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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 176 - I’ve Seen These Questions Before

Chapter 176: I’ve Seen These Questions Before

Ning Li did not stop walking.

Ye Ci walked faster to catch up to Ning Li and spoke cautiously.

“Sister Ning Li, Mom’s concerned about you too. Since it’s all in the past, you shouldn’t hold a grudge against Mom…”

Ning Li laughed. ‘Ye Ci really thought that I was still angry with Su Yuan?’

Several days had already passed, in which time she could have persuaded her, yet she had not said anything.

She had only remembered this just as she was about to enter the examination hall.

“I’m not that free,” Ning Li replied indifferently with a cold expression.

Ye Ci frowned. ‘Did Ning Li really not care about this at all? Did Su Yuan’s deliberate distancing and coldness in the past few days not bother Ning Li? How was this possible? Everyone’s possessive…I don’t believe that Ning Li is that indifferent.’

Suddenly, Ye Ci’s eyes shimmered. “When the exam is over, why don’t you and Mom have a good talk…”

“It seems like you’re very confident about today’s exam. Even at such a time you still have the heart to worry about other people’s affairs.” Ning Li suddenly interrupted Ye Ci with a sneer.

Ye Ci choked, completely at a loss for words.

“Sister Ning Li, I…”

“Just take the test properly.” Ning Li looked at her and continued, “She’ll definitely be happier to see you do well in the exam than seeing me do well.”

Ning Li’s words were so blunt that Ye Ci did not know how to respond for a while.

After a moment, Ye Ci muttered, “I…I’m a little nervous, and I don’t know how well I’ll do on the test…”

Despite her reluctance to admit it, Ye Ci knew that her talent and understanding of physics were far inferior to Ning Li’s.

‘Was Ning Li being intentionally sarcastic?’ Ye Ci thought.

Ning Li suddenly curved her eyes into a smile. “How come? You’ve been working so hard lately. You should definitely be able to do well on the exams.”

Ye Ci was baffled. ‘What did she mean by this?’

She glanced at Ning Li suspiciously, trying to find any hint of mockery and contempt on Ning Li’s face, but Ning Li’s eyes were calm and sincere.

Ye Ci wanted to say something, but Ning Li had already turned around and walked towards the examination room.

They were not in the same examination room, so after standing in place for a while, Ye Ci walked in another direction.

Ning Li walked into her examination room.

Some students were from Second High and some from other schools.

Many people looked over at Ning Li.

It was not just because her face was just too eye-catching, but also because Ning Li had become famous among Yunzhou’s major high schools recently.

Ning Li walked to her seat and sat down.

There were people next to her who were whispering.

“Is that Ning Li from Second High?”

“Yeah, that’s her, the one who got first place in the city for the midterms.”

“741 marks… I finally got to see her in person! I’ve heard that her performance in Second High’s Competitive Physics class has been outstanding as well. It’s quite promising that she’ll win a prize.”

“Not only her, there’s also Pei Song. He’s supposed to be in this exam room too… Look, here he comes! That one!”

A young man with a tall and lean figure walked in. It was Pei Song.

Coincidentally, his seat was to the right of Ning Li.

He pulled out his chair and sat down next to her.

Soon after, the bell rang and the exam began.

Ning Li took the paper and quickly scanned through it.

‘Good, still the same questions…’

She picked up her pen, ignored any distractions, and began to work on the questions.

At that very moment, Ye Ci also received the exam paper.

She was so nervous that her palms were sweaty.

Ye Ci had put in a lot of effort for this physics competition. If she still could not get a satisfactory result this time, she would be the laughing-stock of many people.

She took a deep breath and looked at the first question.

For a few moments, she was stunned and happy.

That was because she had worked on a similar question before. There was only a change in value, so she could solve it just by applying the formula.

After completing this question, Ye Ci’s initial nervousness dissipated.

She went on to the second question.

Ye Ci found that she was really lucky because all the questions on this paper were exactly the ones she had been reviewing recently.

She did it all very smoothly.

However, her mood upon seeing the first question changed gradually as she went on to the next question.

She had also seen this question before!

Zhou Fei had given a similar question, but Ye Ci could not understand this part very well. Although she had reviewed it, she was not flexible in its application.

Now, this question on the paper was a derivation of Zhou Fei’s question.

Usually, Ye Ci would not be able to answer the question when she encountered this kind of situation, but this question was different because Ning Li had written this exact question in the notebook she gave her.

Ning Li had even specially marked it, stating the three types of derived questions that might appear.

This was one of them!

Perhaps out of defiance of Ning Li, Ye Ci had been very attentive to that notebook and had spent almost all of her time on it lately.

Thus, when she saw this question, she was able to recall the solution in the notebook and write out the answer.

Ye Ci’s heart jumped violently.

‘Is this too much of a coincidence?’

Zhou Fei was very experienced in this kind of competition and could predict the type of questions that would come out.

However, the questions that were on the paper were the same as the ones in Ning Li’s notebook.

Ye Ci had a vague feeling that something was wrong, but after thinking further, she felt that she was overthinking it.

This was not the first time Ning Li had done this.

In their competitive physics class, Zhou Fei would often lecture them and ask Ning Li and Pei Song to write out several solutions on the board.

Those who learned well were able to integrate.

Ning Li would sometimes mention a few possible topic expansions when she was teaching others how to solve the problem.

This was probably just part of her study habits and methods.

It just so happened to be convenient for her this time.

Ye Ci suppressed these thoughts because it benefitted her anyway.

She just needed to finish this paper properly.

The morning passed quickly.

After the written test was over, the students handed in their papers and came out of the examination room one after another.

Ye Ci packed up her bag and still felt a bit dumbstruck.

A boy came over and asked, “Ye Ci, how did you do in the exam?”

Ye Ci returned to her senses.

“Huh? Oh, I think…it wasn’t bad.”

“Not bad? That’s not bad?”

The boy rubbed his neck in frustration.

“Why did I find that paper so difficult?”

He was also in the competitive physics class and usually scored better than Ye Ci, but Ye Ci had made it seem like this paper was very easy for her.

Was it because he was not good enough?

Ye Ci’s fingers curled up.

“I did think that it was quite difficult as well, but I guess competition questions are supposed to be like this. Just be confident in your answers and leave the rest to fate!”

The boy gave her a thumbs up.

“That’s a great mentality to have!”

Who could really be so indifferent about this competition?

Ye Ci looked calm, but her heart was in a panic.

That was because eighty percent of the questions had been in Ning Li’s notes!