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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 140 - Picture

Chapter 140: Picture

G&S’s show was a success and the second part that had promoted the theme, Flower & Moon, had boosted the entire event to the next level.

Of the top 20 trending terms on Weibo, 16 of them were related to the show.

From G&S to Tang Wei, to the series of 12 dresses, everything became the hottest discussion.

Countless fashion bloggers dissected the show into multiple parts and analyzed it from top to bottom.

From the designs to decoration, from drafts to reality, everything was considered perfect.

Only a genius designer deserved such attention from G&S and only an extravagant brand like G&S could have embraced such a lively and innovative design. They had also been responsible for bringing the designs to life in such a short time and they had done it perfectly.

Tang Wei’s fans were the happiest.

Being G&S’s brand ambassador was already an achievement and the show tonight was a major success.

She had become the face of G&S in the Chinese market and G&S obviously wanted to promote the theme Flower & Moon further. She had become the first model to ever wear the series and there would only mean more chances for collaboration.

Tang Wei had already affiliated herself with G&S’s Flower & Moon series from the moment she appeared.

Everyone knew what it meant.

Xu Yini watched from below the stage, managing to control her facial expression. She smiled and clapped throughout the show but she felt terrible deep inside. Only she herself knew how bad it felt.

This opportunity that she had missed out on was much bigger than expected. Missing this opportunity would cost her a lot.

She had been fine until the Flower & Moon series had been introduced. She could no longer stay calm.

Zhang Xintong was also jealous but she felt delighted when she saw Xu Yini’s face.

She had known that she had only a slim chance to stand out so she had not put her hopes into it.

Xu Yini was different. She had literally watched someone else take her chance away and it was not a good feeling.

The worse Xu Yini felt the happier Zhang Xintong was.

“I guess from tomorrow onwards, Tang Wei will shoot up to new heights, right? I’m jealous but who would have thought that she would emerge as the final victor.

It’s better to keep expectations low at first because no one knows how things will end up until the last minute. Something dead might come back alive and something hopeful might end up bleak.”

Zhang Xintong’s mockery was obvious. It made Xu Yini’s already bad mood so much worse that she almost snapped on the spot.

She glared at Zhang Xintong. Just before she snapped, Qi Wanwan tapped her on her shoulder, reminding her that cameras were rolling.

If Xu Yini was caught doing something that would harm her image, this whole thing would end badly.

“It’s closing soon. Let’s see who the designer is. Yini, after this, let’s go have a chat with this designer.”

Xu Yini curved her lips into a smile. “Sure thing, Sister Wanwan.”

The stage lights shone again and the models came back. The models lined up on both sides and clapped.

Edmond came out from backstage. He was the creative director of the autumn-winter collection show, so he had to be on stage.

Everyone looked behind him, anticipating the designer’s appearance but they saw no one.

The absence of the designer confused a lot of people.

After the presentation of the two different themes, the mysterious designers should have come out at the end to claim the credit.

Edmond stood on stage and said with a smile, “I know everyone is interested in the designer behind Flower & Moon but unfortunately, she’s not here today. I apologize for that.”

The crowd was shocked.

Even the viewers in front of their screens were stunned.

[She’s not here? This is a grand show and she’s not here?]

[This designer is really something else. If it was someone else, they would probably claim the credit before the show is even over!]

[There must be some reason behind this. It’s okay if she doesn’t show up, just tell us through Weibo.]

Edmond had known this would cause a commotion but he had not expected the reaction to be so strong.

He shrugged helplessly.

“G&S will not be unveiling anything about this designer due to our agreement. G&S will do what we can to endure our working relationship with her in the future.”

“Ning, it is G&S’s honor to meet you.”

Ning? Who could that be?

Was it a name? Or just a nickname? Or was it a code representing something else?

Edmond had announced it on camera and it lit up everyone’s curiosity.

Everyone was curious about who the designer was. Where had she come from?

Edmond’s announcement had stated G&S’s stand on this. It was obvious that the company highly valued this designer.

G&S’s designers had always been from renowned design families and no one had gotten such a high compliment from the management before.

Countless people had tried all kinds of ways to find out who the designer was but G&S had sealed their lips tight. They could not get anything from the company’s Weibo.

Other than the name Ning, all they could tell was that the designer was Chinese.

Only a Chinese designer could have mastered the oriental elements behind Flower & Moon.

Cheng Xiyue clicked his tongue. He sighed and had a look at Lu Huaiyu.

“You’re right, the designer didn’t show up. So does it mean that this designer and your painter are the same person?”


Lu Huaiyu fired the last bullet in the magazine before walking over.

He took his phone out.

The livestream was over but the discussion remained heated.

He frowned.

Ning Li was about to put her phone away but then she saw that she had received a message from Lu Huaiyu.

She tapped it and saw something shocking.

It was a picture. Specifically, a picture of Tang Wei wearing the stunning dress.