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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 157 - Unfortunate

Chapter 157: Unfortunate

Null finally realized what was happening.

[Is there a problem with the land?]

Ning Li’s answer was vague.

[You will know soon.]

It was not just a problem, it was a disaster.

Qinghe Bridge was situated at the intersection of three cities. Its geographical location was perfect.

If the Ye family could build a resort village there, they would make a huge profit.

However, that would only happen if the Ye family could finish the project and open it to the public.

However, the reality was that underneath the land where Qinghe Bridge was situated, there was an ancient tomb buried in it.

It was not just one tomb though, but a widely connected group of tombs.

The tombs belonged to ancient royalty, so it was huge.

The discovery of the tombs would fill the void of history and would be vital to archeological development.

Therefore, the government would order for the project to cease.

If that happened, all the initial investment in the land would go down the drain. No objections would be accepted because it was a government order.

In her past life, the Ji family had gotten the project.

She did not even have to investigate because she already knew the bidding price from the Ji family.

It was because of this issue that the Ji family had suffered a huge financial setback. That had given Ye Ming a huge opportunity to take advantage of the situation. He even forced the Ji family into a dead-end later.

Ning Li had always been a person who repaid the slightest favor with all she had.

The Ye family was ‘kind’ to her, so she ought to do her best to help the Ye family profit.

It would be a waste if the Ye family could not get the Qinghe Bridge project.

Null did not press on the topic.

[Ok. But do you want to inform Ji Shu about this?]

The Ji family was involved after all.

Ning Li sighed.

[No. He just signed with LY. Let’s keep him out of this.]

Even if the Ji family lost the bidding, they would only lose one project. It would not do any actual damage to the family. At most, they would only suffer a small financial loss for the next few months.

A few months later when the tomb would be discovered, they would be the ones laughing at the Ye family.

[Ok. I heard LY wants to sign you but you rejected it?]

[I’m busy with my entrance exam.]

A flawless reason indeed.

Null replied briefly, [As long as you are happy. Shrug.]

Ning Li put her phone away. Just when she was about to go out, she heard a familiar voice.

“Huihui, are you just going to let this go?”

Ning Li paused. She could tell that the voice belonged to one of the two girls who had tried to trap her in the janitor’s room with Sun Huihui.

Frustrated, Sun Huihui said, “What else can I do? It’s done! Should I trick Ning Li into going into the janitor’s room again? Why would she believe me again?”

“But you… You got locked up for a night and almost got punished by the school. Look at her now…”

Sun Huihui scoffed. “She’s in the spotlight now! First place in the city! Even the school looks at her differently now! They know Ning Li locked me up in the janitor’s room, yet I’m the one who is suffering, while she continues to roam free!”

She felt aggrieved and was rather unwilling to let this matter go. She was angry and frustrated but there was nothing else she could do.

“The girl with the good score is always right. The school is just going to cover it up for her. What can I do?” she said.

The girl sighed. “I know, right? She tried to push someone down the rail, yet the school pretends that nothing happened. She’s a scary one. I heard that she’s giving a speech at the assembly next Monday.”

Sun Huihui made a noise as if she was retching. “Her? Giving a speech under the flag?”

“Forget about it. It’s just not your day.”

Sun Huihui clenched her teeth. She had been fine before her friend mentioned Ning Li but now, she was all riled up.

It was because of this that she had almost been punished by the school and had been scolded by her mother at home.

She even lost her status in the class. It was torturous, especially for a girl like her.

Suddenly, she thought of something and said, “Oh right, Lil Xuan, I remember you know some guys outside of school, right?”

The girl known as Lil Xuan said, “Yeah, what’s up?”

Some thoughts later, Sun Huihui said, “Can you do me a favor?”

The two of them talked for a while before leaving the toilet.

The toilet was peaceful again. After a while, Ning Li came out.

She looked at her phone.

“Those girls can really talk…”

She raised a brow and went back to class.

Friday arrived in the blink of an eye.

At night, Ning Li received a call from Ji Shu after dinner.

She went to a quiet corner and answered the phone.

Before she could say a word, Ji Shu’s excitement surprised her.

“Sister Lili, I’ve finally signed with LY! The contract is sealed!”

He had been busy verifying the contract and negotiating the terms with LY for the past few days. He had also gotten a lawyer to oversee things and make sure things were progressing legally.

Even though he was generally an unbridled person and disliked being chained down, he was thorough when he was serious, hence the delay in the signing.

Ning Li chuckled. “Really? Congratulations.”

Even through the phone, she could feel Ji Shu’s overflowing excitement.

It was his dream and he had realized it.

Ji Shu happily talked to Ning Li about a few things.

Ning Li listened and then asked, “Do your parents know about this?”

Ji Shu shrugged. “They know but they lost the bidding for a project today, so they are not feeling too happy right now.”

His parents disliked him racing but he liked it. Since they were unable to convince him otherwise, they had compromised.

They did not understand what signing with LY meant. They simply took it as just another one of their son’s frivolous ideas.

To them, the project of Qinghe Bridge was more important than Ji Shu signing to LY.

Ning Li smiled. “Oh, I see… Too bad.”