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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 147 - Reply

Chapter 147: Reply

Gu Siyang widened his eyes in shock.

“Uncle, are you my uncle or hers? What’s with the bias? You’re saying that she can do whatever she wants and that I shouldn’t be nosy in her business.

If you could have been this helpful in front of my dad, I would be in a much better situation than I am now.”

Gu Tinglan looked at his nephew. “He’s your dad.”

What he wanted to say was that as a father, the man had every right to lecture this little rascal.

Of course, as the kind and approachable Dr. Gu, he would never say this out loud, but his nephew understood his meaning through his sharp gaze.

“I… really want her in LY. Given her talent, it’s wasteful if she gives it up just like that. Besides, LY can offer her great terms. Maybe she will have a change of heart.” Gu Siyang was slightly deterred but he was still unwilling to give up just yet.

Gu Tinglan laughed.

Given Ning Li’s personality, if she had rejected the offer, it meant that she had already made up her mind.

No matter how alluring the offer was, she would never be persuaded.

However, Gu Siyang was persistent as well. He had to taste failure himself to understand when to stop.

“Whatever. Just try not to disturb her studies. If she rejects you outright, try not to cling to her as well. It’s shameful, and you’ll need to know when to stop.”

Gu Siyang said confidently, “I’m sincere! It’s not being clingy if I’m sincere! Besides, given her results, I wouldn’t be much of a disturbance either.”

All the younger generations of the Gu family studied abroad and had never endured the tortures of the education system within the country.

However, Gu Siyang had started to understand the harshness of local education ever since his return.

What was it like to be in first place in the entire city?

It was no longer just about working hard, it was about talent and intelligence.

“It’s for her to determine if you’re a disturbance or not, not what you do. I’m just reminding you that Lu Huaiyu cares a lot about her results. Even if you disturbed her, she probably wouldn’t be mad at you. However, Lu Huaiyu is a different story.”

Gu Siyang frowned in confusion.

He had heard that Lu Huaiyu cared a lot about the girl.

Considering the girl’s background, he had believed that it was normal because the girl was a lovable person.

Otherwise, his uncle would not be this biased.


“I’ve heard that the people who are the most concerned about a child’s results are usually the parents. Lu Huaiyu is not her real brother, so why the concern? Is he hoping for her to repay him once she gets into a good university?”

Gu Tinglan silently smiled.

Lu Huaiyu cared about more than just her results.

After Ning Li had sent Lu Huaiyu the results, she had not received any replies.

She checked her phone occasionally, but still nothing.

He Xiaochen asked curiously, “Ning Li, who are you waiting for?”

Ning Li put her phone into the desk. “No one.”

“Is it your second brother?”

Ning Li paused. She wanted to deny it but she realized it was not necessary.

It seemed like she was being obvious.

He Xiaochen giggled. “My my. He came for your parent-teacher meeting and he must care a lot about you. I’m sure he’ll be happy when he sees your results this time.”

Ning Li’s own mother did not care about her results. Otherwise, she would have come for Ning Li’s parent-teacher meeting instead of taking Ye Ci to the hospital.

Therefore, it was normal that Ning Li was closer to her second brother.

Ning Li’s heart beat stronger. “Really?”

She had not been overly concerned at first but when she heard that He Xiaochen had sent her results to her parents to make them happy, she had instinctively taken a picture of her results as well.

She had already known she would get first place, so even though others were jealous of her, she barely reacted to the achievement.

However, if Lu Huaiyu knew about it, he would be happy, right?”

“Of course!” He Xiaochen nodded strongly.

“No parents or guardians would be unhappy about their child’s amazing achievement. Think about it, first place in the whole city!”

Ning Li slightly frowned. She realized her actions were that of a little girl asking for her parents’ attention after getting good results.

She also realized that she did not have that kind of relationship with Lu Huaiyu.

She took her phone out. She stared at the picture that she had sent and somehow started to regret her decision.

‘It feels… childish…’

She wanted to delete it but it had already been sent out some time ago.

“Ning Li, can you lend me your general science paper?”

A boy came to her and asked for help.

Ning Li put her phone away and handed him the papers.

The boy was happy. “Thank you!”

The most beautiful girl in school was not only smart but kind!

Ren Qian glared at the boy.

The boy usually asked Pei Song to lend him the papers but now he asked Ning Li instead.

Pei Song and Ning Li were just 3 points apart from each other in general science but that was not the point.

He sighed. “Look at him, tsk tsk.”

Ever since Ning Li had transferred to Second High, she had replaced Ye Ci’s position as the most beautiful girl in school.

The love letters that she had been receiving could fill an entire sack.

Some of them were from other classes and other years.

Some of them stood outside as they observed her, while some of them even brazenly confessed to her in person.

However, no one had succeeded because Ning Li had rejected all of them.

As time went by, only a few continued to persist while most of them had given up on the outrageous thought of dating the smartest and most beautiful girl in school.

Ning Li’s results were the best and no one could even come close.

Her results alone would deter many guys.

If they were no match for her, then they were no match for her and it would never change.

Therefore, many of them had changed their tactics.

If Ning Li concentrated on her studies, they would follow her in terms of studies instead of wasting time courting her.

Those who had confessed had not even managed to get a glance or a word from her but those who asked her for papers or help on their homework got to talk to her.

He Xiaochen overheard Ren Qian.

“Ren Qian, what do you mean? Going for beautiful girls is nothing wrong!”

Ren Qian had not expected to step on He Xiaochen’s landmine. He raised his hands and surrendered, “Nope, I’m just expressing my emotions. There are a ton of people who prefer the outside more than the inside, and I’m just a tiny speck of dust in this huge society. I am unworthy of being here.”

He Xiaochen nodded.

“Great, at least you know your place.”

Ning Li gripped her pen and dotted it on the paper.

It was rare for Lu Huaiyu to not reply to her immediately. Had something happened?

She shook her head to discard the thoughts from her head and continued studying.

After Su Yuan had found out about Ning Li’s results, she had come to the school before the night self-learning class.

She had spoken to Geng Haifan at the office for a while.

There was no competitive Physics class today, so she brought Ye Ci and Ning Li home after coming out of the office.

Ning Li had not wanted to follow but Geng Haifan’s words had changed her mind.

On the way back, everyone kept quiet in the car. It remained that way until the car had arrived at the garage. Su Yuan then said to Ye Ci, “Lil Ci, come with me.”

Ning Li got out and wanted to return to her room.

Su Yuan stopped her right away. “Ning Li, you too.”