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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 139 - Flower and Moon

Chapter 139: Flower and Moon

“Really, look! Just have a look for yourself.”

Cheng Xiyue waved his phone at Lu Huaiyu.

Lu Huaiyu put the gun down and walked over. He took the phone from Cheng Xiyue.

The picture had been zoomed in onto the woman in the center of the stage.

There was a spotlight shining from the top, focusing on the woman.

She had on a beautiful dress. The hem of the dress was an expanse of black tulle which gradually turned white as it went up to her chest.

In front of her chest was a huge peony flower.

The lines were simple and the contrast was strong. It seemed to represent the feeling of life thriving amidst the chaos.

He stared at the picture for a while.

Cheng Xiyue noticed the look on Lu Huaiyu’s face and took pride in his taste.

“What do you think? It feels the same, right?”

Lu Huaiyu tapped on the back button and saw the picture on a blogger’s Weibo.

There were also other pictures of the stage and the dress, as well as pictures of different angles of the dress.

It was G&S’s opening show and the dress had stirred up a storm on the internet.

Lu Huaiyu squinted his eyes.

Many of the comments said the dress looked like a traditional ink painting but he felt the dress looked more like a pastel painting instead.

It was strong and vivid.

The designer’s control over the contrast and color was perfect. The cutting and choice of fabric also perfectly complemented each other.

“It feels the same,” he said.

Cheng Xiyue was shocked. “That’s it?”

Based on how much Lu Huaiyu liked the mysterious painter’s work, his reaction should not have been so mild.

“If you are sure, then I think you can ask G&S about the designer. Then, you will know who your mysterious painter is, once and for all.”

Lu Huaiyu had always wanted to meet the painter but had been rejected every time. This would be a great chance, so why was his reaction so mild?

“I heard this designer is new and G&S had selected him, or her, from the global competition. After the show, G&S usually presents the designer and the model together on stage. The show is still going on, so maybe—”

Lu Huaiyu tossed the phone back to him.

Cheng Xiyue was stunned.

“Don’t you want to watch it?”

“The designer won’t show up,” Lu Huaiyu said.

“Huh? Why? Why are you so sure?”

Cheng Xiyue suddenly noticed something.

“Wait, so you are sure that this designer is also your mysterious painter?”

Actually, Cheng Xiyue had only come up with this excuse just to distract Lu Huaiyu. After all, the designer of a luxurious dress and a painter were different. Even though both occupations were related to art, the difference was like heaven and earth.

Lu Huaiyu had only had a few glances and he was already certain that the designer and the painter were the same person?

Lu Huaiyu did not say a word, but Cheng Xiyue did not believe him.

“This is G&S’s first show in the country. As the designer of the first dress, why would they not present him, or her, on stage?”

He was certain that if the designer appeared on stage, it would be a huge achievement for the designer and it could be considered as a milestone in the designer’s career.

Who would miss this great opportunity to rise to fame?

Cheng Xiyue tapped on the livestream.

9:30 p.m.

The lights in the hall went dark again.

The background music changed to a traditional tune performed by a zheng, a traditional Chinese music instrument.

The zheng represented peace and zen.

The image of a full moon then rose in the background.

Crystal clear water flowed down and words started to appear in the space in the middle of the stage.

Flower & Moon.

The words were written with strong strokes and were completed within a single stroke.

The audience below the stage was in awe.

“There’s a theme for this show?”

“This must be the theme set for that designer. G&S really went all out for the designer.”

“I think G&S did the right thing. The show and the design were outstanding. I heard George changed the plans and the theme a week before the show. His audacity and execution are unrivaled.”

“The designer’s talent is sharp and now with G&S supporting his work, this designer is going to have a bright future.”

Not only was the audience present in the hall in awe, but even the viewers on the internet felt the same.

G&S had two themes for the show. This Flower & Moon one was the second. It had obviously been set specially for the designer.

As the music continued, models in different dresses came onto the runway.

Everyone could tell that the dresses on the models now were from the same series as the opening dress that Tang Wei wore earlier.

The main colors were black, white, and red and every dress had strong oriental design elements.

The designs were innovative, refreshing, wild, and meaningful. The combination of all elements formed a bizarre yet perfect design.

The comments went wild.

[Wooooooah! It’s so beautiful! Every dress in this series is so nice!]

[Wow, is that a dry leaf that I saw on the model’s dress? And that glitter under the light looked like a real bird!]

[That’s not just a bird, it’s a magpie! In addition to Tang Wei’s dress, there are 12 dresses in this series and if I’m correct, the one with the magpie represents a well-known poem.]

[The poem literally talks about different elements coming together to form the most beautiful picture of the night.]

[Gosh, I think I read that poem somewhere before! And that dress with the blue dots, it looks like the sea! Is that the second part of that poem?]

[As expected of a cultured person! All I can say is WTF! This is nice.]

[Me too!]

[Me too!]

[Me too!]

Ning Li put her papers away and tapped on the livestream for a while.

The entire show was a success and it was not just due to the designer’s hard work. Many people and staff members had to come together to make it happen.

Ning Li had only given George the design drafts, but he had been able to bring all the dresses to life in such a short time and rearrange the stage to match the theme. George had also done a lot of the heavy lifting.

George’s amazing performance showed that he valued Ning Li’s design and how capable G&S was.

Other smaller brands might not have been able to bring all the dresses to life even if they had a month.

This was the surprise that George had mentioned.

She had prepared the design drafts in her past life, but they had been stolen by Ye Ci.

Before she had realized it, Ye Ci had sent them to G&S and signed a contract with them.

Su Yuan then told her if she exposed Ye Ci, Ye Ci’s life would be over.

She said it was only a few drafts which Ning Li could produce again, but Ye Ci only had one life, and once ruined, she could not go back anymore.

Ning Li had chosen to take a step back and kept quiet.

However, what she had gotten was not an apology. Instead, G&S had started a show just for Ye Ci a month later.

The show had made Ye Ci a famous designer but because she had not produced the drafts herself, she had not given G&S all the designs at first.

G&S’s show in Ning Li’s past life might have been a success but it had not been as stunning and perfect as this one.

Ning Li had decided to never give Ye Ci a chance again. The designs were her own work and she was going to take them back a little by little.