the tip of her tongue.

Yu Pingchuan went over to Lu Huaiyu and said, “By the way, Huaiyu, you haven’t tried my cooking before, right? You ought to try it now since you’re here!”

Lu Huaiyu looked at his phone and smiled. “Thank you, but I’m afraid that I can’t make it today. I have a lunch appointment with a friend today.”

Yu Pingchuan was a little disappointed.

“Oh well, what a pity. Next time then.”

Ning Li could not help but feel envy for Lu Huaiyu at that moment.

“Second Brother, are you leaving?”

Lu Huaiyu nodded his head.

He had already been about to leave, but he had not expected to meet Ning Li here.


Ning Li was about to say something when she saw that Yu Pingchuan was already pulling something out of the fridge.

Her eyelids twitched, so she immediately ran over and said, “Master Yu, since you cooked for us last time, why don’t I cook for you this time? It’s been a long time since you’ve tasted my cooking, right?”

Lu Huaiyu’s hand that had been twisting the door handle suddenly paused.

Yu Pingchuan looked a bit torn.

He wanted to cook for Ning Li, but he also missed the taste of Ning Li’s cooking.


Ning Li struck while the iron was hot and snatched the piece of half chicken and the bag of vegetables out of Yu Pingchuan’s hand.

“Go and rest. I’ll take care of everything quickly!”

Yu Pingchuan was pushed out of the kitchen by her.


Lu Huaiyu locked the front door and turned around to come back in.

Ning Li was secretly celebrating her win. When she saw Lu Huaiyu, she was a little surprised.

“Second Brother, weren’t you just leaving?”

Lu Huaiyu waved his phone and sighed. “I got stood up.”

‘Eh? Someone actually dared to stand Lu Huaiyu up?’

Ning Li was puzzled for a moment.

“Then, why don’t you stay…”


Lu Huaiyu answered before Ning Li finished her sentence and put his coat away very naturally.

Ning Li was speechless.

Yu Pingchuan was also delighted and said with a bit of a bragging tone, “That’s great! Huaiyu, Lili makes amazing soup. You sure are blessed today!”

The corners of Lu Huaiyu’s lips curled up slightly.

“Is that so? Then, I ought to try it.”

With that, he strode towards the kitchen with his long legs.

As he walked, he rolled up his sleeves, revealing his sculpted arms.

Ning Li froze.

“Second Brother?”

“There’s no free lunch in this world, so I’ll give you a hand. You won’t mind, right?”

Lu Huaiyu raised an eyebrow.

Ning Li looked at the watch on his wrist that was inlaid with emeralds and jade, then sighed in her heart.

Such a kingly man with such expensive hands was willing to help her. How could she refuse?

Lu Huaiyu noticed her line of sight, so he unbuckled his watch and casually put it on the table next to him.

Ning Li remembered that she still owed him a breakfast from last time.

“Then you can just wash these,” Ning Li said as she handed over a vegetable basket.

Lu Huaiyu stepped forward to take it.

Yu Pingchuan’s house was quite old and small. The kitchen was especially small and closed off.

Ning Li had felt fine standing there alone, but once Lu Huaiyu had come in, the space instantly seemed so crowded that she could barely turn around.

She stood there for a while and was about to kick Lu Huaiyu out so that she could do it herself, but she saw that Lu Huaiyu had already gone to the sink and turned on the faucet.

Yu Pingchuan watched the two of them standing together as he paced outside, still eager to be helpful.

“Lili, why don’t I help too?”

Ning Li’s face was expressionless as she said, “Master Yu, it seems that your kitchen won’t allow it.”

Yu Pingchuan felt dejected and only responded, “Oh, okay then.”

Lu Huaiyu seemed to have noticed what was going on and turned to see that Yu Pingchuan was going back to the living room. Only then did he lean closer to Ning Li and lowered his voice as he said, “Are you that scared of Mr. Yu’s cooking?”

Ning Li lightly snorted and replied, “You’re just not blessed enough.”

Lu Huaiyu did not seem to mind being teased.

“I’m actually quite curious.”

However, he was more curious about her cooking.

Ning Li paused and turned to prepare the ingredients.

Lu Huaiyu suddenly said, “Wait.”

Before she could look back, Lu Huaiyu had already taken a step forward and leaned down slightly to wrap his arm around her waist.