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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 156 - I Am Going To Give The Ye Family A Gift

Chapter 156: I Am Going To Give The Ye Family A Gift

At night, when the two girls returned to the mansion, Ning Li handed Ye Ci a notebook.

Ye Ci opened it to see a summary of 10 questions and the mistakes that she had made. All her weak spots were clearly stated.

Attached below the summary were the answers and steps.

Although the steps looked rather unusual because they skipped some of the unnecessary steps, they were a lot clearer than Zhou Fei’s explanation.

If she could spend some time memorizing the tips, she would be able to solve most of the questions.

Ye Ci furrowed her brows as she looked through the notebook.

‘What was Ning Li’s intention here?’

Knock, knock.

Su Yuan came in with freshly cut fruits.

“Lil Ci, how’s your studying going? Come, take a break.”

Ye Ci smiled and shook her head. “I’m okay, mom.”

Su Yuan put the plate of fruits down. She glanced at the notebook in her daughter’s hand and was surprised.

“Whose notes are these? It’s so beautifully written.”

The smile on Ye Ci’s face faded a bit but she quickly recovered from it.

“Oh, this is from Sister Ning Li.”

Su Yuan was also embarrassed for a moment.

All these years, Su Yuan had been the one inspecting Ye Ci’s homework and exam papers. She was the one who signed the report cards after exams, so she had known based on the writing that the notebook was not Ye Ci’s.

However, she had not expected it to be from Ning Li.

She realized that Ning Li had never shown her any of her homework or results ever since her arrival. Ning Li’s writing was not recognizable to her at all.

Ye Ci said softly, “It’s nice.”

Su Yuan tucked her hair behind her ear awkwardly and asked, “Why is her notebook here?”

Ye Ci paused. “This is the notebook that Sister Ning Li prepared for me.”

The mixed feelings in her grew as she told her mother. It felt like she was admitting to her own inferiority.

She felt terrible but it was a fact.

Even if she kept it a secret, Su Yuan would find out sooner or later.

It would be better for her to be honest in front of her mother.

Su Yuan was shocked. “Ning Li?”

She then remembered that she had asked Ning Li to help Ye Ci before. Geng Haifan had also told her that Ning Li had agreed to help Ye Ci.

She had not really put high hopes in it because of Ning Li’s attitude, but now…

The shock was soon replaced by delight.

No matter what, Ning Li’s results were undeniably good.

If she was willing to help, Ye Ci would surely benefit from it.

“Great. I was worried that she would not help but it seems like everything’s better now.”

Su Yuan patted Ye Ci’s head emotionally.

“Ning Li and I have had some misunderstandings and she bears a grudge. I’m sorry that it has affected you, but now it seems like with time, things are getting better. We are family, after all. Am I right, Lil Ci?”

Ye Ci felt as if a sharp thorn had poked her in the heart.

She and Ye Cheng were considered half-siblings even though they had different mothers, but what was Ning Li to her?

Ning Li had a useless father whose hands were tainted with blood. Like father, like daughter, Ning Li herself was not entirely a good person either.

Ye Ci suddenly hugged Su Yuan and nuzzled up against her shoulder.

“Thank you mom, I promise I’ll do better in the next exam.”

Su Yuan felt tickled by her.

“It’s okay, Lil Ci. You’re so grown up now, yet you’re still so ‘sticky’ with your mom. You go ahead and continue with your studies, I’ll leave you be.”

Ye Ci looked at Su Yuan and said, “Mom, I would like to have tomato brisket tomorrow.”

Aunt Zhao was the family’s cook so Su Yuan rarely went into the kitchen, but since Ye Ci had asked for it, she could not reject the request.

Su Yuan’s thoughts about Ning Li faded after Ye Ci had asked to be pampered. She patted Ye Ci’s head before leaving the room.

Ye Ci then looked at the notebook.

If she had had other options, she would never have accepted the notebook from Ning Li. However, she really wanted to do well in the Physics competition and prove to others that she was as good as Ning Li.

Therefore, even though she hated it, she had to read the notes.

The next morning, Ye Ming joined his family for breakfast, which was rare considering how busy he usually was.

Both Ye Ci and Ye Cheng were happy.

“Dad, you’ve been busy lately. It’s been a while since we’ve had a meal together.”

Ye Ci sounded like she was blaming her father for neglecting her but it was merely an indulgent tone.

Ye Ming smiled happily and said, “Work has been a little busy at the company lately. I’m sorry that I’ve neglected you for so long. When I’m done with work, I promise you I will spend some time together.”

Su Yuan was in a great mood today as well.

She felt that Ning Li had changed somehow and Ye Ci could return to her best form soon.

Other than Ye Cheng, whose results were still worrying, everything else was great.

Ye Cheng tended to behave himself in front of his father.

This breakfast was the most peaceful one she had had in months.

She refilled Ye Ming’s bowl with porridge and asked, “Are you still working on the Qinghe Bridge project?”

Ning Li’s hands froze when she heard the name Qinghe Bridge.

Ye Ming nodded.

“Yeah. That place is good. If we can develop it properly, it will have great potential in the future.”

Qinghe Bridge was located in the suburbs of Yunzhou. It was undeveloped natural land and its geographical location was connected to at least three neighboring cities.

Transportation there was convenient, with a superior location.

Ye Ming planned to develop it into a resort village.

Su Yuan asked, “If you say so, it will be fine. But I heard the Ji family plans to get the place as well.”

As a matter of fact, not only the Ye family but other wealthy organizations, including the Ji family, also had their eyes on the natural land.

Bidding for the land would start soon and whoever got the land would surely make a huge profit.

The competition was fierce but Ye Ming was determined to get it.

“The Ji family is short on funds lately, so they are basically out of the game.”

Ye Ming sounded resolute with a hint of disdain.

Ning Li finished her porridge quietly.

At school, the morning self-learning session started as usual.

Ning Li went to the toilet and messaged Null.

[The bidding for Qinghe Bridge will start this Friday. Try to get a hold of the Ji family’s bidding price and leak it to the Ye family.]

Null replied almost instantly. [Did Ji Shu make you angry?]

The bidding for Qinghe Bridge was the hottest topic among the upper social circle of Yunzhou. He had heard that the Ji family and the Ye family were fighting for that land.

Ning Li’s order was rather confusing. If she leaked the price to the Ye family, the Ji family would be out of the game before it had even ended.

[Is the Ye family that good to you? Besides, this is classified business information. How can I get my hands on the information?]

[You don’t need to investigate, I have it all with me.]

[You mean you are going to investigate it yourself? Wait, what are you trying to do?]

Ning Li grinned.

[I want to give the Ye family a huge present.]

The Ye family must get the project in Qinghe Bridge.