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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1165 - 1165 I'm Here to Ask for President Shen's Gift of Thanks

1165 I’m Here to Ask for President Shen’s Gift of Thanks

Shen Li paused.

“President Lu, you’re much too modest.”

Lu Huaiyu’s thin lips curled up slightly. He took a glass of champagne and a glass of orange juice from the table beside him before handing the juice to her.

“Allow me to make a toast to you, President Shen.”

Everyone else was stunned.

They had of course seen many a toast being made before, but they had never seen anyone make a toast like this before.

He would be drinking the wine on his own while he handed the other person a glass of fruit juice.

Shen Li was silent for a moment as she looked at the orange juice in front of her.

Even at this time, this man was still so strict with her.

She accepted the juice as she kept her eyes on the champagne in Lu Huaiyu’s hand for a few seconds.

“Isn’t this unfair to President Lu?”

“This is my sincerity.”

Lu Huaiyu laughed and clinked his glass with hers.

“Of course, President Shen, this glass of juice is also a symbol of my sincerity.”

Shen Li knew the underlying message behind what this man had said… This “sincerity” of his was in not allowing her to touch any wine tonight.

Seeing that Lu Huaiyu had finished the glass of champagne, Shen Li had no choice but to take a sip of orange juice.

Only then did Lu Huaiyu raise his eyebrows in satisfaction.

“Thank you, President Shen, for the invitation.”

Zhao Xuan, who was behind Shen Li, silently sighed.

In the past, all he had heard was that Second Master Lu was a fierce and decisive man in the business world. Today, he had finally experienced it for himself.

He gave Shen Li a toast. He drank, Shen Li drank orange juice, he drank, Shen Li did as she pleased.

He was the person with the highest status in the whole hall. With him acting like this in front of them, who would dare to persuade Shen Li to drink?

Shen Li would probably be able to go through the entire day with this glass of orange juice alone.

This man was… truly amazing.

As the two of them clinked their glasses, the atmosphere finally changed a little, and the people around them finally reacted.

The man standing next to them chuckled and said, “I really didn’t expect Miss Shen to be the mysterious behind-the-scenes boss of Shengguang Media… President Shen!

With someone taking the initiative, it was much easier for other people behind to follow, and everyone enthusiastically agreed.

“Yes! President Shen, you’re so young and promising!”

“I heard that when Shengguang Media invested in “Hibiscus” and “Chasing the Light”, it was President Shen who had insisted on going ahead with these projects against the wishes of the majority?”

“We were just talking about you with President Lu!”

Tonight, many people had come because of the president of Shengguang Media.

Who could have known that it would be Shen Li?

However, after a brief moment of shock, everyone felt that this was even better.

After all, who was Shen Li?

Aside from the fact that Shengguang Media was now a target of various companies competing to collaborate with them, just the fact that the Gu family of Hong Kong City was behind her was enough to make people look up to her!

And then there was Lu Huaiyu, who was standing right beside her!

With such a backer, who would not want to take the opportunity to build a relationship with this person?

The crowd gathered in groups of three to five and whispered among themselves, their faces still unable to hide their excitement.

The employees of Shengguang Media did not know what was going on and were so excited that they were going crazy.

“So, the President Shen of our company is actually Shen Li! My god, who would have thought of that!”

“Absolutely! It’s really amazing! God knows how many times I’ve replayed the video of the world racing championships over and over again. She was really amazing! What a coincidence… Who would’ve thought that one day, my idol would become my boss?”

“Do you think President Shen designed her own dress? It’s so beautiful!”

“I was so worried that if “Chasing the Light” didn’t do well, our company might go bankrupt, so I prayed every day. Who would have guessed that our boss would be the only young miss of the Gu family? The money spent on the day that the Gu family welcomed her home was enough to film “Chasing the Light” several times, right? Whoever would go bankrupt? Well, it certainly won’t be our company!”

“Vice President Zhao? Vice President Zhao! You already knew this, yet you still kept it a secret!”

Zhao Xuan had a good relationship with the employees. However, the impact of this news was so great that everyone immediately had no qualms in surrounding Zhao Xuan.

Zhao Xuan sighed.

These people were not the only ones who did not know.

Hadn’t Second Master Lu only just found out about it?

It really was!

Thinking of this, he looked back again.

Shen Li was currently chatting to several members of the crew from “Chasing the Light”, including Director Liang Yue.

Standing beside her… was Lu Huaiyu.

As the Vice President, Zhao Xuan was supposed to be the one accompanying her. However, that position had inexplicably been taken by Second Master Lu.

The atmosphere at this party was especially good.

How could it not be good? Who here could afford to offend these two people?

This was especially so when they were together!

Even though no one tried to persuade her to drink, there were many people present today. Shen Li’s feet were already sore after walking around half of the venue.

She made an excuse to go to the washroom.

Coming out after washing her hands, she had only just turned the corner when she saw a person leaning against the wall. All she saw was just the side profile, but it exuded a lazy aura.

Aqua Front was one of the best hotels in the Capital, and even the bathroom was decorated in a very stylish way.

The lights in the corridor were a little dimmer than the outside, casting a faint warm light over his tall and cold figure.

Hearing the footsteps, he stood up straight and looked over.

The two of them looked at each other for a moment, and something seemed to be surging in the silence.

A moment later, Shen Li called out, “Second Brother.”

Lu Huaiyu walked towards her.

As he got closer, Shen Li felt as if the air around her had seemed to slow down.

He only took a few steps, but those steps suddenly seemed very far and long.

Every step he took seemed so clear in her ears.

Most of the time, he was gentle in front of her, but it was undeniable that he always had a natural and powerful aura that could not be ignored.

At this moment, it was very obvious.

He stood in front of her.

Feeling guilty, Shen Li averted her gaze and stared at his collar pin.

Lu Huaiyu bent over slightly and said slowly, “President Shen, is there anything that you would like to say to me in private?”

She knew she could not hide…

Shen Li took a deep breath and looked up at him, “What would you like to hear, President Lu?”

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows.

“Do you still remember the words of thanks you said earlier?”

“What?” Shen Li was stunned.

When he spoke, the clear scent of cedar mixed with a faint smell of alcohol.

He held her waist and leaned closer, but just as he was about to kiss her lips, he stopped. He turned his head slightly and his hot kiss fell on her collarbone.

“I’m here to ask for President Shen’s gift of thanks.”