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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 155 - Great

Chapter 155: Great

Ye Ci also got the paper from Pei Song.

Her face twitched uncontrollably when she saw the questions on the paper.

“Mr. Zhou said he would talk about this paper tomorrow night,” Pei Song said.


It would mean Ye Ci had to finish the paper before tomorrow night.

She took a deep breath and looked at the rest of the paper. She soon realized that this paper was much harder than those that she had done before.

The first question required a lot of calculation.

As she scanned through the paper, a bad feeling arose from her heart.

She would need at least 3 hours to finish the paper. More importantly, there were a few questions that she could not understand.

The thought of her midterm results almost gave her a headache.

Cheng Xiangxiang noticed the bitter look on her face. She asked, “What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?”

Ye Ci forced a smile. “I’m okay.”

The preliminary competition was around the corner and she could not drop out of the competitive Physics class now.

She turned around to Ning Li.

Competitive Physics class.

After Zhou Feng had explained everything on the paper, he tapped on the writing board.

“The preliminary competition is next week and will be held across the entire province. The venue will be our own school, so all the other participants will come here. If you manage to get a prize in the preliminary round, you might be able to get extra credit for your entrance exam. You guys know what you need to do.”

The students were excited at the news.

“After the preliminary round, the top 5 students will be selected to represent our province to join the national finals. The selected students will be sent to the training camp in Jingcheng for two weeks. The finals will be held in March of next year.”

Zhou Fei scanned the whole class and stopped in a particular direction.

He said with a smile, “If any of you manages to get the gold or silver prize in the finals, you will have the privilege of choosing the best universities in the country.”

The students were more excited than ever.

This was the ultimate prize that every student in the class was aiming for.

They studied hard just for that letter from the university.

In other words, joining the competition was a shortcut but not everyone would receive it.

Only they themselves knew how difficult it was.

“That’s all for today. Go home and study what I taught today. It might come out during the preliminary round. Class dismissed.”

Ning Li carried her bag and went out.

Ye Ci clenched her teeth before going after her.

“Sister Ning Li, I have a problem with one of the questions. Could you help me with it when we get home?”

They were at the entrance of the classroom and Ning Li had not even stepped out of class.

The other students were packing up their stuff but when they overheard Ye Ci, everyone looked at them.

It was strange for Ye Ci to take the initiative and ask Ning Li for help.

They might both be sisters in name and even living under the same roof, but after spending some time with the two of them, everyone knew that they were more like enemies than sisters.

At first, Ye Ci had tried to be a caring little sister but Ning Li had not accepted her kind gestures.

However, everyone gradually noticed something was wrong with Ye Ci as well.

Ever since she had hinted that Ning Li had not wanted to lend her study notes, many people had hated Ning Li for it. They had even called her selfish.

In the end, it was revealed that Ning Li had never even taken notes for anything.

Moreover, Ye Ci had not even asked for it.

The others had misunderstood Ning Li and even mocked her behind her back, but Ye Ci had not even tried to defend her sister.

Henceforth, the other students then changed their opinions of both Ning Li and Ye Ci.

Ye Ci knew what had happened, so she tried not to talk to Ning Li about school or homework.

So, what has happened now? What had gotten into Ye Ci?

Ning Li looked at Ye Ci.

Ye Ci showed the same smile with a hint of caution, she was afraid that Ning Li would reject her.

She always looked beautiful and pure with an extremely alluring smile, which gave her an innocent and harmless appearance. It was a smile that no one could say no to.

Ning Li had seen this smile of hers a countless number of times in her past life.

Ye Ci always showed up with the same smile.

“Sister Ning Li, I don’t understand this.”

“Sister Ning Li, I didn’t mean to take your things.”

“Sister Ning Li, I didn’t mean to do it, please forgive me. If people found out about me, I’d be finished!”

In the end, she was the one who had gotten expelled for cheating in her exam.

Her titles had been taken away from her, her efforts left in ruins and she had gotten locked up in the end.

She was the one whose life had truly ended.

Ye Ci never once left the spotlight.

The pure and innocent image was never tainted, not even with the slightest stain.

Ye Ci felt nervous when she saw Ning Li’s stare. For some reason, she even started to feel fearful.

Ning Li’s charming eyes were as clear as ice and it sent chills down Ye Ci’s spine. It felt as if she was able to see through Ye Ci’s thoughts.

As Ye Ci’s heart started pounding, Ning Li curved her lips into a smile.


Ye Ci was stunned. She had not expected Ning Li to agree to it so easily.

She had thought that she would put Ning Li in a difficult position by asking her in front of the rest of the class.

She knew Ning Li had never really liked her.

She knew Ning Li had only agreed to teach her because of Geng Haifan.

If Ning Li rejected her, everyone would know how selfish her sister was. Even if Ning Li said yes, it would still be a reluctant answer.

Regardless of which, she would be able to put Ning Li in a difficult situation.

However, she had not expected Ning Li to react so calmly as if teaching her was no big deal.

The others had not expected Ning Li’s answer either.

Ning Li then added nonchalantly, “Oh, I’ve already asked Mr. Zhou for all three of your papers. I’ve made a summary of all the mistakes you made and the blindspots that tripped you up. I’ll bring them to you later.”

The class was silenced.

Ye Ci’s smile froze on her face.

“Mr. Geng made it clear. He wanted me to help you so that you can do better in your next exam,” Ning Li said evenly.

The other students looked at Ye Ci.

They knew Ye Ci’s results had been poor in her midterm. Now it seemed as if the cause was because of the competitive Physics class.

If this class was a burden, why did she insist on continuing?

Given her previous results, as long as she could maintain her performance, she could still ace the midterm. Why had she joined the competitive Physics class?

And now, she wanted Ning Li to tutor her in such detail?

Ye Ci felt as if she had been slapped in the face.

Ning Li had said she would tutor Ye Ci but every word that came out from her mouth had only reminded everyone of Ye Ci’s poor results.

The more Ye Ci tried, the more incapable she looked.

However, she had started this first and Ning Li’s answer was flawless.

Thus, she endured the insult and forced a smile on her face.

“Thank you, Sister Ning Li.”