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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 169 - Clarification

Chapter 169: Clarification

Her arrival at the field attracted a lot of attention.

“Isn’t that Ning Li?”

“Is she going to give a speech? No way!”

“My god! If I was her, I would be too ashamed to show up at school.”

“She took on multiple guys at once and forced them to their knees, what is this to her?”

The crowd grew restless.

Some people were worried, some took pleasure in the situation, while some were curious.

The principal and other teachers observed Ning Li seriously.

Ning Li turned a blind eye to everything. She stood a little further away from the podium, seemingly still determined to give her speech.

Sun Huihui was standing at the front, relatively close to Ning Li.

Her legs were shaking and her lips were pale.

If she looked at Ning Li, it would remind her of the video.

Ning Li raised her head and looked in her direction.

She looked calm and mostly expressionless. She quickly averted her eyes as if it had only been an unintentional glance, but Sun Huihui was sure that Ning Li was looking at her!

What was that glance about?

What could Ning Li do in front of all these people?

Sun Huihui could hear the whispers from other students and it boosted her confidence a little.

The video had already been revealed and Ning Li was shown to be guilty! Sun Huihui had nothing to do with it!

The whispers were correct. No one knew if Ning Li would be allowed to stay in Second High after today.

Sun Huihui had nothing to be scared of.

She straightened her back confidently.

Ning Li had done a lot to her, so now, it was payback time!

Sun Quan stepped onto the podium.

“Today, someone reported to us about the involvement of Ning Li, from third-year first class, in a fight outside of this school. The school treats this matter seriously.”

His words silenced the whole field.

Everyone was all ears, listening to the school’s verdict.

“This is a serious and terrible matter which has caused a harmful impact to the school. The school will investigate this thoroughly and uphold our rules strictly. We will get to the bottom of this as soon as possible.

Now, Ning Li is to make a clarification in front of the whole school.”

Everyone was flabbergasted.

The speech in front of the flag was to become a clarification!

The difference in meaning was like the distance between heaven and earth.

Everyone looked at Ning Li.

No one possibly could remain calm under this much pressure, but Ning Li was different. To her, there was no difference between a speech and a clarification.

While all eyes were on her, she took the mic from Sun Quan and got up to the podium.

Everyone was curious how Ning Li would make her clarification.

However, even if she admitted her guilt, it would be difficult for her to escape this unpunished.

Amid the tense atmosphere, Ning Li tapped the mic, making sure it was loud and clear.

She nodded and then took her phone out.

Sun Quan, the principal and the other teachers were stunned.

“What are you doing, Ning Li? Are you going to read your clarification from your phone!? Geng Haifan, is this what you call an apologetic attitude?!”

Geng Haifan was also stunned.

Ning Li had been completely apologetic on the phone earlier. No one expected her to do something this surprising.

Second High’s rules specifically stated that no phones were allowed in classes. However, since phones had evolved into a daily necessity, the school tended to be lenient to the students on this matter.

As long as the students kept their phones away during class, the school would not care or confiscate them.

Now, Ning Li pulled out her phone in front of the student body!

She could have written it down on a piece of paper!”

“I, Ning Li from third-year first class, clarify that…”

Ning Li started to ‘read’ from her phone.

Her calm voice echoed across the field.

Geng Haifan had to fight his urge to not seize the phone away from Ning Li.

“Just… let her finish.”

Stopping her halfway would make the situation even worse than it already was.

Ning Li ignored everything that was happening behind her.

She tapped her phone and then something played.

“You are Ning Li, right? Do you know why we are here?”

The intimidating voice of a woman sounded through the broadcast.

The voice stunned everyone once again.

That was not Ning Li’s voice and it sounded like…

“Look! Look at the screen!” Someone suddenly shouted.

In front of the field was a huge LED screen for display slides on special occasions.

It was only turned on during events.

The screen was dark but that was where the voice came from.

Everyone turned to the screen curiously. Even the students at the back started to push themselves forward.

“What is going on?”

“Is that voice calling out to Ning Li?”

Sun Quan and the other teachers were stunned.

Before the teachers could react, Ning Li’s voice came from the screen.

“Are you here to teach me a lesson?”

Then, a man’s voice also with an intimidating tone could be heard.

“Quite bright, I see.”

The black screen vigorously shook and the camera was turned on.

Ning Li appeared on the screen in her uniform, black bag and she was looking at the camera calmly.

The voice of the first woman could be heard again. “Kneel down, slap yourself 10 times, apologize and we will call this a day. How about that?”

Someone finally realized what was going on.

“Wait, this voice sounds like the voice of the girl who apologized in the video earlier!”

Everyone soon caught on.

The dots were soon connected and the bigger picture had been revealed.

These people had to pick on Ning Li first.

Ning Li said through the mic, “I clarify that, first, I will never kneel to anyone.”