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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 160 - Tell Her To Apologize

Chapter 160: Tell Her To Apologize

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

They did not understand why Ning Li would comment on the video of herself.

However, with Ji Shu beside her, they did not dare ask questions.

They knew that the wealthy young men were here because of Ning Li. They even treated her like some sort of leader.

She did not even have to lift a finger. All she needed to do was give the order and they would be beaten up or taken to the police station.

The girl, known as Miaomiao, and the guy in the center regretted being here. Their faces were red after having slapped themselves and they were still afraid of Ning Li.

If they had known that Ning Li knew Ji Shu, they would never have agreed to bully her.

It was too late to regret it now.

Ning Li went to pick up her bag.

One of Ji Shu’s friends came over with an eager smile.

“Sister Lili, let me help you with your bag.”

Ning Li stepped aside and dodged his hand.

“It’s okay, I can carry my own bag.”

Ji Shu laughed out loud.

“Who do you think you are? Not everyone is qualified to carry Sister Lili’s bag!”

He then spun his car keys with his hand.

“Sister Lili, shall we? My car is over there.”

Ning Li nodded. She then turned to the gang members and said, “Oh, please tell the one who sent you that I am thankful for this present. Also, tell the one beside her that I have a gathering tonight and that I’ll be late. Tell her she doesn’t need to wait for me.”

The gang members were shocked.

Judging from her tone, Ning Li already knew who had sent them.

Ning Li then left with Ji Shu and his friends.

The young men joked and chatted happily behind her.

“Sister Lili, Ji Shu is really terrible. You’ve been in Yunzhou for so long but this is the first time he has asked you out.”

“I know, right? We tried to ask you out before but he stopped us! We must make him pay for it today!”

“Sister Lili, how could you forget about us when you went racing in Xiaosong Hill?”

“Why would she ask you guys out? You guys are nothing but an obstacle to her studies! Do you know that Sister Lili got first place in the whole city this time? You, you, and you, do you even know how to spell the word ‘first’?”

“If you don’t, then just look at her!”

The group disappeared after they turned the corner.

The guys and girls in the gang finally got up when they could no longer hear the jokes and footsteps.

Miaomiao got up first and yelled at the guy in the center.

“You got me into this mess! That’s Ji Shu!”

Ji Shu alone was already a huge problem to them, let alone his friends.

They knew that they had just offended not only Ning Li but Ji Shu as well.

The rest of them reacted bitterly as well.

“Brother Yi, you called us here because you said you want to help your sister teach someone a lesson. You did not say that person was Ning Li.”

The guy known as Yi looked gloomy.

He was a well-known gangster around the area and there were always people asking for his ‘help’ to settle complicated relationships.

This time, he had gotten a request from the ‘sister’ that he knew online. He had agreed without a second thought but the whole thing had turned out to be less than satisfying.

“That’s enough. I’m the one who dragged you guys into this. I’m—”

“Brother Yi, you should not be apologizing. It’s your little sister’s fault!”

Miaomiao pulled her broken nail off and scoffed. “Why don’t you call her and her little friend over so that they can apologize to us?”

Ji Shu had not driven his sports car today because of the number of passengers. He had driven a black SUV instead.

He got into the driver’s seat while Ning Li got into the passenger seat. The rest of the boys got into the rear seats.

Ji Shu started the car and asked, “Sister Lili, what’s wrong with those people back there? I thought you were busy studying? Why would some street gangsters stop you on the way home?”

Ning Li rubbed her chin. “Maybe they have nothing better to do.”

One of the boys in the rear seat clicked his tongue.

“What a bunch of idiots. If they have nothing to do, they could have just stayed at home. I’m surprised that Sister Lili did not beat them up after hearing what they said.”

If Ning Li had decided to teach them a lesson herself, it would have involved more than just slaps for Miaomiao and her friends.

Ning Li smiled. “They are not worth it.”

The last time she had fought Meng Jiang herself was because she had beef with that guy in her previous life. As for these street-level gangsters, they were not worthy.

The boys laughed out loud.

“I know, right? Sister Lili’s hands should be used for holding steering wheels, not beating up street thugs.”

These guys were close with Ji Shu and also fellow racing enthusiasts.

They were acquainted with Ning Li because of Ji Shu.

After losing the race to Ning Li the first time, Ji Shu had become deeply convinced of her talent. His friends had laughed at him for losing the race and said they had wanted to meet this racing goddess to find out what had truly convinced Ji Shu.

Therefore, they had gone to Lincheng together just to race Ning Li. However, every single one of them had lost to her.

After that, the group treated Ning Li as their leader.

However, since not all of them were from Yunzhou, they had not had the time to meet Ning Li ever since she had moved here.

The group had gotten together today because they wanted to celebrate Ji Shu’s signing with LY and Ning Li’s appearance had been a surprise.

“I didn’t think the good students of Second High would resolve things using such a cheap method.”

Ji Shu had grasped the bigger picture of what had happened back there but was unable to determine who the mastermind was. He looked at her.

“Are you going to just let this go? Those b*stards—”

Ning Li shook her phone.

“No way I’m letting them go, but we are here to celebrate you signing with LY, so you don’t have to worry about this. I can deal with them myself.”

Ji Shu smiled at Ning Li’s assurance. “Great!”

The printing shop

Sun Huihui returned the notebook to Ye Ci.

“Okay, it’s done. Thank you, Lil Ci.”

“You’re welcome.”

Cheng Xiangxiang urged Ye Ci, “Lil Ci, we should go.”

It had only been a simple trip to the printing shop but Sun Huihui had delayed Ye Ci further by asking her several questions about their homework.

Ye Ci looked at Sun Huihui.

Sun Huihui subtly looked at her phone.

She was meant to get a message when the matter was settled but for some reason, she still had not received anything.

Given the time, they should have finished the job by now.

She kept her phone and nodded. “I’m going in the same direction as you. Why don’t we walk together?”