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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 129 - Having A Death Wish?

Chapter 129: Having A Death Wish?

Cheng Xiyue was a little puzzled.

Adjusting his body clock and schedule should be his own business. Of course it should be something that Lu Huaiyu had to do himself.

What did he mean he was not able to do it himself?

Then, just as the question escaped Cheng Xiyue’s mouth, the picture of a cup of coffee suddenly came to his mind.

The white porcelain cup, the reflective spoon beside it…

Cheng Xiyue shut his eyes. “Don’t tell me you have to rely on Little Ning Li to help you adjust to your schedule.”

The girl was just a 17-year-old student who was busy with her exams and competition!

Aside from the fact that she might not even agree, would she even have the time to do it?

Lu Huaiyu got up. He unbuttoned the top of his pajama shirt, revealing his pronounced collar bone.


He slid the curtains open.

Evening had already come and the orange sunset had painted the land the same color. Clouds overlapped each other, forming the most beautiful shapes in the sky.

He stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window. The sunset surrounded him in an extra glow which gave him an otherworldly look and only added to his handsome looks.

He raised a brow at Cheng Xiyue’s words but did not say a word.

“Let’s forget about that. I called you to discuss something else. Gu Tinglan is coming back from Jingcheng today. He said he wanted to have dinner, but since you’ve only just woken up, I think—”


Cheng Xiyue choked on his words. He could not comprehend the quick reaction.

“You want to go?”

Usually, Lu Huaiyu’s temper was at its worst when he had just woken up.

Something must have happened to the man which caused him to be this easy-going.

Lu Huaiyu grinned.

“Of course I’ll go.”

He was quite interested in Gu Tinglan’s trip to Jingcheng.

They had dinner at the Japanese restaurant which was located on the highest floor of HG.

Gu Tinglan and Gu Siyang were already waiting in the room.

Gu Siyang looked around the restaurant, intrigued. He said, “Uncle, I’ve never come to Yunzhou before but it seems like quite a fine place now.”

He opened the menu to have a quick look.

“This restaurant alone could rival the few famous ones in Jingcheng.”

Gu Tinglan poured himself a cup of sake.

“The chef of this restaurant is from Japan. Lu Huaiyu hired him a year ago.”

He had hired the Japanese chef because he had wanted to rehabilitate in Yunzhou.

Gu Siyang clicked his tongue in disdain.

This would be his first time meeting the infamous Lu Huaiyu even though he had heard the name a million times before.

The Gu family had separated a part of their business for development in other countries. Even the mansion in Jingcheng had only been bought recently.

Gu Siyang might be the next rising entrepreneur in Jingcheng, but he had never crossed paths with Lu Huaiyu or had the chance to meet the man before.

This time, he had his uncle to thank for the opportunity.

Gu Siyang tapped on a video that his friend had sent him.

Gu Tinglan was annoyed by the noise from the video.

“What are you watching? Seems interesting.”

Gu Siyang answered without looking, “It’s nothing. It’s just a video of a car race. It was in Xiaosong Hill in Yunzhou. It’s quite famous.”

Gu Tinglan knew what the boy was watching based on the name alone.

Gu Siyang loved cars. The reason he had insisted on coming to Yunzhou was mostly because of Xiaosong Hill.

Gu Tinglan unintentionally glanced at the phone. He could not get a clear look but was able to hear the cheers and screams.

He lost interest in it until Gu Siyang gasped in shock.

“Damn, that girl is really something!”

The mention of a girl piqued Gu Tinglan’s interest.

Gu Siyang had always been an arrogant boy and he rarely praised people, let alone a mere girl.

“It’s probably the first time I’ve ever heard you praise someone.”

“Look at this, uncle! This girl is really something else!”

Gu Siyang excitedly passed his phone to Gu Tinglan.

“It’s such a shame that she’s not a racer.”

Gu Tinglan had a quick glance.

The video had been taken at night and a sports car could be seen drifting along the mountain path. As it arrived at its destination, the crowd cheered loudly.

The person who took the video had managed to stand close to the scene and zoom in so that the two figures inside the car were visible.

Gu Tinglan widened his eyes in shock.

“What do you think, uncle? It’s great—Huh?”

Gu Tinglan snatched the boy’s phone away and stared at it.

The crowd was cheering when the racer won the race.

The passenger door opened and a tall, imposing figure came out.

It was Lu Huaiyu and the driver was Ning Li.

“Uncle? Uncle, what are you looking at?” Gu Siyang was baffled.

He had thought that his uncle had no interest in racing.

The video ended.

Gu Tinglan paused for a moment before returning the phone. He said, “That’s Ning Li, the girl you saw at the airport.”

Gu Siyang was astonished. He tapped on the video again and slid it to the end.

Ning Li came out of the car and unintentionally glanced towards the camera.

Even though half of her body was covered by the car, he could still tell it was her.

“Damn, it is…” Gu Siyang was out of words.

“But… I thought you said that she’s only a 17-year-old high school student. Why is she racing in Xiaosong Hill?”

Based on what his uncle had told him, Ning Li was a good student. Even though he had only caught a glimpse of her from afar, he could tell that Ning Li was an obedient girl.

He had not expected her to be this powerful behind the wheel.

“When was the video taken?” Gu Tinglan asked.

Gu Siyang had a look and said, “Around a month ago. I heard that she won 5 million that night and broke the record. No one else has been able to break her record until now.”

It was the rumors that piqued his interest and gave him the urge to come to Yunzhou.

A month ago.

Gu Tinglan had just arrived at Yunzhou back then and was not close to either of them.

Moreover, Xiaosong Hill was the place for underground racing, which was something he had never had any interest in before. It was not unusual for him to not have known anything about Ning Li and Lu Huaiyu then.

“What’s wrong, uncle? Is there anything wrong with the video?”

“Nope, it’s nothing.”

Gu Tinglan reverted to his elegant and kind demeanor. After thinking a while, he chuckled in amusement.

Lu Huaiyu had really put his life on the line back then.

The door suddenly opened.

Cheng Xiyue came in, followed by Lu Huaiyu.

“Hey, Dr. Gu, you guys are early.” Cheng Xiyue said.

Gu Tinglan welcomed them with a smile. “We just arrived a while ago. Siyang, this is Master Cheng and this… is Second Master Lu.”

Gu Siyang was around the same age as Lu Huaiyu, but Lu Huaiyu’s unique presence completely intimidated Gu Siyang.

On top of that, the boy referred to Gu Tinglan as uncle, and Gu Tinglan was considered a peer to Cheng Xiyue and Lu Huaiyu.

Gu Tinglan looked at Lu Huaiyu. “I thought you wouldn’t show up today, Second Master Lu.”

Cheng Xiyue felt the same way.

‘Look! Even Dr. Gu said the same thing!’

Lu Huaiyu sat down and grinned.

“I just had to come. I wasn’t able to host you when you went to Jingcheng, and I felt embarrassed. This time, I am here to welcome you back.”

“How was your trip to Jingcheng? Busy, I suppose?”