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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 150 - Damn it!

Chapter 150: Damn it!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Right away, she blushed again. Her face felt like it was burning hot as she stared at the pajamas.

Her face was even redder than before.

At the start of the call, she had accidentally seen the slightly wet Lu Huaiyu. He had on his pajamas, even though it was not buttoned fully.

Other than that naughty drop of water that had aroused her imagination, she had not really seen anything.

However, the situation was different now.

Ning Li put a hand on her face. She knew her face was as red as an apple even without looking in the mirror.

The shock was swiftly replaced by intense embarrassment.

She nervously moved to hang up the call but accidentally kicked the edge of her bed instead.


The frame of her bed was made out of wood so the sound of the thud was loud and heavy.

Lu Huaiyu heard the thud as well. He looked at his phone.

He got up, the camera only showing his lower body.

Ning Li wanted to hang up but noticed Lu Huaiyu’s long legs coming closer, making his pajamas appear even clearer.

She took a deep breath and tried to pull herself together.

Lu Huaiyu bent over and took a look at his phone.

“Did I not hang up?”

As he bent over, his loose pajamas exposed his wide and firm chest.

His attractive body came into Ning Li’s sight without warning and caused her thoughts to blank out.

A moment later, Lu Huaiyu picked up his phone.

His handsome face appeared on the screen again, his deep and attractive eyes staring straight into the camera.

Both his chest and his eyes were branded into Ning Li’s eyes.

The aura of blue blood that shone from his eyes was strong but his chest was also extremely seductive.

Both conflicting images merged together perfectly, forming an irresistible scene. It caused a feeling of calm but liveliness at the same time.

“Lili?” Lu Huaiyu said.

“Did I not hang up just now?”

Ning Li nodded stiffly.

“You could have hung up from your side,” Lu Huaiyu said with a scoff. His gaze was as calm and lazy as ever.

Ning Li did not answer. She took a deep breath and asked, “Second brother, the pajamas on you look a little familiar…”

Lu Huaiyu looked at his chest, the smile on his face remaining.

“Oh, this? Yeah, it’s the one I lent you the other day.”

He admitted it easily.

Ning Li did not know how to react to his honesty.

After a slight pause, she said, “Then why are you still wearing it?”

Lu Huaiyu found her question amusing. He grinned and said, “These are my pajamas. Why can’t I wear them?”

That was not the point! The point was that she had worn it before!

If it had been just a coat or a jacket, it would be fine but it was a pair of pajamas!


“I thought you already washed it.”

She had washed it with her own hands and had even gone to Yunding Fenghua to return it.

Lu Huaiyu sounded so reasonable that Ning Li could not find the words to refute him.

She was dying to ask him why he had to wear this particular set of pajamas, but she did not dare to.

He had already made it clear that these were his pajamas, so why would it be a problem for him to wear them?

Besides, Lu Huaiyu was being frank and honest. If she was the one who hesitated and acted strangely, it would only look as if she was the one who was overthinking things.

‘Just let it be. Just let it be. Just let it be.’

Ning Li had to hypnotize herself in her head.

She feigned calmness and said, “It’s okay, I’m just asking. I still have work to do. I have to go.”

Before Lu Huaiyu could say a word, she hung up the phone.

Lu Huaiyu was left speechless staring at the screen.

“Little girl overthinking again.”

Ning Li put her phone on silent and went to do her homework.

With half a glass of water and a box of biscuits by her side, she finished a general science paper and a Mathematics paper.

In between that, she also memorized a long English essay.

Two hours later, she went to the bathroom to have a quick shower before bed.

As she was choosing her pajamas, she purposely ignored the pajamas that shared the same color as Lu Huaiyu’s pajamas. She took a white one from her closet instead.

11.30 p.m.

She was on her bed, ready to sleep.

The moment she closed her eyes, the image of Lu Huaiyu’s chest and eyes appeared in her mind unbidden.

The water droplet that had trickled down his jawline, his wide chest as he bent over, the pajamas that he wore; a countless number of images appeared in her head.

Frustrated, she got up.

“Damn it!”

“Why did he tell me about his brother? If he hadn’t seen his phone, he could have replied tomorrow instead. Why did he call me just now? Why did it have to be a video call!?”

She got out of bed and continued studying.

On the second morning at school, He Xiaochen approached Ning Li with a worried look and asked, “Hey Ning Li, did you have a rough night?”

Ning Li grunted and took her things out from her bag.

A student was collecting the homework and walked past Ning Li.

Ning Li placed her homework on the stack of books in his hand.


The boy was shocked.

Ning Li rarely wrote out her homework because it was easy. Today, not only had she finished it but had also done extra today.

He Xiaochen was shocked.

“Ning Li! What’s wrong!?”

Ning Li said evenly, “I had too much free time.”

She laid her head down on the table, using her jersey as a pillow.

“Let me sleep for a while.”