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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 164 - Spotcheck

Chapter 164: Spotcheck

Ning Li automatically stood up straighter when she saw Lu Huaiyu.

Gu Siyang noticed the girl’s reaction. He whispered, “Ning Li, are you really that afraid of your second brother?”

He had always assumed that Lu Huaiyu was kind to Ning Li.

Would he really punish Ning Li just because of a rare tiny mistake?

Moreover, Ning Li had only drunk a glass of lemonade. Why was she acting as if she had just killed someone?

Ning Li ignored him as Lu Huaiyu walked towards them from across the road.

He appeared to be in a hurry.

The sky was dark but it did not dampen his noble bearing. His unique presence made his surroundings pale into the background, creating a strong contrast.

Ning Li subconsciously clenched the sleeves of her school uniform.

She had never even felt this nervous whenever she was called out by the whole school,

Step by step, Lu Huaiyu came closer. Each step felt like he was stomping on her heart.

The closer he got, the faster her heartbeat became.

Finally, Lu Huaiyu’s imposing figure stood in front of her.

“Second brother,” she said.

The others said en masse, “Second brother!”

Ning Li had never been so embarrassed.

Lu Huaiyu’s eyes scanned over the group.

The breeze carried the scent of alcohol.

Ji Shu and the others had obviously had a drink or two.

That was understandable. It was a big day for Ji Shu, after all.

He nodded as a sign of greeting before turning his gaze to Ning Li.

“Why are you here?”

Ning Li cleared her throat. “I was planning to leave.”

Lu Huaiyu looked at her inquisitively.

“This place seems interesting. Are you not going to invite me in?”

Ji Shu wanted to step aside, but he hesitated when Ning Li stood as still as a monolith.

She shook her head. “It’s not that interesting. It’s boring, so you don’t have to go in.”

Ji Shu and his friends felt as if they had been slapped in the face.

If Lu Huaiyu had not been in front of them, they would surely have argued with Ning Li.

For some reason, Lu Huaiyu’s presence intimidated them.

Even just simply standing there, his presence unnerved even the boys, let alone Ning Li.

They even sensed a hint of danger in his presence, hence the silence.

Lu Huaiyu seemed a little disappointed.

“Oh, really? Then you must have wasted the past 1 hour and 15 minutes after your night self-learning class.”

Ning Li realized that the man liked being calculative, but she was the one being judged here as she had been caught red-handed.

She could not do anything else but accept the judgment.

“Second brother, I want to go back.”

She kept to her tactic.

Lu Huaiyu looked down at the girl in front of him.

She had to raise her head to stare into his eyes. The hint of nervousness in her eyes made her look pitiful.

“Can you take me home?”

Yes, she was asking to be pampered.

Lu Huaiyu raised a brow.

She only behaved this obediently when she did something wrong. She was smart, she knew what to say to silence the man.

She had so many ways to manipulate his emotions, and he… could do nothing about it.

After a moment of silence, he nodded.

“Let’s go then.”

He stretched his hand out and Ning Li handed him her bag.

She took her phone out. “Should I call for a ride?”

“It’s okay. Let’s go for a walk to get rid of the alcoholic smell.”

Ning Li gulped as she put her phone away.

Lu Huaiyu looked at Ji Shu and the others.

“I’ll take Lili back now. You guys may continue.”

Ji Shu responded almost instantaneously, “OKAY! Second master! Be careful!”

Gu Siyang’s jaw dropped.

“Uh! Second master, I’m going the same way, can I tag…Ouch!”

Ji Shu stomped on his feet before pulling him back with an awkward smile.

“Come on, Master Gu, there’s still a few more bottles left. You can’t leave us now!”

Gu Siyang widened his eyes in shock. ‘Since when did I owe you guys that many bottles? I thought everyone was having fun!’

Ji Shu tossed a glance at his friends and everyone helped to drag Gu Siyang back.

“Come on, Master Gu, you can’t do this to us!”

“Yeah! Just like what Master Gu said, everything tonight is on him!”

The group’s noise drowned out Gu Siyang’s voice in an instant and he was dragged away before he could react.

Ji Shu smiled at Lu Huaiyu.

“I’ll leave Sister Lili in your hands then, Second Master Lu.”

He did not forget to toss another glance at Ning Li, telling her to be careful.

As the two walked away, Ji Shu put his hands together and prayed for Ning Li in his heart.

Amen. May God bless you, Sister Lili.

He waited until both of them disappeared from his sight before entering the club again.

When he got back to the second floor, the others surrounded him.

“Holy sh*t! That’s Lu Huaiyu? He’s really something! Look at how Sister Lili behaved in front of him!”

“Yeah! Damn, I’ve known Sister Lili for so long and this is the first time I’ve ever seen her so afraid of someone.”

“Tsk. I guess we learned something today. Even Sister Lili has her weak spot.”

Ji Shu grunted.

“If you guys are going to speculate, why don’t you think about whether the second master will blame you guys for this.”

Ning Li strolled side by side with Lu Huaiyu.

The atmosphere had gotten so quiet, to the point that it felt tense.

A moment later, Lu Huaiyu asked, “Are you sober now?”

Ning Li pouted. “Second brother, I really did not drink.”

Lu Huaiyu stopped and turned to her; Ning Li followed suit.

His eyes were deep, so deep that it seemed like it contained something alive in there.

He then reached out for the back of her head and moved her closer to him as he bent slightly over her.

The distance between them shortened immediately.

Shocked, Ning Li widened her eyes. Her heart raced.

Lu Huaiyu moved closer to her face. The high bridge of his nose grazed her dainty nose as he moved towards her lips for a sniff.

He said with his rich voice. “Let me check?”

Their lips were next to each other.