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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 119 - Your Second Brother

Chapter 119: Your Second Brother

“Of course there’s something you can compare. As long as you want to, there is always something to compare.”

Lu Huaiyu did not find his question strange at all.

Ning Li pondered the question. “Actually, it’s almost the same.”

If it had been before Yunzhou, she would have definitely said Lincheng.

Now, places did not matter anymore.

Lu Huaiyu grinned. “I always thought you liked the place you call home.”

The girl was just 17. No matter how much she had been through, she was still a minor. How could she not miss her home?

Ning Li narrowed her eyes slightly as she smiled. However, the smile on her face was weak.

“Mhmm, it used to be.”

In the life she used to have, she had loved her home. In fact, she had devoted her life to her ‘home’ and given everything she had to it. In the end, however, everything had crumbled into pieces.

She finally understood that home was not where her family was. Since that ominous night, she had completely lost her home.

Lu Huaiyu stared at her intensely.

Ning Li was a lot more mature than her peers and she was always able to conceal her emotions.

However this time, she sounded a little off and he could sense great loneliness in the tone of her voice.

The contrast was obvious when she stood amongst the other youthful and lively students. She seemed to be like the odd piece of a puzzle that did not fit.

Without proper care, she would probably disappear without a sound.

The moment the thought popped into Lu Huaiyu’s head, a painful feeling erupted from his heart. It felt as if something from the deepest part of his heart had stung him and the aching pain spread uncontrollably.

It was subtle yet painful.

Lincheng was no longer home to Ning Li.

She had been abandoned and forgotten there.

He should not have asked her that question.

Lu Huaiyu sighed and said seriously, “Jingcheng is a great place. I’ll take you sightseeing there next time. Maybe you will like it better then.”

Ning Li smiled till her eyes curved into half-moon shapes.


The P.E session had ended by the time she had finished seeing Lu Huaiyu off, so Ning Li went back to the classroom.

Pei Song was already at his seat.

Lin Zhouyang was leaning against his table, being a busybody.

“Brother Pei, Brother Pei! What did Mr. Geng talk to you guys about? Are you two really—”

He covered his mouth all of a sudden and gulped as if he was forcefully swallowing his words back. He looked around as if he was afraid that someone else might hear him.

Ren Qian rolled his eyes at his foolish behavior.

“A little louder and everyone else will come here looking for an answer.”

Lin Zhouyang pouted.

He was curious about what happened.

In fact, everyone else was just as curious as he was.

“So what happened between you and Ning Li? Did you—”

“It was just a misunderstanding. Mr. Geng has already been informed,” Pei Song said.

Everyone else in the class was ready and eager to listen. They were afraid that they would miss out on any important parts.

However, everyone was confused when they heard Pei Song’s answer. No one believed him.

Lin Zhouyang had always been Pei Song’s most devoted believer but even he was not sure about his explanation.

Pei Song’s reaction was as cold as ever.

“Then… the picture…”

Pei Song said evenly, “If you are cold, I can also take off my jersey for you right now.”

Lin Zhouyang faltered and fell back in shock. He tightened his collar.

“No! Brother Pei, you can’t!” Lin Zhouyang was straight and he was unwilling to accept any implication that he was not.

Ren Qian could not take Lin Zhouyang’s exaggerated behavior any longer.

“Look into the mirror. What makes you think you are even worthy of receiving Brother Pei’s jersey?!”

Lin Zhouyang sighed a breath of relief. Ren Qian was right. He did not have anything to worry about.

He rubbed his head and said, “I guess you’re right. We will know what’s true and what’s false when the school announces it in a few days.”

According to Second High’s custom, if Pei Song and Ning Li really were in a relationship, they would still receive strict punishments even if they were the top 1 and top 2 ranked students.

Making groundless guesses was useless.

Ren Qian continued reading his book.

“What’s so interesting about rumors and gossip? If you have the time to be a busybody, you might as well use it to study. The upcoming midterm is a combined exam among all the schools of Yunzhou.”

His words shocked many others and caused everyone to go back to studying again.

When Ning Li entered the classroom, she still attracted attention from some of her classmates but it was not as overt as it had been in the morning.

She turned a blind eye to the curious stares and went back to her seat.

When she sat down, He Xiaochen temporarily took her focus away from her studying and grabbed her hand excitedly.

“Ning Li! Ning Li! The guy who was walking with you just now, is that your second brother?”

Ning Li nodded.

He Xiaochen’s eyes sparkled like stars in the night.

“Oh my god! Holy cow! I knew he was handsome but when I had a closer look at him today, he seemed more like a walking angel!”

He was a tall and handsome guy. Moreover, the trench coat had looked extremely good on him.

“Thank you, Ning Li! Sob! Thank you for asking him to come here! If not, peasants like me wouldn’t be able to see angels with my own eyes!”

Ning Li’s hand froze as she took her book out.

She knew He Xiaochen was just being dramatic like always. However, today it seemed a little different.

‘Dear Ning Li…’

Lu Huaiyu’s ridiculing words echoed in her ears.

He Xiaochen cleared her throat. “Ahem. I didn’t mean it like that, please don’t take it the wrong way!”

“I know.”

Ning Li rubbed the area between her brows.

She had not expected the school to call her parents, or her guardian in this case, just because of some allegations.

More importantly, the person who had come had been Lu Huaiyu.

Judging from her reaction, He Xiaochen could tell that nothing had happened between Ning Li and Pei Song.

It was understandable because she sat beside them both all day, every day. If there really was something between them, her keen eyes would have noticed something.

Therefore, she had never doubted that Ning Li was not involved in a premature relationship.

She was more curious about this other guy, or rather, Ning Li’s second brother.

She whispered, “Ning Li, does your second brother have a girlfriend?”

Ning Li froze.