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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 158 - It Should Be A Happy Day

Chapter 158: It Should Be A Happy Day

Ji Shu was not really concerned.

He was not interested in his family business. It was just one project. Even if his parents missed one, there would be another.

There was no end to earning money.

He would rather spend his time and effort on the things he liked.

“Sister Lili, let’s have a celebration dinner tonight, at Ignite. Will you come?”

Ignite was a bar that Ji Shu owned with several of his friends. He would have gatherings there from time to time.

Ning Li had been in Lincheng before this, so he never really invited her to any gatherings.

Even after she had come to Yunzhou, she was usually busy with her school work. Her aim was to be the best, so Ji Shu tried not to disturb her.

He could not hold back his excitement today, so he tried his luck.

Ning Li looked up to the sky outside the window.

Yunzhou’s night sky in the autumn was dark and quiet with glittering stars garnishing the darkness.

She smiled. “Sure, but no drinks.”

Ji Shu was surprised. He snapped his fingers and said, “Don’t worry, Sister Lili! Those rascals are scared of you now. They will never try to drink with you anymore! Just promise you will show up! Where do you want me to pick you up from later?”

He cleared his throat and continued, “It’s been a while since those rascals have seen you. They miss you.”

Ning Li knew who he was referring to.

“Sure. Just drive your car and we can go there together.”

She looked happy.

“Yeah, it should be a great night today.”

There was no competitive Physics class that night, so Ning Li spent the night studying in class like everyone else.

The class was quiet, only the flipping of pages and writing could be heard.

He Xiaochen was listening to an English passage with her earphones as she took notes.

Ning Li was reading the book that she had borrowed from Lu Huaiyu.

She had actually finished it a long time ago but had not had a chance to return it yet.

There were a few passages that she liked, so she had read the book a few more times.

Halfway through the book, she sighed.

She should have borrowed the original version as well.

This book that she was reading was a Chinese version and although the translations were quite accurate, it was still slightly off compared to the original text.

She should be more careful next time.

Sun Huihui had a quick glance at Ning Li.

She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that Ning Li was studying.

She tapped on Ye Ci’s chair.

Ye Ci turned around and asked, “What’s wrong, Huihui?”

“Lil Ci, can I… borrow your English notes?”

Ye Ci nodded.

Among all the subjects, English and literature were considered the easiest to Ye Ci.

Ye Ci’s handwriting was beautiful, so many students regularly asked to borrow her English notes to make photocopies.

She took her notebook out from the desk and gave it to Sun Huihui.


Sun Huihui accepted it with two hands.

“Thank you. I’ll photocopy it at the printing shop later and give it back to you.”

“It’s okay, you can take your time.”

“No, no, there’s an English class tomorrow. Why don’t you accompany me to the printing shop later? It won’t take long,” Sun Huihui insisted.

Ye Ci turned her down. “It’s okay. My driver is coming to pick me up later. I’m going back with Sister Ning Li.”

Sun Huihui pouted.

“Then… you can just tell her to wait for you in the car. It’s just a short walk. I’m sure she can walk to the car herself.”

Ye Ci suddenly realized something.

She looked at Sun Huihui and noticed something unusual in the girl’s sparkling gaze.

She had a hunch about what the girl was trying to do.

A moment later, she smiled. “Okay, I’ll go to the printing shop with you. I think Sister Ning Li won’t mind.”

Sun Huihui breathed a sigh of relief. She smiled and said, “Thank you, Lil Ci.”

When Ye Ci turned around, Cheng Xiangxiang glanced over at Sun Huihui before writing on a piece of paper and handing it to Ye Ci.

[Lil Ci, no one wants to talk to her now. Why are you being so kind to her?]

Sun Huihui had been one of her friends but after what happened, the girl had been isolated.

She came from an average family. Even though she had a decent lifestyle compared to most normal folks, the difference between her compared to Ye Ci or Cheng Xiangxiang was like heaven and earth.

Cheng Xiangxiang had never really accepted Sun Huihui into her friend circle. If they could have clicked, they would have talked more. However, they had never had a real connection, especially after the incident that had ruined the girl’s reputation.

Everyone had distanced themselves from her.

However, Ye Ci still chose to talk to her and lend her the English notes.

Ye Ci smiled without answering.

Cheng Xiangxiang rolled her eyes.

[You are being too nice to Ning Li and to Sun Huihui! None of them will appreciate your kindness!]

Ye Ci paused for a moment, she then whispered, “Sister Ning Li is kind to me now. Look, she even wrote notes for me.”

She then showed Cheng Xiangxiang the notes that she had put inside her desk.

Cheng Xiangxiang did not want to see it. She would not understand it anyway.

“Who knows what’s going on in her mind? Maybe she wrote the wrong answers to mislead you and make you fail!”

Ye Ci tugged on Cheng Xiangxiang’s arm.

“Shh, she didn’t.”

At first, she had had the same concerns so she had done some research about the answers. She then realized that the notes that Ning Li had given her were all correct and precise.

She still had an uneasy feeling, but since she could not determine the cause, she simply put it aside.

Since she already got the notes, it would be a waste if she did not use them to her own advantage and the insults she endured would be in vain.

Cheng Xiangxiang thought Ye Ci was being too kind. If she continued to be this kind to Ning Li, she might end up being overwhelmed by Ning Li without realizing it.

“Fine. I’ll follow you guys later.”

She did not trust Sun Huihui either, so she felt she had to tag along to protect her friend.

Ye Ci smiled and nodded. It would be great if Cheng Xiangxiang could come along.

After the night of self-learning class, the students left the classroom.

Ye Ci went to Ning Li with her bag.

“Sister Ning Li, Xiangxiang and I are going to the printing shop with Huihui. I might be late, so please tell Uncle Zhao.”

Ning Li glanced at Sun Huihui.

Sun Huihui was looking at her as well.

When she noticed Ning Li’s gaze, she nervously looked away and pretended to keep her things.

Ning Li nodded.


Ning Li exited the school and walked to the right.

The area around the gate was crowded after school, so no private cars were allowed to park there.

Parents and drivers would have to park in the next street for pickup.

After a while, Ning Li could sense that someone was following her.

She was still walking among other students, yet she noticed an unusual presence.

She continued on as if nothing was amiss.

Then, she quickly turned into a secluded alleyway.

Beside the school was a residential area and there were many tiny and secluded alleyways.

Some of the students would go this way because it was faster but fewer during the night.

Halfway through the alleyway, Ning Li stopped.