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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 120 - I Wonder Which B*tch Will Get Him In The Future

Chapter 120: I Wonder Which B*tch Will Get Him In The Future

“I don’t think so,” she said.

Ning Li had already known Lu Huaiyu for two lifetimes but had never heard of him having a girlfriend in either one.

“Huh? No? Impossible!”

He Xiaochen was shocked.

“With his looks, he could have a line of girls fighting to be his girlfriend wherever he goes!”

She spoke the truth. Lu Huaiyu had a lot of admirers, even someone as popular as Xu Yini.

However, for as long as anyone could remember, he had remained single. It had nothing to do with the girls, but everything to do with himself.


A thought suddenly came to He Xiaochen’s mind and her eyes widened in shock.

“If he doesn’t have a girlfriend, does it mean he likes men?!”

Ning Li was speechless.

He Xiaochen was talking nonsense.

“No.” Ning Li instinctively denied it.

“Huh? Why?”

He Xiaochen strongly believed it was possible. She held her fingers out and started to count. “Look, with that kind of body and appearance, I’m sure girls have been lining up for him since his student days. You can imagine how that number has probably increased by now.

“Besides, think about it. If his standards for girls are so high, it’s impossible that he would not have been with anyone till now, right? He’s one-of-a-kind yet he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Why do you think that is?”

He Xiaochen pictured Lu Huaiyu standing with another man and started to tear up.

“A man like him would be an angel amongst the gays! He’s a man amongst men! The strongest—”


The bell rang.

He Xiaochen shut up and returned to her book. She tilted her head slightly and sighed.

“Sigh. I wonder which b*tch will have him in the future.”

For a moment, Ning Li was shaken.

Lu Huaiyu was in his early 20s now and it was normal for him to not have a girlfriend.

However, in her past life, Lu Huaiyu had not been with anyone even up to the time he was in his late 20s.

This was no longer as easy to explain away with the excuse of not having met the right person yet.

Somehow, the sketch that he kept in the book, The History of Time, came to her mind. She had found it in his study room.

Lu Huaiyu had revealed the password to his mansion to her, yet he did not want her to see the sketch.

Judging from the secrecy, it was obvious that the sketch held a special meaning for him.

What could it be?

Ning Li suddenly felt as if she was suffocating. The room felt stuffy.

“It’s time for class.”

A little while later, she pulled out her phone and went on to the school forum.

The thread about her and Pei Song being in love was still pinned at the top and the comments were increasing by the second.

All kinds of guesses had been made there due to the vivid imaginations of the various students.

She sent the link to Wei Songze.

[Delete the thread.]

At the time, Wei Songze had been scrolling through the comments as he enjoyed a snack from his comfortable seat.

When he received the message from Ning Li, he dropped his bowl of snacks on the floor.

Ning Li had been involved in many scandals and gossip before. Some had been even worse than this, yet she usually did not care.

Why would she be so concerned this time and want the thread deleted?

He sent her his question.

[Sister Lili, this is fake right? So why bother?]

He knew why Ning Li had gone to Jingcheng. Why would it have anything to do with Pei Song?

It was only after some time that Ning Li replied with a brief message.

[It’s irritating.]

Wei Songze was baffled.

Irritating? It was just a rumor about a premature relationship. How irritating could it be?

“Is it because Sister Lili is trying to become a good student again? Is that why she is so concerned?”

Wei Songze felt emotional for a minute. Ning Li seemed like a different person ever since she came to Yunzhou.

He quickly replied. [Okay.]

15 minutes later, the thread disappeared without a sign.

Many users blamed the person who had made the original post which made him feel aggrieved. He had to start a new thread to clarify that it was not him who deleted the thread.

The poster had posted the picture anonymously, so no one knew where or how to find him other than replying to the thread.

More and more threads opened up to accommodate the increasing discussions. However, whenever any discussion showed any words related to Ning Li or Pei Song, it would be censored.

Slowly but surely, everyone’s interest in the pair eventually died down and the topic was soon forgotten.

Other threads soon replaced the top spot and it was as if nothing had ever happened.

After night class, Ning Li went home to the Ye family mansion.

She saw that Su Yuan was waiting for her in the living room as soon as she walked through the door.

Ye Ci had been walking in front of Ning Li when they returned.

Su Yuan told Ye Ci to go upstairs before she lookedlooking at Ning Li.

“Ning Li, I have something to discuss with you.”

Maybe because she had been rejected on the few times she had tried to go to Ning Li’s room to have a conversation, she finally chose to wait for Ning Li in the living room this time.

Ning Li froze.


Su Yuan looked displeased.

“You said that you went back to Lincheng last Friday but you went to Jingcheng instead. Is that true?”

Ning Li was not surprised that Su Yuan had found out about it.

“Yeah, what’s the problem?”

“What’s the problem? Is that even a question you should be asking?”

Su Yuan could not believe the tone of Ning Li’s voice.

“Ning Li, how many times do I need to remind you that this is Yunzhou, not Lincheng! No one cared before when you were roaming around wild in Lincheng. You are living under my roof now, so you have to follow my rules!”

Su Yuan had already been angry when Ning Li did not come home the other night. This time she had done something even worse.

Ning Li thought about it. “Then, should I leave you a note next time?”

Su Yuan was furious.

All she had wanted was to have a conversation with Ning Li but Ning Li never wanted to cooperate.

Even if she had the patience to debate with Ning Li, it would surely be worn out by now.

She took a deep breath to calm herself. She said coldly, “You’d better stop with that feisty attitude of yours from now on. I don’t care what you do outside or where you want to go next. In the coming month, no matter how busy you are, you will have to tutor Lil Cheng for an hour every night.”

Ning Li objected without a second thought. “I’m busy.”

“How can you be busy? That boy is only in elementary school. Tutoring him won’t take up a lot of your time.”

Tutoring him was actually Ye Ci’s responsibility but in the past few days, Su Yuan had noticed the dark circles on Ye Ci’s eyes and dispirited look.

Su Yuan felt bad and guilty about it.

Ye Ci had always been the best. She tried her best in everything, including studying and competing in the Physics competition.

She regretted her earlier decision because it had put an unnecessary burden upon Ye Ci.

Ye Ci had said she would continue but Su Yuan had told her to stop.

Su Yuan had noticed that Ye Ci had been looking at pictures of test papers on her phone as she did her practice. After asking, she found out that those papers that Ye Ci had taken pictures of belonged to Ning Li.

It was then she found out that Ning Li had aced the competitive Physics class and set the bar quite high. Her papers were being used as an example by the teacher.

Ning Li had a more relaxed attitude in competitive Physics class compared to Ye Ci.

However, both girls were Ye Cheng’s sisters. If Ye Ci could tutor the boy, so could Ning Li.