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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 167 - I’ll Do It Myself

Chapter 167: I’ll Do It Myself

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The video was the exact video that she had received yesterday.

The video did not show Ning Li’s face but her name was in there.

The slaps and the casual counting from Ning Li were shocking to anyone who saw it.

[What is this? Am I hearing this right? Is that girl apologizing to Ning Li?]

[You are right because I heard it as well. And it seems like several of them knelt down to apologize to her.]

[This is freaky. What is Ning Li doing? A violent fight? How could she tell someone to kneel and slap themselves to apologize to her?]

[What’s the big surprise? Ning Li almost pushed someone down the stairs when she came to the school. This is nothing. Besides, this isn’t her first rodeo.]

[Scary. I thought she was a kind person. I didn’t…]

Messages flooded the screen.

Many of the users were anonymous and they were talking about all kinds of things.

Sun Huihui’s mind went blank.

She was not the one who had released the video. She had thought about it but she had only meant it to be a last resort.

She was horrified by Ning Li’s intimidation in the video.

Who would have thought that the video would already be online when she woke up.

Suddenly the admin of the group removed the anonymous function and silenced everyone.

There was also a teacher from the school in this group.

If the students had seen it, the teachers must have seen it as well.

The whole group was silenced but there were many other private groups among the students, so there was no way to stop the students from talking about this.

Someone had already downloaded the video and spread it around.

Not only the third-year students knew about this. The whole of Second High eventually heard about it and in just one morning, almost everyone in the school had seen the video.

The situation escalated quickly and Ning Li swiftly became the center of a storm.

Geng Haifan’s first reaction to the video was nothing short of terrible.

The video might not have shown Ning Li’s face but from all the clues, everything pointed to her.

She had already caused a scene once before when she threatened to push someone off the stairs, but there had been a reason for that. Moreover, that had only been a threat. No actual harm had been done. This, however, was a different matter.

She had forced a group of boys and girls to kneel and told them to slap themselves. That was cruel.

No matter what, there was no way she could talk herself out of this.

Besides, the video had appeared so suddenly that by the time the teachers had noticed it, it had already spread all over the internet.

Geng Haifan’s phone was blasted with endless calls from his superiors.

Moreover, today was the Monday that Ning Li was meant to give a speech at the assembly under the flag.

The speech was scheduled to happen at 7 a.m.!

What should he do about this?

Geng Haifan called Ning Li right away.

“Ning Li, what is the meaning of that video?”

Ning Li had just been packing her bag before heading to school.

She paused and said, “Mr. Geng, I’m sorry to cause this much trouble to you and the school.”

Geng Haifan had not expected Ning Li to admit it in such a straightforward manner.

He rubbed the center of his brows.

“Tell me the truth, was there a reason for this?”

Two months had passed since Ning Li’s transfer here and so far, she had been behaving well.

It was difficult for him to relate the person in the video to the Ning Li that he knew.

Ning Li curved her lips into a smile as she heard the teacher’s intention to protect her.

“Mr. Geng, I will clarify this matter in front of the teachers and the student body during the speech at the assembly later.”

“What? Geng Haifan was stunned before realizing that her suggestion was probably the best way out of this situation.

“Since I started it, I should be responsible for it. I hope the school gives me a chance to make this right,” Ning Li said.

Geng Haifan could tell Ning Li was serious. The matter had gotten out of control, so an explanation was needed immediately. In considering that, he was compelled to agree to the suggestion.

“Okay. We’ll talk when you come to school. This matter is huge and the higher-ups are concerned about this. Please be prepared.”

“I understand. Thank you, Mr. Geng.”

Ning Li hung up. She went out with her bag but ran into Ye Ci.

“Sister Ning Li.”

Ye Ci frowned and walked over with a worried look. She looked like she had something to say but the words were stuck in her throat.

“Are you… okay?”

Her phone was in her hand, which meant that she must have seen the video.

In fact, she herself had been shocked when she had first seen the video. However, she soon related it to Sun Huihui’s unusual behavior yesterday, so she had put two and two together.

Sun Huihui had felt aggrieved after Ning Li had locked her up in the janitor’s room for a whole night. She had gotten her friends to teach Ning Li a lesson as a form of revenge.

To her surprise, her friends had failed to do the job and Ning Li had forced them down to their knees instead.

That explained a lot about Sun Huihui’s reaction.

The shock in Ye Ci had soon been replaced by a hint of delight.

Ning Li had been involved in a fight outside of school and it could get her expelled.

Second High was a strict school and this matter had already gone out of control. It had to be dealt with openly and strictly.

Even if Ning Li was the No.1 student, she could not escape the punishment.

Ye Ci sized up Ning Li carefully, attempting to find a hint of fear or anxiety but she failed to find anything.

There was nothing on Ning Li’s face. She looked as cold as usual.

“I’m fine,” Ning Li said.

Ye Ci choked on her words. Had Ning Li not known about the video?

“Sister Ning Li, have you seen the group? The video…”

“What video?”

Su Yuan overheard the conversation and came over.

Ning Li kept quiet immediately. “No, it’s nothing.”

Su Yuan frowned.

Her daughters were acting strangely in front of her.

“What happened?”

She noticed the phone in Ye Ci’s hand.

“Show it to me.”


Ye Ci bit her lips, looking conflicted. She also snuck a glance at Ning Li.

Even a blind person could tell it was about Ning Li again.

“This.” Ning Li said impatiently.

She took her phone out and showed the video to Su Yuan.

The slaps that Su Yuan heard in the video stunned her. Ye Ci was also stunned.

She looked at Ning Li in disbelief.

What was she trying to do? Was it something that she should be proud of? Why would she show it to her mother so brazenly?

After the video ended, Ning Li showed a plain look at Ye Ci.

“The video is done. You don’t need to hide your phone now.”

Ning Li always had a way to pry into Ye Ci’s heart. Her words always accurately represented Ye Ci’s thoughts.

It made Ye Ci feel like a fool.

Ye Ci reacted bitterly; as did Su Yuan.

She was shaking when she said, “You! I sent you to Second High to study, not to start fights outside! Ning Li, can you stop giving me problems just for a minute?!”

Ning Li thought about what Geng Haifan had told her earlier. The teacher had asked if there was a reason behind this.

She related her teacher’s words to her mother’s furious reaction and then smiled.

“Don’t worry, I’ll deal with this myself. It won’t be a problem for you.”