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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 141 - Two Pieces of Candy

Chapter 141: Two Pieces of Candy

Her heart throbbed for a moment. She stared at the picture and did not reply.

Lu Huaiyu should not have an interest in fashion, so why had he sent the picture to her?

‘What is he…’

[This one would look better on you than the last one.]

Lu Huaiyu had added a text message beneath the picture.

It felt strange. When he saw the dress, he could already picture Ning Li wearing it.

Ning Li was quiet and obedient most of the time but whenever he saw her charming crystal clear eyes, he could feel the roughness behind the silence.

It was quiet but loud; it was calm but chaotic.

There were two different temperaments within her. It sounded conflicting, yet it matched her well.

It felt exactly like the dress on Tang Wei.

Ning Li sighed a breath of relief. She replied after a few minutes.

[It’s beautiful.]

G&S had promised to never reveal her information and they should be keeping their promise.

Moreover, the designer of an extravagant brand would not have too much in common with Lu Huaiyu so he would probably forget about this soon.

Lu Huaiyu had a look at the time. It was a little past 10:00 p.m.

[Are your results coming out tomorrow?]


[Sleep early. If you get good results tomorrow, you will get some presents from me.]

Ning Li chuckled.

[A piece of candy again? I’ll have to think about it.]

Cheng Xiyue looked at Lu Huaiyu. He noticed the warm and kind look on his handsome face. He could not help but sigh.

“Sigh. I guess everyone is different.”

Who would have thought that the proud and arrogant Lu Huaiyu would be tamed by a girl?

Lu Huaiyu looked at him.

Cheng Xiyue put his hands up and surrendered.

“Let’s go.”

He tapped on the Send button before grabbing his coat.

Cheng Xiyue followed him out of the shooting range.

“What were you talking about with Little Ning Li? You look happy.”

Lu Huaiyu did not reply.

On the other end, Ning Li received Lu Huaiyu’s reply.

[Two pieces of candy then.]

A good student with good results should be rewarded.

A good student with poor results should be consoled.

If one piece of candy is not enough, have two pieces then.


A beep came from Ning Li’s laptop.

Ning Li came to her senses and looked at the message again. She felt like something was pressuring her.

She turned her phone off and looked at her laptop.

A green light lit up on the black window that she left open.

She moved her cursor to the window and a bunch of numbers and alphabets appeared from the top right corner.






Another beep later, more numbers and alphabets followed.

The second batch of numbers appeared in the same pattern but the numbers were a little different.

In the next half an hour, 45 sets of numbers and alphabets appeared.

Ning Li then tapped on her keyboard and the green light disappeared.

She keyed in all the data into the database before concealing it.

Her laptop was not powerful enough to read the data so the only thing she could do was write them down.

After that, she shut her laptop and went out.

Ye Ci was in her room talking to Cheng Xiangxiang through the phone.

G&S show had left everyone excited and Cheng Xiangxiang was one of them.

“Lil Ci, did you see the dress on Tang Wei? It’s so beautiful! I wonder if I can get my mom to buy that dress for me for my 18th birthday.”

Cheng Xiangxiang was daydreaming.

“I’m sure it’s kinda hard. That dress would cost at least 7 figures,” said Ye Ci who was combing her hair.

More importantly, G&S custom-made dresses were not sold simply.

The normal dresses that they sold were already expensive, let alone this kind of custom-made one.

On top of that, that dress was the first of the 12 dresses from the Flower & Moon series, the first series that G&S would introduce to the Chinese market.

G&S would have to go through serious assessments to determine whether the buyer of the first dress was qualified to own it.

Cheng Xiangxiang sighed.

“I knew it. That’s why I’m jealous. I think only someone like Xu Yini could buy the dress.”

Ye Ci reacted differently when she heard Xu Yini’s name.

“I guess so. I saw on Weibo that she was also there at the show.”

“Yeah, she was sitting in the first row.”

Cheng Xiangxiang was jealous.

The Cheng family was considered a wealthy family in Yunzhou but paled in comparison when compared to the Xu family.

Besides, among the younger generation, only Cheng Xiyue had achieved something. His cousins, like Cheng Xiangxiang, had not done anything memorable or contributed to the family.

As for Xu Yini, she was the only daughter of the Xu Family.

Both families were incomparable.

“She’s beautiful, she’s rich and she’s famous… I guess she’s a perfect match for Second Master Lu.”

Ye Ci’s heart skipped a beat when she heard Lu Huaiyu’s name.

She could tell that Xu Yini had feelings for Lu Huaiyu at Old Master Cheng’s birthday dinner.

Even though Lu Huaiyu had always been cold, Xu Yini was one of the handfuls of girls who could match Lu Huaiyu in terms of status and wealth.

“I heard G&S had originally planned to make her the brand ambassador but it had ended up in Tang Wei’s hand instead,” Ye Ci asked curiously.

“Who knows? I thought it would be her as well.”

“I guess she would be quite disappointed in missing this opportunity. The Flower & Moon series is amazing. She must be feeling terrible.”

“I know right. Tang Wei got lucky this time. But given Xu Yini’s background and connections, I don’t think it will affect her badly. It’s just G&S. There are still many other extravagant brands that she could work with.”

Ye Ci was in a bad mood. She hung up the phone after chatting a while longer.

She heard footsteps on the stairs outside and she knew it was Ning Li.

It was already 11:00 p.m. so she could not have gone to the art exhibition.

She thought of asking Ning Li but Ning Li’s cold attitude deterred her. She knew she would not get anything from Ning Li and she might have to endure Ning Li’s cold shoulder.

Ye Ci did not want to make a fool of herself.

She studied English for a while before finally going to sleep.


Results for the midterm would be released today and the class had been restless since morning.

“God please give me at least 120 points in Mathematics!”

“I heard it’s a combined midterm, so it’s gonna be tough. I just hope I did better than last time.”

“Sigh. The poem in literature, I had memorized before the exam but I forgot everything when I went in. I came out regretting it but it was then that I remembered everything again. Damn it.”

Everyone was worried about their results.

Ning Li entered from the back door and sat down in her seat.

Many students noticed her arrival.

Ever since Ning Li had gotten first place in the monthly test, she had made a name for herself. Everyone looked forward to her performance this time as well.

“Ning Li, how did you do during the midterm?”