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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1173 - 1173 Next Move

1173 Next Move

Fenghu Peninsula was a high-end neighborhood located on the West Second Ring Road of the Capital.

This was where Shi Yang lived.

At seven o ‘clock in the morning, he went out for a morning run.

What was different from usual was that he was holding an exquisite and beautiful square box.

He went to the trash can and put the square box down.

A woman in her late twenties passed by, seemingly on her morning run.

“Good morning, Mr. Shi Yang!”

She stopped to greet him, her eyes filled with unconcealable admiration.

Shi Yang turned around and nodded with a faint smile.


Although Shi Yang was over forty years old, he was still single. He possessed a refined and personable temperament and was also a famous landscape painting master in China. He was excellent in all aspects.

Naturally, he was not lacking in admirers.

This woman clearly had such thoughts.

She came here on her morning jogs every day, hoping to run into Shi Yang. However, he was very busy, so they did not run into each other often.

Of course, the woman was surprised to see him today.

She glanced at the square box and saw that there seemed to be a whole cake inside. She was a little surprised.

“Mr. Shi Yang, isn’t it a bit of a waste to throw away the cake without eating it? ”

The cake looked very nice and was from an expensive brand.

Shi Yang paused, but the smile on his face did not change.

“It’s spoiled so the only choice is to throw it away.”

The woman let out an “Ah.

“So, that’s why it can’t be eaten. What a pity.”

Shi Yang ran out of patience, so he turned around and prepared to leave.

The woman was stunned.

“Mr. Shi Yang, aren’t you going for your morning run?”

Shi Yang gave a faint smile.

“I suddenly remembered that I forgot something so I have to go back.”

The woman looked disappointed, but she did not say anything.

Shi Yang’s attitude was always the same. He always appeared to be very easygoing, but whenever anyone wanted to get closer, it would always seem like there was an invisible barrier between them.

“Is that so? Then… alright.”

She pointed ahead.

“Then I’ll take my leave first, alright?”

Shi Yang nodded but did not say anything else. He walked toward his house.

The smile on Shi Yang’s face only faded when he heard the woman’s footsteps moving away.

He pushed his glasses up his face, and the thin lenses reflected a cold light.

It was really annoying.

He turned back again.

The cake had been placed next to the trash can and would soon be disposed of.

Even though he had carefully picked it out and even though he had not touched it since he had bought it yesterday.

He stared at it for a while and said softly, “Since you like a lively atmosphere so much, I don’t think you’d be in the mood to eat alone.

“There should be someone to accompany you.”

[ President Shen, something has happened to Xiang Yao. ]

Shen Li had just finished processing the data in the laboratory and was about to sit down to rest when she received a message from Zhao Xuan.

Her eyes narrowed slightly.

Fu Niannian suddenly called out to her, ”

“Little Junior Sister, would you like to drink milk tea? My treat!”

Shen Li raised her head, ”

“Senior Brother, what’s the happy event?”

Fu Niannian stretched.

“The revision for my thesis is finally done. Isn’t that great news?”

Tang Yi said faintly, “Senior Brother, I still have to submit a manuscript. What if…”

Fu Niannian almost picked up his laptop and threw it at him.

“Can you shut up? Do you still want to drink milk tea?”

Tang Yi immediately shut up and nodded.

Of course he did!

“I’m fine with anything,” Shen Li said.

Fu Niannian waved his hand.

“Then I’ll order the most expensive one for Little Junior Sister!”

Tang Yi kept pointing at himself, his eyes hinting at something.

“Don’t worry,” Fu Niannian said, “You’ll get the cheapest one. ”

Tang Yi was speechless.

He knew he could not count on him!

Shen Li thanked him and looked at her phone again.

Zhao Xuan had sent a few more messages.

To be precise, it was not Xiang Yao, but the Xiang family.

Ever since Tian Zhenzhen had retracted her testimony and declared that her relationship with Xiang Yao had been consensual, the progress on Xiang Yao’s side had been particularly smooth.

After the police completed the investigation, they dropped the case.

Xiang Yao then came out safe and sound.

However, these easy days did not last long before the few companies that had been cooperating with the Xiang family had suddenly withdrawn their capital, and the Xiang family’s capital chain was broken.

The Xiang family was in dire straits, and Xiang Yao himself had accidentally fallen down the stairs. It was said that he had hit his head and was now in a coma.

The whole Xiang family had collapsed almost overnight.

However, their family was just an ordinary nouveau riche without any foundation. Now that so much trouble had happened, no one would help.

Not many people were even discussing it.

After all, this kind of thing happened every day, so it was not rare.

Shen Li was not surprised.

The Xiang family had thought that they could negotiate with the Yu family because they had something on them, but they did not know that they were no match for the other party.

When Yu Cheng had gotten addicted to drugs, Xiang Yao was the one who had done it to him.

How could the Yu family let them off so easily?

Xiang Yao had been cleared of the rape charge and had been let out of prison, thinking that he was free. But in fact, the outside was more dangerous.

Just like the “accidents” that were happening now, as well as the rapid decline of the Xiang family’s fortunes.

It was hard to say if he would wake up in the future.

[ I see. What’s the situation with the Yu family? ]

Zhao Xuan understood what she was asking.

[ Yu Media won’t be able to hold on any longer, and the Yu family doesn’t seem to have any intentions to save it. In addition, ever since Yu Yu took the initiative to resign, she hasn’t appeared in public for a while. I heard that she’s fallen sick and is now recuperating at the Yu family’s old mansion. ]

The Yu family’s old mansion.

She was sick? Was she being kept at home?

Then, she was probably having a hard time.

[ Old Master Yu’s health doesn’t seem to be in good condition either. The battle between Yu Ming and Yu Feng has already entered a stage of white heat, and they could fall out at any time. Now that the outside world is waiting for the results, it looks like Yu Feng has a higher chance of winning. ]

“Little Junior Sister, would you like a normal amount of sugar, more sugar or less sugar?” Fu Niannian asked.

“Less sugar,”

Shen Li said as she typed another line of words.

[ Yu Feng? ]

Although Yu Cheng had been sentenced to life imprisonment and his life completely ruined, the first branch of the family had always had the upper hand in the past few years. Surely Yu Ming would not lose so quickly, right?

Zhao Xuan seemed to be a little surprised.

[ Didn’t you know? There are rumors in the industry that the third master of the Gu family seems to have plans to join forces with Yu Feng. With his support, Yu Feng is naturally more confident. ]

Shen Li was stunned.

Her third uncle?

How had he gotten involved in this?