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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 146 - : She Can Do Whatever She Wants

Chapter 146: She Can Do Whatever She Wants

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ji Shu clicked his tongue.

“Sister Lili, your reaction is a little cold, isn’t it?”

Ji Shu had been jumping around in excitement when he got the news and the first person he had called was Ning Li.

In contrast, Ning Li’s calmness made him seem like a little boy.

Ning Li smiled. It was indeed good news but she had already known it from the start, hence the mild reaction.

“You’re worth it.”

Ji Shu felt better already. He forgot about the cold reception and said, “Thank God I listened to you and didn’t sign with FN back then. I would have missed this chance otherwise.”

At first, when Ning Li had told him to not sign FN, he had gotten depressed for a month. However, after that, he had gotten a call from LY.

“Are the terms satisfying?” Ning Li asked.

Ji Shu had not signed with LY in her past life, so she did not know what terms LY offered.

“The pay is double what FN offered and the limitations are a little less. Other than training and racing, I’m basically a free spirit. During the first year, I can start racing within the country. Once I pass the evaluation, I’ll be able to join the national races.”

LY had a ton of resources. It was considered one of the best, if not the best, racing clubs in the country. FN paled in comparison.

Given Ji Shu’s talent and capabilities, LY’s support would be a huge boost in confidence and his future would be bright.


Ning Li did not really care about the terms LY offered. She had told Ji Shu to go with LY, not because of the better offer but because LY was much more reliable than FN.

Ji Shu was a good guy, unbridled but kind. He should not be caught up in a mess such as in his past life.

He should be racing on the tracks, not spending his life behind bars.

“But Sister Lili, they have a special request,” Ji Shu said as he cleared his throat.

“They want to meet you in person.”

Ning Li raised an eyebrow. “Meet me?”

“Yeah. They saw the clip of you racing in Xiaosong Hill and when they found out that I knew you, they wanted me to ask if you were interested in joining them. They want to sign you on too. What do you say?”

Ning Li reacted with little interest. “I can’t.”


“I don’t have the time.”

Ning Li was succinct with her answer. She glanced at the calendar that she hung on the wall. “There are 7 more months until the entrance exam.”

Ji Shu was silent. The answer was so righteous that it made him speechless.

He was older than Ning Li and had barely passed his entrance exam back then. He had managed to get himself into a local university and majored in business administration.

However, he was not interested in studying and had spent most of his time racing.

He was the only son of the Ji family and his parents were open-minded folks. As long as he stayed away from trouble, he could do whatever he wanted.

The entrance exam was not important to him. It was just like any other test or exam in school.

Ning Li was different.

“Ah, right. You got first place in school during the last exam, right?”

Ning Li paused before correcting him. “To be precise, I placed first in school during the monthly test before the midterm. In the midterm exam, I placed first in the whole of Yunzhou, since it’s a combined paper among all schools.”

Ji Shu was baffled.

Ning Li’s new official racers were unlike underground racers.

Official racers had a lot more restrictions and demanded a lot more time and energy.

Before this, she had raced out of interest and to kill some time. If she signed with LY as well, she would not be as free.

She did not have the time as well.

Ji Shu found it regrettable. He had been in this circle for a long time and Ning Li was the only racer who had impressed him.

She was ridiculously talented in racing and if she had to give it up because of school, it would be a waste of talent.

He decided to give it one last push.

“Sister Lili, are you sure? Why don’t you meet with them first to discuss it? If it’s not suitable, you can reject them later.”

Ji Shu believed LY was being sincere.

Ning Li smiled and shook her head.

“It’s okay.”

The bell rang.

“It’s time for class. Bye.”

Ning Li hung up the phone before Ji Shu could say a word. She then went back to class.

Ji Shu was left speechless when Ning Li hung up on him.

“You’ve got first place in the entire city! What does class even mean to you now? You could stop going to class and I bet it won’t affect your results at all!”

He then made another class.


Gu Siyang was surprised.

“Ji Shu didn’t tell her the terms?”

“No. I heard from Ji Shu that the moment he mentioned it, she rejected it before Ji Shu could tell her the terms.”

A middle-aged man in his 30s stood in front of Gu Siyang in formal wear, looking respectful.

He was Cheng Feng, the manager of LY.

He was the one who drafted all the contracts for LY.

Gu Siyang was astonished.

“Really? Doesn’t she know what LY stands for in the racing world? Wait, she’s a racer herself. Of course she knows what LY stands for… Then why would she reject us so resolutely?”

Cheng Feng was helpless as well.

“She said she’s busy preparing for her entrance exam. She doesn’t have the time.”

Gu Siyang was silenced.

Cheng Feng arranged his words and added, “Sir, why don’t I meet her myself and try to convince her?”

Everyone knew Gu Siyang loved cars but only a handful of people knew that he was one of the three major shareholders of LY.

From a certain perspective, he could be considered as LY’s boss.

He was rich and well-connected but his racing skills were not remarkable. He would have gone down to the tracks if he could race.

“Never mind.” Gu Siyang waved his hand.

“I’ll go myself.”

Ever since he had seen Ning Li’s racing clip in Xiaosong Hill, he had not been able to forget about her.

He was sure that Ning Li was a genius racer.

If he could get her under LY and train her, she would be the best of the best!

He did not want to let go of such a rare opportunity.

Cheng Feng was a little surprised. “You…You’re going to meet her yourself? Is it… appropriate?”

He was surprised to find his boss so interested in a girl.

Gu Siyang had made up his mind.

“Of course, why not? I’m here in Yunzhou as well. I could just go there right now.”

“Where are you going?”

Gu Tinglan had heard what the boy said when he entered the house.

Cheng Feng turned around. “Dr. Gu.”

Gu Tinglan rarely used his true identity outside, so even Cheng Feng and the others called him Dr. Gu instead of as a master.

Gu Siyang reacted nervously and sat up straighter when his uncle came in.

“Uncle, do you remember the racing clip I showed you last time?”

Gu Tinglan nodded.

“I want to sign her up under LY but she rejected me, so I was thinking of meeting her myself.”

Gu Tinglan frowned. “She’s a third-year high-schooler. Do you think she has the time and energy to race?”

Gu Siyang had not expected his uncle to disagree with him. He said meekly, “Then… did you know she placed first in the entire city during the midterm?”


Gu Tinglan had not heard of Ning Li’s results. The news was quite surprising but he found it amusing.

“She’s good.”

Gu Siyang was silent for a while. “That’s not the point. Uncle, if she can get first place in the entire city, she can spare some time to race. It won’t be a problem. Besides…”

Gu Tinglan said evenly, “She does whatever she wants and it’s none of your business.”