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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 143 - Praise Me Please

Chapter 143: Praise Me Please

He Xiaochen could tell Ning Li was completely uninterested.

“Okay. You are already beautiful. If you wore that dress, I’m afraid my eyes would get overwhelmed.”

He Xiaochen then took out her phone and stared at a picture of Tang Wei in that dress.

Ning Li rubbed the area between her brows helplessly.

“This just in!”

A boy hurriedly came into the class, looking excited.

“8 out of the top 10 students in the combined midterm are in our school and they are all from our class!”

Second High was the best public high school in Yunzhou and the first class was the best of the best.

The school had been outstanding in all other previous combined exams as well. However, no other school achievements had been as astounding as being able to secure 8 out of the top 10 spots.

“And, I heard that the first and the second places in all of Yunzhou are the first and second places in our school!”

When the class heard the boy’s announcement, they turned towards a certain direction in class.

The situation somehow felt familiar.

Lin Zhouyang asked, “Who got first and second place?”

The boy shook his head. “I don’t know yet but the results are coming out later.”

Even though the boy had not named the first and the second places, everyone already knew who they were.

A while later, the announcement was posted on the notice board downstairs.

There were three extra columns at the back.

The first one was the class ranking, the second one was the year ranking and the last one was the city ranking.

A large number of students gathered around the notice board.

“Hurry! See who got first place! I’m placing my bet on Brother Pei!”

“I think it’s Ning Li again! She got a perfect score in general science! She’s no longer human, she’s God!”

“Stop pushing! I’m trying to have a look!”

Those who were in front were pushing each other as they tried to get a look at the names.

“The first place is Ning Li!”

The crowd gasped.


“Does it mean Brother Pei got second place again!? Noooo!”

The guy who got a clear look at the ranking read out the scores.

“141, 150, 150, 300… A total of 741! No.1 in class, year, and city!”

The group fell into a strange silence when they heard the score.

The score was inhuman!

It felt like God was trying to punish them, mere humans, with ridiculous scores.

“WTF? I’ve seen such a ridiculous score before! I’m done!”

“If you don’t know, ask. Do you think she would get bored with her perfect score?”

“I don’t know if she would get bored but I know I am.”

“What about Pei Song? How much did he score?”

“2nd place, Pei Song. Let me see… 139, 149, 150, 297, total 735. No.2 in class, year and also the city.”

Another ridiculous score that discouraged everyone.

“The 3rd place is He Xiaochen, 717. No.3 in class, year, and city as well.”

“They are just one placement apart but it’s a difference of 20 points.”

The difference was considered huge.

The news got back to the first class right away.

Ren Qian saw his score and sighed. He had gotten 4th place in his year but 5th place in the city.

He had not expected He Xiaochen to overtake him this time.

‘Is it because she’s been sitting beside Ning Li and somehow got her divine knowledge?’

He glanced at Pei Song but the man did not seem overly concerned about getting only No.2.

In fact, 735 was Pei Song’s highest score ever.

Ning Li was just ridiculous.

“Brother Pei, I remember you two were only 6 points apart from each other during the monthly test, right? What a coincidence,” Ren Qian smiled.

Lin Zhouyang saw his 2 digit English score. He had mixed feelings because the two inhuman Gods behind him got a full score in English.

“Which retard spread rumors about Brother Pei and Ning Li being in a relationship?”

If they were in a relationship, how could they possibly score so high?

Could it be that a genius multiplied by another genus equaled two ridiculous high scores?

Soon, the whole class got their results.

He Xiaochen was happy with her third place.

‘I got third place! I’m one step closer to my goddess!’

She even took a picture with her result paper and said, “I’m going to send this to my parents. They will be so happy!”

Ning Li thought of something and looked at her. “Xiaochen, please lend me your paper when you are done.”

“Ah, okay.”

He Xiaochen took a picture before she gave it to Ning Li.

Ning Li also took a picture of the paper.

“I didn’t know you cared about placement, Ning Li. I thought you were already so good and getting No.1 is a piece of cake for you,” He Xiaochen joked.

Ning Li had shocked everyone when she got first place during the monthly test but she had barely reacted to her achievement.

He Xiaochen believed that Ning Li had absolute confidence in herself.

Whether or not she looked at the results, she would always get first place.

Therefore, He Xiaochen found it surprising when Ning Li took a picture of her result.

Ning Li grunted softly in reply.

Pei Song glanced at her and noticed that she had sent the picture to someone.

It was definitely not her mother, so it must be someone else.

He looked away before he went out of class.

“Lil Ci, what’s your result?”

Cheng Xiangxiang had been traumatized by her previous results, so she dared not look at her results for the time being.

Ye Ci said, “I’m going to have a look now. Do you want me to look at yours?”

Cheng Xiangxiang nodded nervously.

Ye Ci consoled her. “Don’t worry, you will do better than last time.”

Cheng Xiangxiang chuckled helplessly. “I’m not you.”

Ye Ci smiled and went out to take the result paper.

When she got the paper, she started to look for her name.

As she moved down the list, the smile on her face faded.

She was looking at the class result, which was arranged according to the class placement.

She did not see her name in the top 10, not even the top 20.