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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 121 - Why Are You Here

Chapter 121: Why Are You Here

Ning Li looked up towards the second floor.

Ye Ci disappeared into her room.

Ning Li smiled and said, “If I remember correctly, that was Ye Ci’s responsibility. If it isn’t affecting her studies, just let her continue.”

Su Yuan’s words were stuck in her throat. She did not know how best to continue the conversation.

She could not just come out and say that Ning Li had it better than Ye Ci because of her results.

If she said that, she would be indirectly acknowledging that Ning Li was better than Ye Ci.

Su Yuan rephrased her words and said, “Lil Ci has her own things to do. Besides, you are quite free and Lil Cheng is also your little brother. Spend more time with him and maybe you can get him to like you.”

Ning Li pondered Su Yuan’s words and found them amusing. She even burst out in laughter.

“I don’t think that’s necessary. That boy said his only sister is Ye Ci and I don’t need to make him like me.”

Su Yuan started to feel anxious. “Lil Cheng is still a young boy. He was just being impulsive back then. You are 7 years older than he is. How could you be so calculative with a little boy?”

“It’s not that I want to be calculative. I’m rejecting this for his own good. He dislikes me. If I tutor him, are you sure he will listen to me?” The smile on Ning Li’s face faded slightly.

“You don’t have to worry about that. I’ve talked to him about this matter. Besides, you are his sister, his real sister. If he doesn’t listen to you, you can just set him straight.”

Su Yuan tried to be as convincing as possible.

Ning Li silently scoffed.

She did not want to handle the troublesome boy.

Su Yuan’s words might sound promising now but if something really happened, the woman would surely stand with Ye Cheng.

Ning Li would never forget that she was in the Ye family.

Ye Cheng had been pampered and spoiled for the past 10 years and would only listen to his father, Ye Ming. The boy never really took anyone seriously. He was a very egocentric person.

Even if Ning Li devoted herself to tutoring Ye Cheng, she could not stop the boy if he chose not to learn or even ruin the session.

She did not have time for the spoiled brat.

“I think it would be better if you found someone else for the job. I can’t do it.”

Ning Li then walked away.

Su Yuan did not expect Ning Li to reject her request so quickly. There were no grounds for any further negotiation.

“Ning Li! Ning Li!”

Ning Li had started walking upstairs when she suddenly paused and turned around.

She said, “If you really want me to tutor that boy, sure. I’ll do it as long as you talk to my teacher and apply for leave on my behalf. Or better yet, you can talk to Mr. Zhou. If he’s okay with it, I’ll drop out of the competitive Physics class just to tutor Ye Cheng.”

Su Yuan was shocked and furious at the same time.

Ning Li was doing this on purpose.

Ever since she had gotten first place in the monthly test, Geng Haifan and the other teachers, especially Zhou Fei, had taken notice of her and thought highly of her.

Ning Li had always been Zhou Fei’s favorite student.

The teachers would probably strongly object if they knew that she wanted Ning Li to disregard her studies just to tutor Ye Cheng.

“If you can’t then… I guess it won’t happen.”

Ning Li then returned to her room without looking at Su Yuan.

Ye Ci saw Ning Li shutting her door just as she came out of her room.

She went downstairs.

“Mom, did Sister Ning Li not want to do it? It’s fine, I can continue with it.”

Su Yuan patted the girl’s head.

“It’s okay. You don’t need to worry about this. You guys are having your midterm soon, right? Just concentrate on your studies.”

Ye Ci nodded.

The students of Second High waited for three days but no announcement or notice was released by the school regarding Ning Li and Pei Song’s alleged relationship.

Both of them had always had a clean reputation. Other than the picture that had already been deleted, the other students had observed them for a few days and realized that there really was nothing between them.

The rumors of them being in a relationship ended just like that.

Soon, the mid-term test arrived.

It was a combined exam amongst all the schools of the city, so it was a lot harder than the monthly test.

Other than an extra invigilator in every exam venue, there was also a group of inspectors patrolling outside the venues.

Ning Li grabbed her things and went into the first exam venue.

When she arrived at the venue, it became quiet.

All the students in the first exam venue were the best of the best and everyone knew each other.

Ning Li was the only ‘newcomer’.

She walked to the first table on the left and she saw her exam ticket pasted on it.

Examinee No. 0001.

She sat down.

After 5 minutes, Pei Song came in and saw that his assigned seat was behind Ning Li.

Examinee No.0002.

It was his first time being seated in second place. The other students stared at him but he turned a blind eye to their curious gaze.

He pulled the chair out and sat down.

He glanced at the girl in front of him.

She was dressed in the school uniform with her hair tied into a ponytail.

The tip of her ponytail swayed around her fair neck, creating a subtle curve.

Pei Song looked away.

Meanwhile, at the Aqua Front Hotel back in Jing Cheng, Xu Yini came out from the elevator.

She wore a khaki-colored trench coat and cropped pants paired with black heels. She wore a pair of glasses on her delicate face to go with her wavy permed hair. When matched with her fiery red lips, it made her stand out and gave her an enchanting presence.

Mei Li was beside her, whispering, “… the folks from G&S internal management are having a meeting on the 6th floor. The meeting is to determine the model for the opening show. I have news that Tang Wei and Zhang Xintong are on their way.”

Both girls were also shortlisted as candidates.

However, Xu Yini did not look at them as serious contenders.

She was determined to get the position.

“The position is more or less mine already. I wonder why they are bothering to come at all.”

Xu Yini chuckled.

Just then, a familiar figure appeared in front.

It was Edmond.

Xu Yini smiled and walked over to him.

Before she could utter a word, Edmond said in shock, “Ms. Xu? What are you doing here?”