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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 125 - The Lu Huaiyu That She Remembers

Chapter 125: The Lu Huaiyu That She Remembers

Ning Li thought about what he said and suddenly an image of the situation popped into her head.

“It’s better than the last time.”

Duan Xu reacted bitterly. Her words reminded him of the fear of getting a perfect score in Mathematics and General Science.

“Yes, you’re right!”

If he got another chance, he would never copy Ning Li’s answers again.

Duan Xu was an easy-going person but he spent most of his time with boys. Therefore, when the crowd noticed that he was happily talking to Ning Li, they were surprised.

He Xiaochen reacted cautiously when she noticed Duan Xu. She held on to Ning Li’s arm and stared carefully at Duan Xu.

“The match hasn’t ended, yet you swapped yourself out? What if you lose?”

Duan Xu smiled happily. “Lose? I don’t want to boast but the guys from your class are no match for us.”

Pei Song and Ren Qian were decent players but after the first half, the second half of the match required more stamina from the players. The both of them were barely even holding on.

Duan Xu had swapped out because the others in his team could fill his spot easily.

If either Pei Song or Ren Qian had swapped out, their entire team would crumble.

“Ms. Genius, what kind of study materials do you usually use? Could you recommend a few for me?”

Ning Li looked at him in surprise. “You’re going to study?”

Given Duan Xu’s active personality, asking him to sit down quietly and study would be the greatest torture.

He had not even brought a pencil to the monthly test, yet now he was asking for study materials?

Duan Xu looked at her curiously. “What’s wrong with that?”

His father had promised that if he could learn a thing or two from Ning Li and get a better result this time, he would not be held responsible for the things he had done.

He had been sponging off his friends for two weeks now. If he continued to neglect his studies, he would eventually starve to death.

Having the same study materials as the genius would be the first of many steps towards his improvement.

Ning Li nodded after some thought. “Sure.”

She proceeded to name a long list of names of books that she used.

The smile on Duan Xu’s face slowly faded.

“… And that’s about it,” Ning Li said calmly.

Duan Xu regretted his decision immediately. He should not have asked Ning Li at all.


At that moment, the crowd cheered in shock.

Duan Xu and Ning Li looked towards the court and saw Pei Song passing three guys before dunking the ball.

Both teams were already close in terms of points and his beautiful shot allowed his team to overtake Duan Xu’s team for the first time.

His wide back was drenched in sweat, causing his shirt to stick on his body. The perfect lines of the young man’s body were clearly defined.

Duan Xu was a little surprised. “It’s already the second half but he’s still going strong—”

“Block him!”

Two guys went up to Pei Song to block him.

Pei Song was trapped. He glanced around quickly before locking his gaze in a certain direction.

He swiftly stepped back and signaled Ren Qian.

“Brother Pei!

Ren Qian was running on the sidelines. He performed a feint and passed the ball to Pei Song.

Pei Song had retreated to the center court. He caught the ball but did not run. Instead, he dribbled the ball for a moment before locking his eyes on the hoop.

Everyone immediately realized what he was trying to do and gasped in shock.

“No way, he’s going to shoot from that distance?”

“It’s too far away, he’s going to miss!”

Pei Song leaned forward with his hands holding the ball. As he jumped, he raised his hand to shoot.

The ball drew a perfect arch in the air before going into the hoop with precision.

The ball fell onto the ground.

After a short stunned silence, the entire court burst out in cheers.

Frustrated, Duan Xu rubbed his buzz-cut head and strode onto the court.

“What are you guys doing? The both of you can’t stop him? Swap!”

Both guys felt bad about their poor performance as well.

Pei Song might not be part of the basketball team but he was a good player.

It was only that he lacked the interest to play seriously. He would only play a few games occasionally.

No one had expected him to put on his best game today.

Duan Xu’s team had gotten careless and allowed Pei Song to overtake them.

Pei Song’s perfect comeback boosted the confidence of his team.

Fortunately, Duan Xu came back into the court and his outstanding performance chased the points back.

Both sides played as hard as they could and the match became even more exciting.

The match finally ended when the loud whistle sounded. Both teams ended up in a draw.

The spectators had enjoyed it a lot and many of them stayed back to savor the excitement a little longer.

On the way back, many of them were still talking about the match.

The sun set in the west.

Ning Li and He Xiaochen left together.

“Our class monitor was so freaking cool today! I’ve watched him play before but he was different today!”

He Xiaochen was impressed and excited.

She looked at Ning Li but did not see any excitement from her. Ning Li did not seem interested at all.

“Ning Li? Don’t you think so? Ning Li?”

“Huh?” Ning Li looked at He Xiaochen blankly.

He Xiaochen pouted. “I’m talking to you about our handsome class monitor but your mind is drifting off already?”

What could be more interesting than a handsome guy?

Ning Li smiled. “Something else came to my mind.”

She remembered that Lu Huaiyu was also good at basketball, or more precisely, the young Lu Huaiyu.

When they met each other, Lu Huaiyu had almost stopped playing basketball and she had never seen him play it before.

She paused, standing there blankly for a moment before turning around.

The setting sun had painted the entire court and field an orange color.

As most of the students had gone home, there were only a few players left on the basketball court.

The lively and cheerful atmosphere was gone and replaced by silence.

She took her phone out and snapped a picture.

Ren Qian, who was still on the court, noticed Ning Li and said, “Huh? What’s Ning Li doing?”

Pei Song turned around at the same moment that Ning Li snapped the picture.