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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 135 - God Is Biased

Chapter 135: God Is Biased

Xu Yini looked down on Zhang Xintong.

Zhang Xintong also disliked Xu Yini because she came from a wealthy family and had enjoyed unlimited resources since birth.

They had both participated in a variety show together once before. Zhang Xintong had been friendly to her and had even posted a selfie of them together.

However, she had used photoshopped to beautify herself only and left Xu Yini unedited.

The picture had trended on social media and fans of both girls had gone to war for three days

Both girls had become enemies after that.

After losing the first battle with Zhang Xintong, Xu Yini swore she would never be nice anymore.

When she knew she was part of G&S’s final selection with Zhang Xintong, she had still been fine because she had believed G&S’s strict criteria would favor her. She did not think she would have to be overly concerned.

However, G&S had arranged for her to sit beside Zhang Xintong during the press conference and she could not accept that.

She could not understand the reasoning behind the arrangement.

Mei Li noticed the look on Xu Yini’s face and felt conflicted.

“Only three girls made it to the final selection. With Tang Wei being chosen, G&S automatically grouped you and Zhang Xintong together. Should we try to rearrange the seating with G&S?”

Xu Yini stared at the invitation and scoffed.

“It’s okay.”

Why would she walk away from the challenge?

If Zhang Xintong was bold enough to sit beside her, she would also stand up to the challenge.

If she requested to change seats, other people might think she was afraid of Zhang Xintong.

“We’ll just go with this.”

The press conference was being held at Longhai International Exhibition Center.

Countless number of workers and staff members decorated the venue for the grand event since day one.

The venue had been fenced off to ensure the confidentiality of the event.

Edmond was on stage guiding the design teams and the models as they rehearsed one last time.

George was watching at the front of the stage.

The slight breeze fluttered his brown hair. His natural blue eyes looked like the brightest sapphire and he stood there like a masterpiece on display, capturing all the attention in the room.


He praised and clapped at the end of the rehearsal.

“Ning really should come here herself.”

Edmond had also been happy with the rehearsal, but when he heard George’s words, he could only shrug.

“If even you can’t make her stay, no one else can.”

Edmond was a veteran in this industry and he had orchestrated a ton of grand fashion shows. It had been a while since he had felt this excited.

The masterpiece from Ning Li had the magic to drive people crazy.

George squinted his eyes and grinned.

“She’s a free spirit. We can’t hope to control her. If she doesn’t want to come, then so be it.”

Edmond shook his head and sighed. “This is my first time witnessing someone reject G&S, and even you. How could there be someone who doesn’t care about anything? If she could be more serious, she would certainly have a bright future.”

Unfortunately, Ning Li lived in her own way.

George disagreed.

Some thoughts later, he grinned menacingly. “What else can do we? God is biased. Some people are born with God’s touch and they are loved and favored by God himself.”

Art and beauty demanded talent.

Some people tried tirelessly to achieve something in the artistic world but ended up with nothing.

There were also people who had been born with unique talents, talents that could help them achieve greatness without any effort.

It was unfair and unreasonable, but that was just how life worked.

“Actually, she does care about something. At least she pays attention to her studies.”

George clenched his teeth when he talked about Ning Li’s studies.

He wanted to find out what really occupied Ning Li’s time and attention.

Ning Li finally went out in the afternoon.

Su Yuan and the others were not around, only Ye Ci and Aunt Zhao, who were in the kitchen.

When Ye Ci saw Ning Li come down with her bag, she asked, “Sister Ning Li, it’s time for lunch. Are you going out?”

Ning Li simply grunted without looking and left the house.

Aunt Zhao scoffed.

“Miss, why do you even bother? Ever since she came to this house, she’s never told anyone whenever she goes out.

Ye Ci stirred her soup blankly and was carried away by her thoughts.

She wondered if Ning Li was going to the art exhibition.

Anyway, Lu Huaiyu had already left the exhibition.

“Forget it. Let’s eat.”

Ning Li arrived at her rented unit and had a simple lunch in front of a stall.

The neighborhood was a little livelier than usual since it was a Sunday.

The place always welcomed new faces due to different tenants moving in and out.

After she went inside, she went to the bedroom and took her laptop out of her bag.

A few taps later, a window popped up.

The window was black and quiet, and nothing happened.

Ning Li was not in a hurry either. She left her laptop open and continued doing the mock test papers that she brought with her.

After lunch, Ye Ci returned to her room.

She had planned to continue her homework and continue where she had left off earlier.

However, the thought of Lu Huaiyu and Ning Li, plus the art exhibition, made her restless.

She sat in front of her desk for half an hour without being able to absorb a single word.

It was then that Cheng Xiangxiang called her.

“Lil Ci, G&S’s autumn collection show will be live in Jingcheng later! Are you following it?”

Ye Ci was slightly surprised. “I heard of it. Why?”

“I heard that they’ve prepared a huge surprise tonight. Too bad we can’t go there, I really want to see it for myself—this is the first press conference and launch in the Chinese market! This will be good!”

Ye Ci was intrigued.


Cheng Xiangxian sighed before she became excited.

“Oh, and they are doing a live stream! Go check Weibo, it’s already trending.”