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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 161 - Ignite

Chapter 161: Ignite

The girls left the photocopy shop

Most students had already gone home, hence the smaller crowd.

Sun Huihui looked around as she walked, seemingly searching for something.

Whenever she walked past an alley, she would throw an extra glance or two.

Two small alleyways later, she still saw no one.

She frowned.

It felt strange. Her group of friends should still be waiting around the school area and Ning Li should not have gone far, but she did not see them or Ning Li anywhere.

What happened?”

“Sun Huihui, what are you looking for?” Cheng Xiangxiang asked.

“Huh? Uh… Nothing.”

Sun Huihui’s thoughts were pulled back to reality. She smiled awkwardly but it felt unnatural.

Cheng Xiangxiang turned around, pouting.

She found Sun Huihui quite vexing. If not for Ye Ci, she would not talk to the girl at all.

Just then, Sun Huihui’s phone buzzed.

When she saw the notification on her phone, she was stunned.

[Sun Huihui! Why the hell did you tell us to go after Ning Li? She’s not someone that we can afford to mess with! We’re toast because of you!]

Sun Huihui stopped. The message petrified her.

What did it mean? Everything had been fine before the message.

Ning Li was not someone that they could mess with?

She wanted to call them, but she texted back instead since she was still with Ye Ci and Cheng Xiangxiang.

[What’s wrong? Did something happen?]

She received a reply from the other side after a while.

[Watch your back! Tell Ye Ci she doesn’t need to wait for Ning Li tonight. Ning Li is busy. As for us, this is it. We won’t be talking anymore!]

Sun Huihui realized that something had gone extremely wrong. She texted back nervously.

[What’s wrong?]

Her message failed to send.

Her contact had blocked her after the last message.

Sun Huihui’s heart sank.

Something must have happened, but what? What had gone wrong?

A few steps later, Ye Ci and Cheng Xiangxiang noticed that Sun Huihui had stopped following them.

They turned around to find a pale-looking Sun Huihui.

Slightly stunned, Ye Ci asked, “What’s wrong, Huihui?”

Sun Huihui kept her phone away, attempting to look and sound calm.

“It’s nothing, It’s just… Ning Li is busy and she told you not to wait for her.”

“Ning Li?” Cheng Xiangxiang said disbelievingly.

“Are you still talking to her?”

After what had happened the other day, Cheng Xiangxiang had assumed that Sun Huihui would never talk to Ning Li again.

Sun Huihui knew she was being misunderstood but she was in no position to explain. Her lips tightened in silence.

Her thoughts were in disarray, everything felt out of control.

Inwardly curious, Ye Ci said, “Okay, I’ll go home first. You go home early, okay? Please get some rest.”

Sun Huihui nodded absently.

The three girls parted with each other at the junction.


Zhou Hua had been waiting nervously for the girls because they were late. He was afraid that something might have happened again, so he had driven the car closer to the school.

He saw Ye Ci walking alone after searching around for a while. He heaved a sigh of relief.

“You’re late. Did something hold you up?”

Ye Ci looked into the rear of the car.

“Sister Ning Li is not here?”


Ning Li must have gone off after leaving the school.

She smiled.

“I’m sorry, Uncle Zhao. I went to the photocopy shop with some friends. I told Sister Ning Li to tell you that I would be late, but it looks like she left first and was not able to let you know.”

Zhou Hua opened the door for her. Contempt flashed in his eyes as he heard the girl’s words.

“Miss Ning has always done as she likes.”

What else could be expected of the manners of a girl from a rural city? He had seen what kind of girl she was back when he had brought her to Yunzhou.

She could have at least informed him since she had promised Ye Ci.

The girl had not even bothered to show up and had just left by herself.

Ning Li had stayed out for a whole night before, so this was nothing to her.

Ye Ci got into the car. She smiled, seemingly unaware of Zhou Hua’s mocking tone.

“Let’s go home so mom and dad won’t worry.”

After some time, the car arrived home.

When Ye Ci entered the living room, she saw a few gift boxes laid out.

One of the opened boxes seemed to have contained a model car that was now in Ye Cheng’s hands.

Ye Ci was shocked.

The expensive car model was something Ye Cheng had desired for a long time, but his parents never usually spoiled him.

What had happened?

Ye Ming and Su Yuan were there as well.

Ye Ming seemed to be having some wine, and he looked happy.

“Dad, mom, what’s the occasion?”

Su Yuan went up to Ye Ci to help her with her bag.

She said with a smile, “Your dad just won the bid for a huge project. These are gifts to celebrate.”

Ye Ci noticed the new ruby ring on her mother’s finger.

That must also have been a gift from Ye Ming.

Ye Ming was generally a generous man but this was still considered rare. These gifts were evidence that the man was completely over the moon.

“Is it the Qinghe Bridge project?”


Ye Ming pushed a box towards Ye Ci.

“Lil Ci, look what I got you.”

Ye Ci opened the box that revealed a pair of diamond earrings.

Blushing, she smiled sweetly and thanked her father. “Thank you, dad!”

Ye Ming laughed. He was in a great mood today.

Based on their original bidding price, his company would not have gotten the project. Somehow, he had gotten wind about the Ji family’s bidding price and it had given him the advantage.

He had altered his proposal at the last minute and emerged as the victor of the bidding war.

The Ye family had always been the Ji family’s equal, but they would soon surpass their rival with this project.

Although they were still no match for the Cheng family, it was still good news worth celebrating.

Su Yuan looked at the door.

“Where’s Ning Li?”

“Oh, I forgot to mention that Sister Ning Li didn’t come back with me. She said she was busy and would be late.”

The smile on Su Yuan’s face faded a little.

This was not news to her and Su Yuan refused to care anymore, but Ye Ming was present and it would embarrass her.

Ye Cheng said as he continued to toy with his model car, “Maybe she won’t come back today either.”

Su Yuan frowned. “Lil Cheng!”

Ye Ming waved his hand. “The girl is… independent. Just give her a few words of advice when she comes back and let her know that her present is on the table. Remember to give it to her when you see her later.”

Regardless of what he thought deep down, he had to save his face.

Su Yuan calmed herself down.


The car stopped in front of the entrance of the club named Ignite.

As Ning Li got out, she heard a familiar voice calling out to her.

“Ning Li!”

She turned around to see Gu Siyang standing by the door, waving his hand at her while holding his phone.