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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 142 - Is It Not Enough To Move You?

Chapter 142: Is It Not Enough To Move You?

Someone curious asked.

After spending some time with Ning Li, they would find her quite approachable.

As long as no one offended her, she would not do anything extreme. She barely even talked or argued with other people.

She would also help other people with their homework from time to time. It was quite a rare quality for a third-year high-schooler.

Everyone’s schedule was similarly packed and all the students should be spending time on themselves rather than other people.

Helping other people with their homework was a waste of time. One might even get overtaken in future exam rankings or even the entrance exam itself.

Therefore, many of the students tended to keep their knowledge to themselves. They would either shake their heads and say no, or simply explain the question with a vague answer.

Ning Li was different. If the student who asked for her help could not understand it the first time, she would go on to explain it a second time and even provide several answers as references.

She was an extremely rare person.

Therefore, many of the students in class looked at her differently.

They had been scared of her at first but were impressed by her outstanding results and generosity, and it had only been just a little over a month that they had known her.

Ning Li said, “I did okay.”

Okay? Okay again?

Lin Zhouyang’s face twitched.

“I remember the last time you said you did okay, you got 737…”

Everyone else was speechless.

They should not have asked Ning Li that question in the first place.

It was then that Pei Song came over.

Lin Zhouyang moved closer and asked, “Brother Pei, are you confident that you will be able to reclaim your throne?”

Ning Li’s arrival had dethroned him from first place, which meant that he needed to study harder this time just to regain his rightful place.

Pei Song did not answer.

Ren Qian tapped Lin Zhouyang’s shoulder and said heavily, “Whether it’s first or second, Brother Pei is always good. If you have the time to be worried, why don’t you worry about yourself? Can you even be in the top 50 this time?”

Lin Zhouyang himself usually did great in other subjects except for English. It was because of English that he was always ranked as one of the lowest in class.

“Oh, we called you for a game yesterday but you didn’t show up. Where did you go?”

Lin Zhouyang looked away awkwardly.

No one knew he had gone to the art exhibition with Ye Ci yesterday.

He glanced at Ye Ci but she was studying. It looked like she had not heard the conversation, or maybe she had heard it and did not care.

Lin Zhouyang’s awkward feeling died down a little bit.

Ye Ci did not seem to realize that yesterday had been their first outing together alone.

Ye Ci had not even looked at the paintings at the art exhibition. She had gone upstairs to greet the artists and teachers. The next thing he knew, she had gone home because she claimed she was feeling unwell.

Maybe Lin Zhouyang was overthinking. He looked away and jokingly punched Ren Qian.

“I’m not as free as you people! I finally got some time to sleep. Why would I go out and sweat with you bunch of testosterone?”

Ye Ci did not react to what she heard at all.

It was then that Sun Huihui came in.

The class went silent upon her arrival.

Everyone knew Sun Huihui had tried to trap someone in the janitor’s room but had fallen into her own trap in the end.

Many students had started to despise her for that.

She had gone with the cheapest way to get revenge. No matter who she had tried to trap, it must have been one of her classmates. If it was one of her classmates, she could have tried to solve the conflict by talking to the person instead of potentially hurting that particular classmate.

All the other students stayed away from her. They believed that if they offended her, she might take revenge on them using similar ways.

It was safer for them to keep their distance.

The other girls who used to be close with Sun Huihui looked at her differently as well. They kept their distance and did not greet her like usual.

Sun Huihui noticed the difference as she stepped into class.

She tightened her lips and reacted bitterly. She quietly walked to her seat.

Ye Ci wanted to talk to Sun Huihui, but Cheng Xiangxiang tugged at her arm with a look.

Cheng Xiangxiang seemed to be trying to say, “Everyone despises Sun Huihui for what she did, so why would you want to talk to her now?”

Sun Huihui sat behind Ye Ci and Cheng Xiangxiang.

When she sat down, Ye Ci hesitated for a moment before ultimately turning around.

“Huihui, you look rather pale. Are you feeling okay?”

Sun Huihui was having a fever.

She had been locked in the janitor’s room for a whole night and scolded terribly by her mother after her schemes had been exposed.

The pressure on her had increased, which then made her fall ill since that night.

There were even two puncture wounds on the back of her hand from receiving injections.

She looked at Ye Ci gratefully and answered with a slightly hoarse voice, “I’m feeling better already.”


Ye Ci nodded and turned around.

Sun Huihui could not help but glare at Ning Li.

Even though she had no evidence to prove that Ning Li had been the one who pushed her in, she had to have been the one!

If not for Ning Li, she would not have ended up like this.

She had already been in Second High for a few years, but this was the first time she had been isolated and hated by others.

Ning Li had beautifully cut ties with the incident as if she had nothing to do with Sun Huihui being locked up.

Sun Huihui was certain Ning Li was the one who locked her in the janitor’s room.

The more she thought about it, the worse she felt.

As though she noticed Sun Huihui’s glare, Ning Li looked up.

Her gaze was as cold and sharp as ever and a single glance caused Sun Huihui to flinch.

Her cold gaze reminded Sun Huihui of that night, the sour memories floated into her mind.

Loneliness, fear, and despair.

The emotions rose in her heart and caused her to quiver.

She quickly looked away nervously.

“Ning Li, did you watch the live show from G&S yesterday? The designer was awesome!”

He Xiaochen exclaimed with both her hands curled up in excitement.

Ning Li looked at her with a slight surprise.

“Are you interested in fashion as well?”

He Xiaochen was a role model student. She studied hard and worked hard for her exams.

Ning Li had not expected her to be interested in such a fancy show.

He Xiaochen said, “Of course! I’m a Rose!”

Rose was the name given to Tang Wei’s fans.

“You like Tang Wei?”


Ning Li looked her up and down.

“You don’t strike me as one.”

He Xiaochen chuckled.

“I’m just an amateur fan. I don’t really follow her but I’ll buy the things that she endorses. Unfortunately, Tang Wei wasn’t that popular before the show and she barely has any endorsement. But now with G&S’s show, her popularity has risen to the next level!”

It was great news for the Roses.

He Xiaochen was excited but when she mentioned G&S, she sighed like a deflated balloon.

“Unfortunately the dresses of G&S are too expensive. I can’t afford them.”

Ning Li smiled. “Just do what you can. Tang Wei got the chance to stand on the stage because she deserves it.”

He Xiaochen nodded.

“Many people asked about the designer but G&S did not reveal a thing. Not even the netizens could find anything about this mysterious designer. I really want to meet her and kneel down at her feet! Sigh, I wonder what kind of godly hands must she have to sew a beautiful dress like that.

Ning Li, you don’t look excited at all. Isn’t Flower & Moon captivating enough for you? You’re not moved by the astonishing designs?”

Ning Li went silent for a moment before she said, “It’s okay, I guess.”