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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 172 - Little Ning Li Is Fierce, Are You Scared?

Chapter 172: Little Ning Li Is Fierce, Are You Scared?

The entire class was silent.

Sun Huihui kept all her books in her bag, including the miscellaneous items that were in her desk.

The girl beside her opened her mouth to say something but eventually decided against it.

Everyone knew what this meant.

After packing up her things, Sun Huihui left without saying a word.

Her seat was left empty.

Actually, everyone had already expected this to happen.

The mistakes that she had committed had severely violated the school rules. Even if the school had spared her and allowed her to stay, all the students in Second High already knew about it.

She would have been isolated and left alone.

The moment the revelation video had played on the screen, her fate had been sealed.

Some of the students looked over at Ning Li but Ning Li did not even bother to look at Sun Huihui.

She was reading a book as if nothing had ever happened.

Sun Huihui bumped into Pei Song in the corridor.

She froze and called him, “Pei Song.”

Pei Song paused. He could guess what had happened to the girl in a single glance.

Sun Huihui flushed, her heart was pounding.

It was not because she was shy but because she was certain that Pei Song had seen the videos.

Although she knew Pei Song had never liked her, she did not want to leave him with such a bad impression.

“I…have something to tell you—”

“I warned you before.” Pei Song suddenly interrupted her.


Pei Song sized her up coldly. Behind his glasses, his eyes felt distant and sharp.

Sun Huihui realized what he was referring to.

It was the time when she had spilled milk tea onto Ning Li’s English script. Pei Song had told her to get a seal for her beverage.

Back then, she had only worried that Pei Song might have seen through her actions to her true intentions, so she had not paid any further attention to his words.

Now in hindsight, she realized that it had actually been a warning from Pei Song to her.

She had ignored it and now the consequences had caught up to her.

Aggrieved, Sun Huihui bit her lips as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Pei Song intended on walking away but as he passed Sun Huihui, she said something to him.

“You like Ning Li, don’t you?”

Pei Song froze.

Sun Huihui’s tears started to blur her vision.

She gripped the strap of her bag tightly.

From the picture that had been taken of Pei Song and Ning Li at the airport, she had already had a hunch about it.

Despite being able to clarify that they were not dating, Sun Huihui knew Pei Song well.

He treated Ning Li differently.

If not for his feelings, she would not have done what she did to Ning Li.

“What’s so good about her? Her beauty? Her results?”

There were many other beautiful girls out there. Pei Song himself was also an ace student.

“Ning Li is not new to fights. The way she reacted when those people knelt and apologized to her said as much. She’s not a simple girl and you—”

Pei Song turned to her. “You are thinking too much. Besides, it is none of your business.”

Sun Huihui’s words choked her.

Nothing could hurt her more than Pei Song’s denial.

She wiped her tears and ran down the stairs.

Pei Song walked down the corridor.

As he walked past the back door of his own class, he glanced at Ning Li in her seat.

She was reading a book as the sunlight shone on her.

He zipped his jersey up to his chin before walking away.

“You like Ning Li, am I right?”

Ning Li’s already outstanding reputation reached new heights after that incident.

She was not just the best student in the school, her beauty was on par with her results.

On top of that, she had forced five bullies to their knees and made them apologize to her without lifting a finger.

On the other hand, the culprit behind the incident, Sun Huihui, had packed her things and been expelled with immediate effect.

A few days later, there was news that she had transferred to Yunzhou’s Virtue High.

Virtue High was a private high school that had a different quality of education and strictness of school rules compared to Second High.

The incident had gotten so out of hand that it had ruined her reputation. Not one single public high school had been willing to accept her, so her family had been forced to pay extra to send her to a private high school.

Upon her arrival, her days in Virtue High were far from pleasant.

She had been dragged into the alley by Miamiao and her friends on her first day.

The video of Miaomiao and friends kneeling to Ning Li had embarrassed them heavily, but they did not dare retaliate towards Ning Li.

Sun Huihui became the punching bag for them to vent their anger on instead.

Virtue High, unlike the name, had many students with disciplinary problems. Miaomiao and her friends knew many of them.

Sun Huihui had been isolated from her very first day there because of Miaomiao.

As for Xue Xuan, the school had notified her parents that she had frequent contact with gangsters outside the school. She had been scolded badly by her parents and was soon transferred away from Second High as well.

She transferred to a nameless high school in Lincheng.

Both of them were cut off from Second High and no longer had any connection with Ning Li’s world.

“What about Little Ning Li?”

Cheng Xiyue enjoyed the story a lot.

“Just a 3,000-word self-review report?”

Zhou Fei concentrated on his game as he laid back on the couch. He did not even bother to look at Cheng Xiyue.

“It’s not that simple. The school gave her a warning and she promised that she would achieve at least the top 5 in the upcoming Physics competition to secure a guaranteed slot in the finals. Only then will the school spare her from any further punishment.

Cheng Xiyue clicked his tongue and turned to Lu Huaiyu.

The man’s eyes were half-closed.

Cheng Xiyue teased, “Second master, Little Ning Li is really fierce. Are you not afraid?”