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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 149 - Close

Chapter 149: Close

Lu Huaiyu moved his phone further away to finally reveal his full face.

It looked like he was in his own room and had just come out from a bath. His hair was wet, messy, and swept across his forehead.

The lights cast a glow on his body, making his fair skin glow. His pronounced facial features cast sharp shadows across his face and granted him a sense of mystery.

He was in his pajamas but he had not buttoned up completely. His collarbones were showing and a part of his flat, strong chest was exposed.

A drop of water trickled down his chest and wet the edge of his pajamas.

Ning Li had not expected to see such a steamy scene on her phone. She was momentarily stunned before embarrassment came over her and turned her face as red as an apple.

“I went out without charging my phone today, so it died halfway. I saw your message the moment I came back…”

Lu Huaiyu sounded exhausted and a little hoarse.

His voice was extremely seductive, especially at night.

He then squinted his eyes and raised a brow. “What’s wrong, Lili? Your face looks red.”

Ning Li regained her senses and moved away from the phone. “Huh? No, I’m fine.”

She tried to look calm.

Lu Huaiyu tilted his head. He was displeased when she moved away from the phone.

The distance had been just fine just now. It had allowed him to see the girl’s cute and fair face with a dash of pink up close. Her charming, round eyes were as clear as the surface of a lake, the slightest movement causing it to look as if it was rippling gently.

What had she been looking at when she had been up close?

Lu Huaiyu chuckled. “Ah, it’s fine now. I probably saw wrongly.”

For some reason, Ning Li felt hot again.

She moved her phone a little further away, believing that Lu Huaiyu would not be able to see the bashful look on her clearly from that distance.

Lu Huaiyu observed her background.

“You’re not in school?”

“We don’t have class today, so I came home early.”

“I saw your results, first place again. I’m impressed.”

Ning Li felt strange.

When she had sent her results to Lu Huaiyu, she had done it without thinking too much about it. Her thought was that since the man cared about her results, he might be happy when he found out that she had done well in her exams.

Now, she felt like a little girl who had aced her exam and excitedly wanted a pat from her big brother. The feeling was even stronger now than it had been when she had been at school, especially at hearing his words.

She felt like a child asking for attention from her big brother.

After a slight pause, she said, “It’s okay.”

If all Ning Li did was just okay, the rest of the high-schoolers in Yunzhou could just quit completely.

“Being humble is a virtue but don’t overdo it, little girl,” he said jokingly.

Ning Li pouted. “I’m not a little girl.”

Although her body was almost 18, her soul was already in her 20s.

Although Lu Huaiyu was still older than her, it felt peculiar.

Lu Huaiyu looked at her strangely, he had not expected this reaction from her.

“Are you not happy to get first place?”

“No, it’s just that…”

Ning Li felt the change of emotion on her face. She quickly looked down, wanting to discard her messy thoughts.

She looked at the camera again when she recovered.

“You didn’t reply to my message, so I thought that you might have something more important to deal with.”

Lu Huaiyu nodded. “My brother was in Yunzhou today, so I went out to meet him.”

Ning Li was surprised. She asked, “Your brother?”

“Yeah, my elder brother.”

Lu Huaiyu took a sip from the glass of water beside his bed.

He turned his face to the side and lifted his chin. His defined jawline looked perfect and the movement of his Adam’s apple was captivating.

Ning Li was stunned. She forced herself to look away.

She felt strange today. Why was she so captivated by Lu Huaiyu’s looks?

Lu Huaiyu did not notice her reaction. He put his glass down and said, “Yeah, it’s been a while since we met, so I kinda forgot my phone.”

Ning Li nodded.

Lu Huaiyu only had one elder brother, Lu Yuxiao.

After graduating from military school, Lu Yuxiao had enrolled in the army and had always kept a low profile even though he bore the name of Lu.

Lu Huaiyu had been in Yunzhou for almost a year due to his condition. He rarely went back to Jingcheng, so the brothers had not been able to meet.

It did not register in her mind that Lu Huaiyu was telling her about what he had done today.

“Have you finished the book that I lent you the other day?” Lu Huaiyu asked.


“You’re fast.”

Lu Huaiyu was surprised. The book was thick and there were a lot of unfamiliar terms in it. It would take a normal person around a month or so to finish it.

Ning Li had to go to school and attend the competitive Physics class, yet she still had the time to finish the book in such a short time.

“Do you want the book back? I’ll deliver it to your house when I’m free,” Ning Li asked.

“No need. I’m coming to you tomorrow afternoon. You can give it back to me then.”

“Tomorrow afternoon? Why?”

Lu Huaiyu nodded. “Consider it a celebration for getting first place in your midterm.”

The reason had sounded farfetched at first but it made sense.

She had no class tomorrow and she was allowed to leave the school for lunch.

After a pause, Ning Li nodded. “Okay.”

Lu Huaiyu looked at the time. “I have to go now.”

Ning Li noticed some documents on the tea table beside him. She surmised that he must have work to do, so she nodded.

Lu Huaiyu tapped on the screen.

For a moment, Ning Li felt as if Lu Huaiyu was reaching out to her and tapping on her face.

She subtly moved the phone away.

Lu Huaiyu then put the phone down and got up.

However, the screen remained connected with the camera, showing from an awkward angle.

Ning Li squinted her eyes at the screen. It seemed like Lu Huaiyu had not hung up the phone at all.

She took another look and saw that the screen was showing the edge of the tea table that was beside the bed.


Right before she could call out to him, Lu Huaiyu came onto the screen again.

Not realizing that his phone was still connected, he moved to retrieve the documents on the tea table.

The camera was slanted, enabling Ning Li to see his long legs.

Lu Huaiyu then sat down on the couch with the documents in his hand.

Even though he was wearing his pajamas, it did not conceal his perfect body.

It was a normal pair of pajamas but on him, it looked more like custom-made clothes from a famous designer.


Ning Li suddenly realized the pajamas looked a little familiar.

She had only gotten to see a part of it earlier and had not realized it.

Now, as she got a complete look at the pajamas, she found it familiar.

“Wait… Aren’t those the pajamas that I wore when I was in his mansion the other night?!”

Ning Li was stunned.

“Lu Huaiyu is wearing the pajamas that I wore before?!”