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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 137 - Dominated The Rankings

Chapter 137: Dominated The Rankings

Qi Wanwan shook her head regrettably.

“I don’t know anything about the designer. I heard G&S selected this designer through a global competition. This designer should be a new name in the industry.”

“A new name? Yet they gave this designer that much attention?” Xu Yini was surprised.

She had heard from Edmond that the show and the designs had gone through quite a lot of changes because of the designer.

G&S had always been a company with high standards. Countless designers from all over the world worked tirelessly to gain their recognition just to have a chance to work with them, yet only a handful of them were selected.

A new name in the industry who had come out of nowhere and had never shown any promising work had earned G&S’s trust? The investment, the exposure, and the attention G&S had put on this designer was unbelievable.

“Is it…”

Xu Yini gave a meaningful glance at Qi Wanwan.

She was trying to say that the designer might have relied on connections to get the position.

Qi Wanwan chuckled.

“Yini, you might have underestimated G&S. George is the one in charge of this show and the upcoming designs. He’s a picky one, as you might already know. If the designer had relied on connections, George wouldn’t even care about this.

However, he had also put a lot of effort into this show because of the new name. He had even invested a ton of resources into the designs. All I can say is that he really likes the designer.”

Qi Wanwan had also never seen George so excited before.

“In fact, I’m looking forward to the surprise announcement later.”

Xu Yini zipped her mouth after hearing Qi Wanwan.

Qi Wanwan said, “I heard Edmond likes you but he’s in charge of the overseas market. I guess if you want to have a chance to work with G&S, you’d better get close to the new designer.”

Xu Yini smiled and nodded. “Thank you for the advice, Sister Wanwan.”

Zhang Xintong scoffed when she heard the conversation.

Building a relationship with the designer would not work.

If the designer had really favored Xu Yini, Tang Wei would not have been chosen.

Xu Yini did not seem to understand the situation.

Suddenly, all the lights in the hall were switched off. The entire hall went dark.

Then, a bright spotlight shone from above the stage.

Everyone quieted down and looked towards the stage.

The spotlight marked the start of the show.

At the same time, G&S’s official Weibo started streaming the show live.

The screen went dark when the lights were switched off and comments immediately flooded the screen and the comment sections.

A towering figure appeared under the spotlight.

The figure took a step forward and the entire stage lit up brightly.

A countless number of sparkling LEDs shone in the dark like the milky way.

The spacious hall was silent, only the clicks from the figure’s heels could be heard.

Everyone in the hall could hear it clearly.

More spotlights started to shine on her from her legs up, which slowly revealed her to the crowd.

At the hem of her dress was a gathering of black tulle symbolizing the endless darkness of the night.

As the spotlight moved up, the black color turned gray and slowly became white through a smooth but uneven gradient.

The different tones of the dress were arranged one on top of the other unevenly as if the dress had been dyed in layers. The tones intertwined and blended perfectly.

It looked like a drop of ink had fallen onto a piece of white canvas and had slowly spread.

As she walked along the runway, the hem of her dress slowly spread out. The gathers of black tulle looked like a cloud of mess but as it spread out, the combination of the gradient and the environment gave it a profound meaning.

The crowd watched silently. They dared not even breathe loudly as if they would disrupt the process with the slightest noise.

As the model walked forward, the lights shone higher.

When the lights shone on her chest, the crowd gasped in awe.

There was a huge peony flower sewn on her chest.

The scarlet red peony flower bloomed brightly and the layered petals around it gave it a striking look.

The dress was white when it reached the model’s torso but the red peony flower shattered the calm and pure white with a fiery red life force.

The sewing was perfect and the blooming petals fit the model’s body contour beautifully. The flower extended from her chest to her neck and wrapped around her torso perfectly.

It looked as if the peony flower had bloomed from her chest and formed a symbiotic relationship with the host.

Black and white were two contrasting tones and the two colors created a chaotic balance when they met at the model’s waist.

Amidst the chaos, a blooming peony flower shattered the balance, breaking free from the darkness with the help of the light.

Everyone was astonished.

When the opening dress had been revealed onstage, the live stream flooded with a plethora of comments.

[Aaaah! It’s so beautiful!]

[This is awesome! As expected of G&S! They started the show with a bang!]

[Tang Wei! The model is Tang Wei! Our Tang Wei! Damn, my goddess is exquisite! And she matched the dress perfectly! Who’s the designer of this dress? I want to praise him!]

[How could it be Tang Wei? I thought it was Xu Yini?]

[Look at the dress! A traditional ink painting with a peony flower, it’s the representation of traditional art! It’s elegant and beautiful! If I remember correctly, Tang Wei came from a Chinese opera background. She is what you called an oriental beauty and she matches the dress perfectly!]

[You’re right. Xu Yini is beautiful but she’s more westernized. She wouldn’t fit the style of the dress. Even if she was on stage with the dress, it wouldn’t feel as astonishing.]

[Hahahaha! Where are the Ripples now? I thought they said Xu Yini had gotten the title? This is a huge slap in the face! Fortunately, G&S is sharp with their taste and chose Tang Wei for this. The designer of this dress is amazing!]

Xu Yini’s fans went offline right away.

The livestream was flooded with praise and astonishment.

A few moments later, G&S and its related terms continued trending.

[G&S opening dress]

[Tang Wei]

[Tang Wei’s dress]

[G&S’s godly designer]

[Xu Yini]

The first and the second trending terms had an ‘Explosive’ sign behind them

The rest of the terms were also astonishing and were also labeled with the ‘Hot’ sign.

The moment the show started, it dominated the trending rankings.

The part where Tang Wei had walked out from the darkness with that astonishing dress was edited out and reposted quickly.

The video gained more than 100,000 views in a minute.

Someone also posted the picture of her dress without edits and it gained more than a million likes and shares.

G&S had invited many celebrities to the show, especially movie stars.

All the respective studios and management posted their beautiful pictures on social media, hoping for a little more exposure.

However, Tang Wei’s appearance dominated everything.

Everything about Tang Wei and G&S on the internet became the hottest topic for the night. The views, likes, and shares exceeded 100 million in just 10 minutes.

[Tang Wei is on a killing spree! She dominated everything with her outstanding presence!]

[I like cute girls but Tang Wei has caught my heart as well. She looks like a cool beauty who could enchant the entire country. She’s beautiful. Even if she caused the fall of an entire nation, it would not be her fault.]

[I think she’s like a flower that has bloomed from the harshest condition. The bloody red peony represents her exquisite beauty. She’s beautiful, striking, and free. She’s amazing and I’m speechless!]

[Who’s the designer? I want to kneel to him!]