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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 168 - Clarification In Front Of The Flag

Chapter 168: Clarification In Front Of The Flag

Su Yuan raised her voice. “You? How are you going to deal with that yourself? How will the school tolerate you anymore? This is a fight outside the school!”

More importantly, a video had been taken and it was solid evidence against Ning Li.

How would other people look at Ning Li now? How would other people look at Su Yuan now?

Why did she have such a rebellious daughter?

Even she was shocked when she saw the video. What more would other people’s reactions be?

Ning Li had not shown herself in the video. Even though all she had done was count to 10, that was not the attitude that a 17-year-old girl should have. It was abnormal.

Ye Ci tried to calm her mother down. “Mom, wait, calm down. Maybe there’s a misunderstanding—”

“Misunderstanding?” Su Yuan found it outrageous.

She pointed at Ning Li and yelled, “What kind of misunderstanding could make someone kneel and slap themselves for her?!”

Ning Li looked away. “If you are that concerned, why don’t you follow us to school?”

Su Yuan was rendered speechless in her anger.

She had thought that Ning Li was starting to change recently and had finally learned how to accept her new family. Clearly, she was wrong.

The girl was as rebellious as ever.

“Fine. Fine! So, you said that you will deal with this yourself, right? I want to see how you do it! This time, the Ye family will not help you at all! Whatever the punishment the school gives, you will have to accept it. If you are expelled, you will be transferred back to Lincheng!”

Su Yuan stormed away after shouting at Ning Li.

“Mom!” Ye Ci tried to call her but did not get a reply.

A slight hesitation later, she looked at Ning Li.

“Sister Ning Li, what are you going to do?”

Ning Li glanced at her. “You will know when you reach the school.”

Second High was extra lively on this particular day.

Close to 7 o’clock, all the students and teachers had gathered at the field for the assembly.

There were groups of students gathered around, talking excitedly. Many of them stood around, full of curiosity and excitement.

“Have you guys seen the video? Ning Li from the first class is really something!”

“I heard she was always involved in fights back in Lincheng. Looks like the rumors are true. Seeing is believing. I wouldn’t want to get on her bad side.”

“Who released the video anyway? This is such sensitive timing. I heard Ning Li is going to give a speech in front of the flag later.”

“A speech? At this time? Is it appropriate? Will the school say yes to this?”

“I don’t know either. Who knows what the school will do to her now. Expel her? But she’s the best student in the whole city, would the school really expel her because of this matter?”

“So what if she got No.1 in the city? She made a mistake and now she’ll have to live with it.”

The students then arranged themselves into lines according to their year.

Each year had 12 classes; girls in front, boys in the back.

The third-year first class was the best of the best. Their existence was eye-catching enough already but now with this incident involving Ning Li, the spotlight was completely focused on them.

All eyes of the students and teachers were focused on the first class as they came over.

He Xiaochen was standing in line, looking worried.

After she had seen the video, she texted Ning Li. However, Ning Li had assured her that everything would be fine and she did not have to worry.

How could she not be worried after seeing the video?

“Ye Ci, where’s Ning Li? I thought she came to school with you?” the girl in front of Ye Ci asked.

“She’s in the teacher’s office.”

A few of the girls exchanged glances.

Ning Li had to report to the teachers first after what happened.

Everyone wondered what the school would do to her.

At the end of the line, a few boys from the other classes were laughing and joking.

“Let me just say, Ning Li is really beautiful but she’s a feisty one. She’s so fierce, no one could possibly tolerate her attitude.”

“I saw her from a distance once. She’s beautiful but… I’m quite curious about her life in Lincheng.”

“Speaking of Ning Li, I find her quite attractive with that feisty attitude—”

The boy who was speaking was suddenly bumped on the shoulder.

He turned around angrily but saw a pair of icy cold eyes glaring at him.

“B-Brother Pei Song!”

The boy stuttered. He noted the air of danger that emanated from Pei Song.

Ren Qian followed behind Pei Song and asked with a giggle, “So, you asked what Ning Li did to force that group of boys and girls to kneel down and slap themselves?”

The boys were instantly silenced.

Ren Qian tapped on the boy’s shoulder. “Shhh.”

“As one of Ning Li’s classmates, I have to give you a little reminder. You and your friends are out of Ning Li’s league.”


The few boys reacted bitterly but before they could do anything further, several other boys came to support Ren Qian.

They looked like they were about to start a fight to defend Ning Li’s name.

Ren Qian took a step back with a bright smile.

“You guys have no idea but our entire class has been bestowed by her glory, so… be careful of your words.”

Even if the boys believed they could win in a fight against the first class, they were in no position to pick a fight with them.

They knew the school would favor the first class over any others.

One of the boys grunted. “Let’s pray that your little goddess can stay on in Second HIgh.”

Ning Li had gone straight to Geng Haifan’s office the moment she arrived.

Geng Haifan had persuaded the school to give Ning Li a chance to clarify her actions at the assembly.

There was no other way.

The school anthem played throughout the broadcast and the flag slowly rose up the pole.

Ning Li slowly walked towards the field.