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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 138 - Uncanny Similarity

Chapter 138: Uncanny Similarity

G&S only had several contracted designers but none of them worked in such a style.

Soon, someone found something about G&S’s press conference.

[APenguin: I heard that this new designer has never been part of G&S before. This was the final contestant in the global competition that G&S had held earlier. He’s a completely new name in the industry. G&S plans to use this designer’s work to venture into the Chinese market. They even invested heavily into this venture. Now it seems like they made the right decision.]

The moment the news got out, everyone got excited.

The unique design style was considered the best of the best and it was the work of a new designer!

Everyone was so impressed by the presentation.

Tang Wei’s fans had dominated G&S’s official Weibo’s comment section. The fans thanked G&S for the opportunity and even passionately asked for the designer’s name so that they could thank the designers.

Tang Wei was a rising star in show biz. It had been 2 years since her debut and she had won the Best Newcomer Award with one of her works before. Her acting was good and felt natural.

However, she had only worked in artistic films and deviated slightly from mainstream taste, so her popularity was not as high as Xu Yini.

The show tonight had boosted her name to the top. Her fans were proud, and many of them shed tears of joy.

Fans of other celebrities also cried because their respective idols had lost the title of brand ambassadors to Tang Wei, and had even lost the chance to put on such a stunning dress.

After Tang Wei’s stunning entrance, the G&S autumn and winter collection show followed.

The dresses were from G&S’s usual designers and they showed off G&S’s signature design on the stage beautifully.

All the dresses shown on stage were stunning, but after Tang Wei’s jaw-dropping entrance, the other dresses paled in comparison and the audience felt underwhelmed.

Many people were asking for the designer’s name so that they could see more of his stunning work.

Strangely, G&S did not reveal a word about the designer.

At 10:00 p.m., G&S officially announced Tang Wei as their brand ambassador.

Everyone knew Tang Wei had gotten the position based on her appearance on stage. However, when G&S had officially made the announcement, the audience had been excited as well.

Both Tang Wei and G&S’s popularity rose to the next level.

The internet was now very lively.

At the same time, those who had watched the show live in the hall also had mixed feelings.

It had been right to give the role to Tang Wei because her entrance show had been impressive.

When Xu Yini saw the dress herself, she knew why she had lost to Tang Wei but she could not hold her jealousy back as well.

She knew how much Tang Wei would benefit from this entrance show alone.

“George is as sharp as usual…” Qi Wanwan exclaimed.

No wonder George changed the plan so drastically even though they were running short of time. He had even invested heavily into the designer’s work.

George, or more precisely G&S, had hit the jackpot this time.

Xu Yini looked towards the back of the stage.

If G&S thought that highly of the designer even though it was just the start of the entire collection, the designer must be something special and his future would be bright.

If she had the chance, Xu Yini would really want to meet the designer herself.

George had sent Ning Li an email when the show started.

Ning Li had not given George her phone number, so George could only contact her through email.

[Dear Ning, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: You are a genius!]

Ning Li heard the notification and looked at her laptop.

She was not surprised by the success of the show. She simply closed the email.

She returned to the black window but there was still no word from it.

She had another glance at it before she returned to her studies.

George felt annoyed because he did not get a reply from Ning Li.

Edmond was right. Ning Li did not care about anything at all.

If it had been another designer, such a success would be considered a milestone in their career, unlike Ning Li who did not even comment on her own work.

George could not help himself and sent her another email.

[There will be a segment to introduce your work from 9:30 p.m. onwards. I spent a lot of effort on it, please watch it.]

Ning Li finally replied.

[Okay. I’ll watch it when I finish this parabola question.]

George fell into deep thought as he stared at the reply.

‘Parabola? What’s that? Is it that important?’

He looked at Edmond. “Edmond, what does this mean?”

Edmond could not read Chinese, so he called another staff member who worked as a liaison with G&S.

The guy smiled and said, “That’s hell to high-schoolers.”

Shooting range.

Lu Huaiyu stood sideways and held the gun in his hand.

He aimed and pulled the trigger.


Bull’s eye!

Cheng Xiyue sat on the couch behind him, feeling bored.

He did not want to be at the shooting range with Lu Huaiyu. It was basically an insult to himself.

“Second Master Lu, are you having a problem lately? If you feel bored, why don’t you switch to another hobby? Like playing cards.”

Playing cards was a lot less violent and Cheng Xiyue had a better chance to win.

Lu Huaiyu did not say a word. He swiftly switched the magazine and reloaded his gun.

Cheng Xiyue leaned back.

He took his phone out and saw something interesting.

“Hey, G&S’s show looks interesting.”

The Cheng family had no involvement in the fashion industry and show biz but Cheng Xiyue had an eye for fashion.

He stared at the picture for a while before stroking his chin.

“Hey, Second Master Lu, look. This dress, the designer’s work looks a little similar to the painter that you like. The similarities are uncanny.”

Lu Huaiyu turned around.