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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 123 - She’s Not Here Yet

Chapter 123: She’s Not Here Yet

After the midterm exam, the students came out of their classes and left the building.

Everyone was excited and happy now that they finally got an opportunity to relax after being under so much stress lately.

Someone had mentioned that Duan Xu and his basketball team would be having a warm-up match for the upcoming competition. That, coupled with the fact that Pei Song would also be there, had attracted many spectators.

A crowd had already gathered at the basketball court.

Most of the spectators at the front were girls and they were excited and shy as they watched the sweaty handsome boys.

It was autumn so the evening air was still rather chilly but Duan Xu still only put on a thin basketball jersey.

At 190 cm, Duan Xu had a towering and fit physique. When the wind blew, his sweaty shirt stuck to his body, showing off its perfect contours.

“Hey, cap! Pei Song is here.”

“He’s the rumored boyfriend of your lifesaver cum goddess!”

One of the boys said with a touch of ridicule.

Duan Xu turned around. “Stop with your nonsense! My lifesaver did not acknowledge anything! She is fully dedicated to studying and only matters regarding her studies, get it?!”

“Yeah, if there really is something between them, then why isn’t Ning Li here?” said another boy as he looked around for Ning Li. He looked quite disappointed when he could not spot Ning Li in the crowd.

Surely the most beautiful girl in the school would not be hard to miss.

Even though the boys did not know her personally, getting a glance or two of her was satisfying enough.

Duan Xu rolled his eyes at them and approached Pei Song with the basketball.

“5 on 5?”

Pei Song took off his jersey, revealing a white T-shirt.


Many of the girls looked at them with sparkling eyes.

“Ahhhh! Duan Xu is so handsome!”

“Pei Song is my Jesus!”

“Hey, did you guys know? There was a rumor saying that Duan Xu liked Ning Li but Ning Li had been caught together with Pei Song… tsk. I guess that’s what happens when you are beautiful. She’s only been here for a little more than a month and the two most handsome guys in the school are already fighting for her.”

Someone was jealous.

Her words silenced some of the other girls and caused some confusion.

“Hey, what are you guys talking about?”

He Xiaochen came over and looked at the girl who ridiculed Ning Li.

“I sit beside Ning Li and I know everything about her. You know that’s not true, right?”

The girl had not anticipated He Xiaochen’s arrival. She was slightly embarrassed.

She stepped back to avoid He Xiaochen’s gaze and said awkwardly, “I-I didn’t say anything wrong! Everyone knows about the rumors, right?”

“You mean the part where you said that the two most handsome guys are fighting for Ning Li, right? Hmm, I wonder if I should ask my class monitor about it.”

He Xiaochen turned to Pei Song and shouted, “Class monitor—”

The girl grabbed her arm and stopped her. “Hey, stop it!”

Pei Song passed the ball and glanced over at He Xiaochen and the other girl. His gaze was cold.

The girl started to feel nervous. It would be embarrassing and awkward if Pei Song heard what she had said.

Moreover, Duan Xu was also present.

He Xiaochen waved her hands, “Go get him!”

The girl sighed a breath of relief.

He Xiaochen then turned to the girl. “Girl, you should choose a better place when you want to talk bad about someone. But there is one thing that I agree with you about and that’s Ning Li.

She’s only been here for a month yet she got first place in the monthly test. Crazy right?”

The girl reacted bitterly and left.

He Xiaochen grinned and focused on the match.

After almost everyone had left the building, Ning Li and several other students stayed behind to clean up.

“Ning Li.”

Sun Huihui came over.

“I’ve cleared almost everything. I have to leave now as my friend is waiting for me. Can you please help me take these back to the janitor’s room?”

Ning Li stared at her for a moment. Her gaze was so calm and her eyes were so clear that it felt like she could stare into one’s soul.

Sun Huihui faltered. “Uh, if you are busy then—”

“Sure,” Ning Li said.

“Put them there. I’ll return them later.”

Sun Huihui was delighted.

“Okay, you should go home after you have finished your tasks.”

Ning Li did not answer.

Sun Huihui then exited the class and left with her friends.

10 minutes later, Ning Li left the class with her bag and the cleaning supplies.

The janitor’s room was located in the office in front of the administration building.

When she entered, she saw the teacher who was in charge of the office.

“Sir, I’m from the first class and I’m here to return these things.”

The teacher, who seemed distracted, pointed at the janitor’s room.

“Ah, okay, just put them in that room.”

Ning Li nodded. She had a glance at the surveillance camera in the corridor before going in.

She put the things down. When she turned around and tried to turn the doorknob, she found it locked.

The door did not budge at all. Someone must have locked her in from the outside.

She smirked.

“Still the same trick. It’s getting a little boring, to be honest.”

The janitor’s room was located in a secluded corner. Other than the teacher, no one else would come to this place at this time.

Once locked inside, one would have to spend a night in the janitor’s room.

She turned around to the window and had a look outside.

She could see the red and white sidewalk down below from the second floor where the janitor’s room was located.

The view from the window was quite high up.

Ning Li took a few steps back and warmed up her ankles. She then opened the window and jumped out.

Time flew by quickly. The basketball match was reaching its climax.

The boys moved so quickly that it caused a breeze as they shuttled across the basketball court.

Passionate cheers filled the entire court.

Duan Xu was drenched in sweat after all that running. He lifted his basketball jersey to wipe his face, exposing his taut abs.


The girls screamed at the sight.

The boys in his team also laughed at him.

“Duan Xu, your goddess is not here. What are you trying to show off?”

Duan Xu raised a brow and grinned. “I’m handsome and I know it. No need to be jealous.”

On the other hand, Pei Song snatched the ball from another boy, strode to the hoop, and jumped to make a shot.

He scored!

The girls cheered loudly.

“Pei Song! Pei Song!”

Duan Xu glanced at Pei Song and then said loudly to his teammates, “What are you doing? Stop your nonsense and focus! We are going to lose if you keep talking bullsh*t! Block him!”

Pei Song glanced at the spectators after making the shot.

“Ah! Is Pei Song looking at us?”

“Yes! He’s definitely looking at us! Come on girls, put on your best look!”

“He is so handsome!”

Pei Song looked away.

He Xiaochen took her phone out to look at the time.

“What’s taking Ning Li so long?”

“Hmm? It’s quiet inside.”

Sun Huihui placed her ear against the door to the janitor’s room but could not hear a single sound.

“Strange, she came in here just now…”

After a slight hesitation, she took the key and opened the door.


Suddenly, she felt a strong force push her from behind and she fell inside the janitor’s room.

She staggered a few steps forward before regaining her balance. Just as she was about to turn around, the door was locked from the outside.

Sun Huihui anxiously turned around and heard the click from the doorknob.

She was now trapped inside.