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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 136 - New Designer

Chapter 136: New Designer

Ye Ci opened Weibo and saw the trending ranking.

[G&S press conference]

[G&s brand ambassador]

It was not time for the live show yet but G&S’s brand name was influential and this would be their first show in the Chinese market, so it had garnered a lot of attention.

On top of that, the company had invested a lot in marketing so it was normal for them to be trending on social media.

Half an hour ago, the official Weibo account of G&S had posted a status. They said they would be holding the show in Longhai International Exhibition Center and that they would announce their first brand ambassador of the Chinese market live.

The speculations of the mysterious ambassador were circulating among fans and interested parties.

The fan clubs of several celebrities were even arguing about who had gotten the lucky position.

The final announcement would be made later at the show. It had garnered all the attention, even from beyond the fashion industry. There were also a lot of heated discussions revolving around G&S and their show.

In the comment section of the second trending term, a large number of fan club accounts and fans were already arguing.

[GuaziDuck: According to internal sources, G&S is going to announce the brand ambassador tonight and it’s going to be a new celebrity.]

This particular comment had been pinned at the top and it had received more than 10,000 replies.

[Amon77: A new celebrity? I think the most popular one should be Xu Yini.]

[700FastPancakes: I think it’s her as well. She’s the only one who is strong enough to secure this spot, right? The other girls are not her match in terms of popularity and resources.]

[WeiweiMyWife: I heard it was another girl. When G&S was having a rehearsal today, Xu Yini was on another shoot elsewhere. If it was her, she would have freed her time to attend the rehearsal for the show.]

[NoFishThisYear: I heard someone posted online that Xu Yini is on her way to Longhai International Exhibition Center. It’s her alright!]

[OuouCarp: As expected of a rich girl. Just stretch her hand out and she could even get the moon.]

[YiniDreamyAN: Jealous much? Xu Yini’s looks, popularity, and work surpassed her peers by a light year. If you have the time to be jealous, you might as well go tell your idol to study more so that they could gain more popularity!]

The heated discussion continued for quite a while.

A large number of Xu Yini’s fans had heard the rumors. They believed Xu Yini had gotten the role and it fueled their confidence in the discussion.

Any other normal discussion or anyone who doubted Xu Yini was bashed mercilessly.

The fans made it look like Xu Yini was already the brand ambassador of G&S.

Longhai International Exhibition Center.

The venue was decorated grandly and all the guests were arriving one after another.

Xu Yini wore a champagne-colored dress with glitter. The length of her dress reached her knees and she had permed her hair slightly for the event. There was also a water drop-shaped diamond necklace around her neck.

Her makeup was meticulous, making her look innocent but sexy at the same time.

Right before she had arrived at her seat, she noticed Zhang Xintong was already there.

Xu Yini paused for a moment. She lifted her head slightly and walked over.

Zhang XIntong wore a white tube dress for the night. Her hair had been tied up neatly and her beautiful shoulder and collarbones were on display.

She was already a sweet-looking girl but the dress and makeup made her look extra charming.

“Hey, Xiyi, what a coincidence.”

Zhang Xintong widened her eyes slightly in shock. She looked at Xu Yini up and down and smiled.

“You look gorgeous today. If I don’t know any better, I would think that you are going up on stage later.”

Xu Yini reacted coldly. She walked over, sat down and crossed her leg while maintaining her smile.

“Thank you. You look great too. Is your dress from Esya? It’s the new design, right? When their PR department contacted me about their new design and indicated that they hoped to see me in this dress, I said no because I don’t like it. Now it looks like it fits you very well.”

Zhang Xintong was a television actress. She might have her own fanbase and popularity but she was lackluster when compared to Xu Yini, a movie star.

Zhang Xintong scoffed softly.

She could not understand Xu Yini’s arrogance.

Xu Yini was popular because of her family and the unlimited resources that she enjoyed. However, she claimed that she had done all the hard work and gained popularity with her own hands.

That was why Zhang Xintong disliked her.

“Really? I’m not sure about you, but I ordered this dress two months ago and flew all the way to Europe for it.”

Zhang Xintong had not borrowed this dress for the night. She had bought it herself with her own money, unlike Xu Yini who had borrowed her dress for the night.

Xu Yini put her hair up.

“Oh, I guess it cost you millions. Looks like someone in your room is kind to you.”

Zhang Xintong reacted bitterly. She knew Xu Yini was not talking about herself but was referring to her sponsor, who was a family man.

Xu Yini was obviously mocking her but she had learned how to be patient and endure insults because she was in show biz.

She smiled and ignored Xu Yini’s insults.

“I’m okay I guess. Your fans are so good to you. G&S hasn’t even announced the brand ambassador, yet they made it sound like you’ve already gotten the title.”

Xu Yini frowned. She took her phone out and went on Weibo. When she saw the discussion on the trending page, she finally knew what Zhang Xintong was talking about.

Everyone in her team thought she would get the title. Because of this, they had leaked the news to the media so that it would boost her popularity. It would also mean that it would be easier for her to get better leverage on other brands.

No one had expected it to backfire this soon.

Xu Yini had been feeling down the past two days, and her team had been so busy that they forgot to tell the fans about this, hence the groundless assumption.

“I think when the show starts and it’s not you on the stage, your fans will be so disappointed.”

Zhang Xintong shrugged helplessly.

“Such a pity.”

It wasn’t clear who she was referring to, Xu Yini’s fans or Xu Yini herself.

Xu Yini was furious but there were a lot of cameras around her. She could not do anything to ruin her image, so all she could do was look less angry.

She sent Mei Li a message and instructed her to settle it right away.

The show was starting soon and it was too late to tell her fans to take those words back.

All she could do was try to control the situation and the fan’s backlash after G&S announced the brand ambassador. She had to save herself from the embarrassment.

In fact, she had come to this press conference because she did not want other people to think of her as a coward. She also wanted to find out who the mysterious designer was.

Edmond was busy backstage and it was inappropriate for her to go to see him now, so she had to wait until the show was over.

It was then that a middle-aged woman with a white shirt and black pants came over.

She had short hair and a sharp look. The woman was Qi Wanwan.

Her arrival eased the tense situation between Xu Yini and Zhang Xintong.

She was much closer to Xu Yini than Zhang Xintong.

Xu Yini felt a lot better.

She looked at the stage and asked, “Sister Wanwan, do you know who G&S’s new designer is?”