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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 152 - A Couple

Chapter 152: A Couple

The man’s looks matched his body perfectly. The laidback and nonchalant aura complemented his noble presence.

He did not fit in with the noisy street at all.

Before this, Ning Li could never have ever imagined having lunch with Lu Huaiyu in such a place.

The beef noodles were served.

Lu Huaiyu took a pair of wooden chopsticks and rubbed the little splinters away before handing them over to Ning Li.

Ning Li paused for a second before accepting the chopsticks.

“Thank you.”

Lu Huaiyu washed the cups with the hot water provided, then filled the cup with water before giving it to her.

He did everything smoothly as if it was something he did all the time.

Ning Li looked at him.

His eyes were focused on the cups and bowls. His black hair draped softly across his forehead, covering his eyebrows.

His eyelashes were long, so long that they cast shadows under his eyelids.

He was a proud man, but also had the genuine temperament of a gentleman.

A thought entered her mind.

Lu Huaiyu could win hearts easily with the slightest show of kindness. There was nothing that he was not able to get in this world.

Ning Li brushed her thoughts aside and ate her noodles.

After lunch, Lu Huaiyu paid the bill before they left the place.

Ning Li asked, “Second brother, are you going back now?”

Lu Huaiyu stood at the entrance and looked around.

“I’m not in a hurry. You still have an hour until your next class, am I right?”

He then pointed towards a particular direction.

“Do you wanna have ice cream?”

Ning Li looked in the direction that he pointed.

“I’m fine. Did you want some?”

Lu Huaiyu grinned.

“I saw that you posted it on your social media the other day and it looked nice.”

Ning Li thought of the post that He Xiaochen had posted.

‘Dear Ning Li…’

Her heart raced uncontrollably.

She had been overthinking since last night. If this continued, things would go out of hand fast.

It was just ice cream. Since Lu Huaiyu had come all the way here to the food street, the least she could do was accompany him to get one.

She searched her pockets and said, “Let me buy you one.”

Lu Huaiyu was slightly surprised. He went silent for a moment before he smiled.


The dessert shop’s decor was cute. The place had been designed with a warm color tone. It was not big by any means, only three tables had been set up for dine-ins. Accompanying the tables were several cute and cartoonish chairs.

Many of the students had already returned to school after lunch, so the shop was not that crowded.

Only two out of three tables had customers.

Ning Li asked, “Second brother, which flavor do you want?”

Lu Huaiyu scanned through the menu.

“The original flavor.”

Ning Li nodded. “Hi, I would like one original and one mango.”

The ice-creams were served after a minute.

Ning Li handed the original flavor to Lu Huaiyu.

As Lu Huaiyu took the ice cream from her, he accidentally touched her hand.

It was so electrical that it somehow made her fingers feel numb.

She looked over at Lu Huaiyu but he was looking at an empty table.

“Let’s go sit down.”

Ning Li held the ice cream with her other hand and put her slightly numb one in her pocket.

She followed Lu Huaiyu inside.

The other girls in the shop had noticed Ning Li and Lu Huaiyu as they came in. When they sat down, the whispers and gossip started.

“Woah, look at that! He’s so handsome! Is he a new teacher at Second High?”

“He doesn’t look like a teacher and the girl beside him is wearing a Second High uniform. She looks familiar… Hey, that’s Ning Li!”

“Ning Li? The one who placed first in the city?!”

“I’m sure that’s her! The most beautiful girl in Second High! Who is that man? Is he… her boyfriend? The guy even helped her with that piece of tissue. He looks so sweet and kind!”

Ning Li had only wanted to wipe the table with a tissue, but Lu Huaiyu had beat her to it. She felt embarrassed and nervous at the same time.

The girls at the other table were from Seven High and it was not unusual for them to misunderstand Ning Li.

However, the gossip slowly got out of hand.

Lu Huaiyu was not her boyfriend and they did not look like a couple!

Lu Huaiyu reacted calmly as if he did not hear the gossip.

Ning Li wanted to explain but the girls were only talking among themselves. Walking over to correct them felt inappropriate.

Fortunately, the girls left after they finished eating.

Ning Li sighed a breath of relief.

“Second brother, I’ll go take some spoons. Hold on.”

Lu Huaiyu nodded.

Ning Li went to the counter and took two spoons. As she turned around, she unintentionally glanced at the last table.

The table had one boy and one girl, both students from Second High as well.

The both of them had ordered two cups of milk tea with an opened book on the table.

The boy was sitting beside the girl, pointing at the book, and whispering something into her ears. It looked like he was teaching her something.

The girl listened before realizing something. She then uttered a number to the boy.

The boy nodded and the girl smiled. She had gotten it correct.

The boy suddenly lowered his head and kissed the girl on the cheek.

The girl blushed and jokingly punched him. She then nervously looked around.

The boy held her hands and put them inside his jersey’s pockets.

Ning Li quickly turned away.

Just as she turned around, she bumped into someone.

Lu Huaiyu had been standing behind her without her knowledge, so he steadied her by holding on to her arms.

A soft chuckle came from the man. “What are you looking at? You looked so deep in thought.”

Ning Li thought of the kiss. She took a step back and cleared her throat awkwardly.


Lu Huaiyu glanced over at the table.

The boy and girl had chosen the furthest seat in order to be more inconspicuous. They thought no one had seen their interaction.

Unfortunately, it was too eye-catching.

It was clear that the boy liked the girl so much that he could not hide it.

Lu Huaiyu glanced at Ning Li and smiled.

She was not the one being kissed, so why the bashful reaction?

If it had really been her…

He turned around and tapped on the counter.

“Excuse me, can I have a glass of ice water?”

Ning Li looked at him curiously.

Lu Huaiyu reacted calmly and said, “The ice cream is a little too sweet.”


Lu Huaiyu was not really a fan of sweet stuff.

Ning Li returned to the table.

It was then that someone else came into the shop.

He looked around before spotting Ning Li. His eyes sparkled as he strode over.

Ning Li felt the presence of someone else standing in front of her.

She looked up at the man.

The man smiled and got himself a chair.

“Ning Li? Hi, I’m Gu Siyang.”

The name rang a bell.

If she remembered correctly, this man was Gu Tinglan’s relative.

“You might not know me but you must know my uncle, Gu Tinglan. We kinda met each other at the airport the other day. I was the one who fetched him back then but I didn’t get the chance to say hi.”

Ning Li nodded. “Hi.”

Gu Siyang smiled.

“So, I’m here today to—”

Before he could finish, he felt chills on the back of his neck.

He turned around stiffly and saw a familiar face.

“Second Master Lu?!”

Lu Huaiyu looked at him coldly.

“Young Master Gu, you are in my seat.”