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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 128 - How Am I Supposed To Do This Alone?

Chapter 128: How Am I Supposed To Do This Alone?

This whole janitor’s room incident must have been the aftermath of Ning Li and Pei Song’s relationship incident.

However, this would be a heavy lesson for Sun Huihui to learn.

He Xiaochen noticed the blank look on Ning Li’s face. She knew Ning Li was not affected by it, so she quickly discarded the thoughts from her mind as well.

“Hey, Ning Li, can you help me with this? The formula for the electrolytes cell.”

Sun Huihui did not come back to class, even by the afternoon.

Someone went to the office to look for her and found out that she had developed a fever after having been locked in the janitor’s room for a whole night.

The school had called her parents and sent her home.

“Huh? She went home just like that? What about her parents? Didn’t they say anything?”

Lin Zhouyang was rather surprised.

“I remember during sports day, Sun Huihui had accidentally fallen and her mother came to the school with an attitude. She almost went to war with the teachers.”

Sun Huihui got locked up for a whole night and fell ill because of it, yet her mother had not caused a scene?

The boy who had come back from the office with the news said, “Of course something happened! I heard that Sun Huihui herself caused all of this. She had planned to lock someone else up but got trapped inside instead. So, she really had it coming and her mother was too embarrassed to cause a scene.

“Really? Who did she plan to lock up?”

“Who knows? The surveillance camera didn’t capture anything and she refused to say anything. The school is already being merciful by not holding her responsible. What else could she do?”

Ye Ci suddenly said, “We are not involved and we don’t know the details. Since we don’t know the truth, let’s not talk about her like that.”

There was an awkward silence from the few guys that were there.

They had almost forgotten that Ye Ci was Sun Huihui’s friend.

Lin Zhouyang cleared his throat awkwardly.

“Ye Ci is right. Maybe there is something there that we don’t know about. Besides, she ended up locked up instead so it’s kind of a sad situation for her…”

The other boy scoffed. “She was going to lock someone else up first. Are we gonna blame that lucky person for not being locked up instead?”

Lin Zhouyang was speechless. He glanced carefully at Ye Ci.

He shared the same thought as the other boy, but Sun Huihui was Ye Ci’s friend. Some misfortune had fallen on Sun Huihui and as her friend, Ye Ci was just trying to defend her. There was nothing wrong with that at all.

Ye Ci looked quite displeased. She looked away and started to put her things away.

Thinking quickly, he approached Ye Ci with eyes that sparkled with hope.

“Hey, Ye Ci, I heard that there will be an art exhibition tomorrow in the city. Are you going?”

Ye Ci paused. “It depends on my schedule.”

Ever since she had gotten second place in the Huatsing Cup, she had lost interest in painting and was always busy lately.

The schedule for a third-year student was packed and she was falling behind in the competitive Physics class, which doubled her pressure.

She had no mood for painting lately.

“Ah, I see. I heard that Mr. Yu Pingchuan’s artwork will be on display there, so I thought you might be interested. I thought you liked painting.”

Lin Zhouyang’s words made Ye Ci’s already bad mood even worse.

She took a deep breath and forced a smile on her face. “I’ll go if I have the time.”

“Tomorrow? I might not be able to go.”

Ning Li spoke into the phone as she walked out of the school.

Yu Pingchuan was on the other end of the phone and he was displeased with Ning Li’s answer.

“Tomorrow is a Sunday. I thought students don’t study on Sundays. Besides, I know that you just finished your midterms two days ago. Don’t tell me you are busy.”

Ning Li helplessly rubbed the area between her brows.

“Mr. Yu, I really do have something else to do.”

The press conference for G&S was also being held tomorrow. Ning Li had no plans to attend but after George had seen the drafts that she had sent over, he had decided to spend more time presenting and promoting her work.

Therefore, she had to constantly stay in contact with G&S lately to sort out the details.

Yu Pingchuan sighed and compromised.

“Fine. It’s fine if you don’t want to come but the next time we meet, you owe me a painting.”

He raised his voice and added, “Remember, a new painting, not something you did a long time ago!”

Ever since Ning Li had made the last-minute change to the painting during the Huatsing Cup, Yu Pingchuan had been looking forward to seeing a full painting from her. He knew the girl had something in her.

However, Ning Li had procrastinated as long as she could, so Yu Pingchuan took this chance to get the upper hand.

Ning Li was forced to agree.

“Okay, okay, you said it.”

Yu Pingchuan happily hung up the phone.

Ning Li had never really stopped painting but most of the time she only painted casually now. However, her casual paintings could not be accepted as complete works.

Yunding Fenghua.

The curtains at the window were tightly shut.

The sheets on the bed formed the shape of a person.

Lu Huaiyu frowned as he slept. He seemed to be having a hard time sleeping.

Countless images flashed in his mind and irritating noises filled his ears.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes. Something beneath his abyssal gaze was moving.

He sat up and blinked several times. His forehead was covered in sweat.

A moment later, he reached out for his phone that was beside his bed.

It showed a missed call from Cheng Xiyue paintings about 10 minutes ago.

The phone rang. It was ChengXiyue again.

Lu Huaiyu looked displeased.


Cheng Xiyue was aghast at his abrupt tone. He looked at his watch and asked carefully, “Don’t tell me you just woke up?”

Lu Huaiyu did not answer, which made Cheng Xiyue more anxious.

He asked, “Wait, I thought you had changed your Sunday schedule since last week?”

He would not have called the man otherwise.

Lu Huaiyu frowned. “How am I supposed to do this alone?”