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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 153 - Her Favorite

Chapter 153: Her Favorite

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Gu Siyang got up and moved to the other chair.

He said with a chuckle, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Here, here.”

Lu Huaiyu glared at him coldly and walked over to sit beside Ning Li.

Gu Siyang was speechless.

‘Strange. The last time I saw him, he seemed to be quite a nice guy. What’s with his cold attitude today? He doesn’t seem welcoming at all.’

The shop’s tables were cute but rather short. With Lu Huaiyu’s height, it felt awkward and a little crowded as he sat beside Ning Li.

The both of them sat next to each other.

Lu Huaiyu simply put his hands on the table. Ning Li was already feeling uncomfortable.

The man did not mind at all. He looked at Gu Siyang and asked, “Are you here for Ning Li?”

Gu Siyang nodded. “Yes. I came here today just for her. I had thought of meeting her during lunchtime so that I wouldn’t disturb her. However, when I went to the school, I found that she had gone out so I followed you guys here.”

Many students had witnessed Ning Li leaving with Lu Huaiyu so it had not been difficult for Gu Siyang to find out where she had gone.

However, that was not the point. The point was the purpose of Gu Siyang’s visit.

If Lu Huaiyu remembered correctly, Ning Li had not met Gu Siyang before. Judging by the boy’s reaction, it confirmed that this would be their first meeting.

Lu Huaiyu nodded. “Mhmm.”

Gu Siyang sat down and glanced at the ice cream on the table.

“Second master, your ice cream looks delicious.”

Lu Huaiyu had always been a picky eater. The fact that he could sit down with the ice cream was proof of the quality of its taste.

He turned to the counter. “Hi, I would like a caramel ice cream please.”

Lu Huaiyu reacted even more coldly than before.

Gu Siyang noticed the glare, so he gave an ardent smile and said, “Second Master Lu, I’m here today on behalf of LY.”

“LY?” Ning Li was surprised.

It was then Gu Siyang that remembered that he had come for Ning Li, not Lu Huaiyu. However, when the man had sat down, he had instinctively talked to him instead.

He nodded and looked at Ning Li.

“I believe Ji Shu told you about the offer? At first, I thought that since you guys are close, he could ask for your opinion but…”

Ning Li had rejected Ji Shu’s offer which had forced Gu Siyang to meet her himself.

Gu Siyang put on a serious look.

“I saw the video of you racing at Xiaosong Hill and I could see that you are talented with a lot of potential. The management of LY also shares the same thought, so here I am. I am here to tell you about LY’s stand and to show you our sincerity. If you say yes, the terms would be yours to determine.”

Gu Siyang was being sincere.

Given LY’s status, it was every racers’ dream to be accepted by them, but only a handful were able to realize their dreams.

In Ning Li’s case, LY had virtually lowered themselves and offered Ning Li a blank cheque.

If this got out, many people would be jealous of Ning Li.

Ning Li looked at him. She did not reply immediately. Instead, she asked something that concerned her.

“May I know what your position in LY is?”

Gu Siyang blinked and smiled. “I have some shares in LY.”

He was a well-known playboy to most, but he kept a low profile about his involvement in LY.

Only a handful of people knew that he was a shareholder in LY.

Telling Ning Li the secret was also a show of his sincerity.

Ning Li was surprised. “I see…”

She knew LY had three major shareholders and she had had contact with the other two before. She had never met the last one before and had no idea who it was.

She had not expected it to be Gu Siyang.

After some thought, it made sense. Only the Gu family had what it took to be involved with LY.

Gu Siyang looked at her with an intrigued gaze.

Ning Li shook her head. “I’m sorry, I am not planning to be a racer.”

Gu Siyang widened his eyes in shock.

He believed he was being sincere. Not only had he revealed his identity, but he had also even allowed Ning Li to name the terms.

What else could be more attractive than that?

Why would Ning Li reject the offer so quickly?

With a nonchalant look on her face and the calmness in her eyes, she looked like she was merely rejecting someone distributing fliers on the street.

Perhaps she had no idea what Gu Siyang’s promise meant, or how much it weighed.

Gu Siyang was astonished.

Ning Li added, “I’m in the Physics competition and the entrance exam is in a few months. Thank you, Mr. Gu, but I can’t take the offer.”

She sounded firm and calm.

Gu Siyang was not a spoiled brat. As a part of the Gu family, he had received the best education since he had been young.

His negotiation skills were not to be doubted. It was he who had boosted LY to its current status.

However, he was helpless against Ning Li. He felt like his efforts meant nothing to her.

He could tell from Ning Li’s eyes that she knew what the promise meant and that she understood what she had just turned down.

Despite knowing of the potentially bright future, she had turned it down without a second thought.

“Is the entrance exam and the Physics competition that important? Ning Li, I know you are good at your studies. If you want, you could apply to the best university in any other country. Why the persistence?

Gu Siyang was baffled.

There were a million paths that she could take, but she insisted on taking the most orthodox one.

Ning Li grinned. “It’s actually quite important to me.”

Maybe to others, it was merely a way of life. However, to her, both the competition and the entrance exam were regrets from her past life.

She had not completed either of them, so now, she wanted to make it up to herself.

It meant more to her than just passing with flying colors or getting first place.

She wanted to walk this path again with her own strength and wash away the stains on her life.

Lu Huaiyu contemplated her with a meaningful look.

He had known from the start that Ning Li was an opinionated person.

She loved astrophysics and wanted to go to Xijing University. Even when she was isolated and misunderstood by the Ye family, she did not try to argue because she knew she was not part of that family.

She had never placed any hope on empty promises. Instead, she tended to cherish everything about herself.

She knew her own likes and dislikes.

Therefore, she had always been resolute and determined in all of her decisions. It felt as if she had planned everything in advance.

Gu Siyang had thought Ning Li would be persuaded.

Ning Li’s talent was unquestionable and joining LY was the biggest dream for any racer out there.

However, Ning Li had decided to become a student instead of a racer.

“If you insist, then I have nothing else to say. I respect your decision.” Gu Siyang sighed.

The ice cream was served. He shoved a big spoonful into his mouth.

Ning Li smiled. “Thank you.”

Gu Siyang had a spoonful of his ice cream when he suddenly had a thought.