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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 127 - Where’s The Evidence

Chapter 127: Where’s The Evidence

Mr. Su felt guilty and blamed himself for his negligence.

“I… Some students came to me yesterday and asked me for a list. I was in a hurry, so I didn’t go upstairs myself. I asked the other girl to check the rooms for me…”

“Oh, so are you saying that girl did not notice Sun Huihui as well?”

Ning Li looked at Sun Huihui.

“Mr. Su usually checks the place around the same time just before sunset. When you were locked up, didn’t you try to scream for help? Surely someone would have noticed you, right?”

Sun Huihui was speechless.

She had screamed as loud as possible, but…

She had involved both girls because she had wanted them to work with her just so she could trap Ning Li.

Who would have thought that she would be the one who would end up trapped inside the janitor’s room instead?

After hearing Ning Li’s theory, Sun Quan and Mr. Su noticed something fishy.

A weak girl like Sun Huihui would surely have screamed for help if she had been locked up.

Even if she did not have her bag or phone with her, she could have knocked on the door or screamed. The girl that had checked the rooms would definitely have noticed something.

“I… I screamed for a while but didn’t get any response, so I thought no one would be coming and I stopped…”

Sun Huihui’s voice grew softer as she explained.

She then clenched her teeth and shouted, “But I saw the person who pushed me in! It was you! How could I be wrong?”

Ning Li raised a brow. “Oh? Did you see me with your own eyes?”


Sun Huihui felt a moment of guilt but after being locked up the whole night, all she wanted was to vent her anger and grievances at Ning Li.

Other than Ning Li, who else could it have been?

She was certain that it was Ning Li who had locked her up inside. Even though she had not gotten a clear look, she strongly believed it.

Ning Li was not overly concerned about her accusation.

“This is merely your one-sided argument. We can’t just take your word for it. If you are so certain that it was me who locked you up, then do you have any evidence to prove it?”

Sun Huihui had nothing. The surveillance camera had been blocked and the two girls had been there to make sure Ning Li did not have a chance to escape.

Who would have thought…

“Well, if you don’t have any evidence, let me present mine.”

Ning Li looked at the teachers and said, “I was at the basketball court yesterday evening, watching the match between Duan Xu and Pei Song. There was a crowd there and all of them can confirm that I was there. I don’t even have the time or the interest to lock her up. Moreover, I barely talk to Sun Huihui, even in class. Why would I want to lock her up for a night?”

The last part of her explanation was the part that baffled the teachers.

Ever since Ning Li had transferred here, she had been involved in multiple cases. However, after a thorough investigation, the school realized she had just been trying to defend herself or fight back.

Someone else always wronged her first and Ning Li simply counterattacked. That had been the cause of every incident until now.

It appeared to be that Ning Li was only guilty of being a stubborn girl who disliked being mistreated. She never really showed any hostility or intention to harm others.

Moreover, she grew up in a complicated family, which explained her stubborn attitude.

Her father had gone to jail and her mother had abandoned her. She had been left with her old grandmother when she was young. If she did not learn how to protect herself, she would always be the target of harassment and bullying her entire life.

Ning Li was busy with the competitive Physics class and the normal third-year curriculum. Why would she distract herself by playing a prank on Sun Huihui?

“Mr. Su, why don’t you ask those two girls to come here so we can find out the truth?” Ning Li said.

Sun Huihui was terrified.

If those girls were called to the office, the truth would surely be exposed.

She had been locked in a dark and cold janitor’s room and all the grievances she felt had transformed into hate for Ning Li.

Therefore, upon her release, her mind had been filled only with the thought of taking revenge on Ning Li.

However, she now realized that it would be too difficult because she was the one who had started this first.

Once the teachers found out that she had been the mastermind, things would be worse for her than just being locked up in a room for a night.

“I-I don’t think that’s necessary. I think I must have missed her when she came up,” Sun Huihui said, trying to feign a calm look.

Mr. Su shook his head. “It’s better to find out the truth.”

He had not noticed anything unusual yesterday but after thinking about it further, everything seemed just a little too coincidental.

There was a high chance that someone had set this up.

The girls might know who had locked Sun Huihui inside.

Sun Quan nodded and agreed. “Go get the girls. If it’s just a coincidence, then that will be the end of this case. If not…”

This was a serious matter.

If the consequences were not severe, it might just remain as a prank between classmates. If something worse had happened, it would have been considered a malicious act.

No one knew what could have happened to the girl in the middle of the night.

Fortunately, Sun Huihui had not been hurt. The school would not have been able to handle the consequences and responsibility otherwise.

Mr. Su was about to walk out, but Sun Huihui bolted up nervously.

“Mr. Su, I think—”


Something fell out from her pocket and the clear sound captured everyone’s attention.

It was a key.

Sun Huihui’s heart skipped a beat. It was the key to the janitor’s room!

There were originally two keys and both were usually in Mr. Su’s possession.

Sun Huihui had stolen one of the keys when Mr. Su was not around yesterday.

Since the key was usually hooked together with a collection of other keys, no one would notice the missing key without closer inspection.

She had planned to return the key after locking Ning Li inside, but things had taken an unexpected turn and she had totally forgotten about the key.

Anxious, she was about to pick it up but Ning Li moved faster than her.

Ning Li had a look at the key and noticed a series of numbers on it.

She handed it to Mr. Su.

“Mr. Su, is this the key to the janitor’s office?”

Mr. Su inspected the key more closely and was shocked.

When he looked at Sun Huihui, the sympathetic gaze was now replaced by a serious glare.

“Sun Huihui, please explain this.”

Ning Li returned to class alone while Sun Huihui was detained at the discipline office.

The class was curious as to why Ning Li had returned alone but no one dared to ask why.

All they could do was whisper to one another and speculate on what had happened.

Ning Li turned a blind eye to them.

He Xiaochen asked softly, “Ning Li, had Sun Huihui really been locked up for a whole night?”

Ning Li nodded.

“She thought that you were responsible for it? What nonsense! You were with us yesterday!”

He Xiaochen found it unbelievable.

She then caught sight of Pei Song from her peripheral vision.

Pei Song’s face wore a bland expression as usual.

He Xiaochen wrote something in her book and pushed it over to Ning Li.

Ning Li took a look.

‘Ning Li, do you think Sun Huihui did this because of Pei Song?’

Other than Pei Song, He Xiaochen could not think of any other reason that Sun Huihui would accuse Ning Li.

Besides, even if Ning Li and Pei Song were together, it was none of Sun Huihui’s business. She was no one to Pei Song.

Ning Li shook her head.

She knew why Sun Huihui had done it but she did not care.