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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1164 - 1164 President Shen, It's an Honor

1164 President Shen, It’s an Honor

The man vaguely felt that something was wrong, but he did not think too much about it. He laughed and said, “Well, isn’t that so? I heard that it’s only been less than two years since Shengguang Media was established. They haven’t invested in many films, but they’ve made a lot of money. Just “Hibiscus” and “Chasing the Light” alone are the envy of many people!”

A few people beside him also echoed this sentiment.

“Yup! Moreover, President Shen from Shengguang Media has never appeared in public before. He’s very mysterious, and everyone in the industry wants to see what kind of person he is!”

“However, I wonder if he’ll come to the celebration party tonight?”

“I believe he should be, right? This time, “Chasing the Light” has topped the box office rankings in the country.”

“I think it’s hard to say. Our company has worked with Shengguang Media before, but it seems that President Shen rarely appears even in his own company. Even many of their own employees have not seen him. ”

“This… President Lu, your collaboration with Shengguang Media was a success this time. Do you actually know President Shen? ”

As soon as he said this, several people looked over.

Lu Huaiyu only laughed but did not reply.

The few of them looked at each other and understood in their hearts.

Given Lu Huaiyu’s status, the fact that he would personally attend this celebration party of Shengguang Media’s was most likely related to President Shen.

Moreover, during the National Day screening, all the major cinemas had allocated the most resources to “Fantasy God Chronicles” but the Lu Corporation had allocated the most screenings for “Chasing the Light”.

Not only that, the Lu Corporation had also made a move this morning. It was clear that they wanted to end Yu Media’s last breath.

With so many things happening, it was really hard to avoid people from speculating.

Someone mumbled, “But then again, why hasn’t Zhao Xuan from Shengguang Media arrived yet?”

Zhao Xuan was currently the representative of Shengguang Media, so he should have been here long ago.

Another person casually said, “I guess there’ll be a lot of people to meet and things to do tonight. He must have been delayed by something…”

Before he could finish, the banquet hall suddenly fell silent.

Lu Huaiyu seemed to have sensed something and looked up in the direction of the main door.

A group of people appeared in front of everyone.

The person in the lead looked to be in his twenties. He was dressed in a suit and leather shoes, looking like an elite.

He was followed by a few young men and women who were also dressed in formal attire.

Someone quickly recognized him.

“Isn’t that President Zhao from Shengguang Media?”

Nowadays, Shengguang Media was really in high demand. As the Vice President, Zhao Xuan was the target of many people who wanted to build business connections.

Therefore, the moment he appeared, there were immediately people who were ready to go up and greet him.

However, in the next moment, Zhao Xuan suddenly took a step to the side and bowed slightly.

“President Shen, please…”

Hearing this, everyone was stunned for a moment before they quickly reacted.

President Shen?

President Shen!

To have Zhao Xuan personally lead the way and be so respectful, who else could it be other than President Shen from Shengguang Media?


Her high heels made a soft sound as they stepped on the marble floor.

This time, it also seemed to be stepping on the hearts of everyone present.

Countless pairs of eyes looked in that direction.

Then, a tall and slender figure came into everyone’s view.

It was a young girl.

She was wearing a dark blue twinkly mermaid dress, which accentuated her slim waist and slim figure. The off-shoulder design showed off her perfect swan neck.

The light fell on her body, revealing a touch of delicate fair skin. The color of her fishtail dress gradually darkened from top to bottom, as if it had been decorated with countless bright stars.

Her wavy black hair hung down, and her eyes were bright.

Her dark and lustrous peach blossom-shaped eyes were especially pure and cold, as if they could steal one’s soul.

Everyone was shocked and frozen to the spot.

This was, this was…

“Shen Li?!”

In the silent banquet hall, one could practically hear a pin drop. It was in this atmosphere that someone exclaimed.

It was also this voice that finally brought everyone back to their senses.

Gasps of cold air could be heard continuously.

“Shen Li? Shen Li! President Shen?”

“That extremely mysterious President of Shengguang Media… is actually her? How is this possible?”

“Why is it impossible? Didn’t you hear how Zhao Xuan addressed her just now?”

“Oh my god, I don’t know how many people will be shocked when the news of this spreads!”

Shen Li turned a deaf ear to these voices. After looking around the banquet hall, she finally fixed her gaze in a certain direction and met a pair of deep phoenix-shaped eyes.

Their eyes met.

Then, she walked over.

Everyone’s eyes followed her, and they soon realized that she was walking toward Lu Huaiyu.

The people who were standing beside Lu Huaiyu were also dumbfounded. When they saw Shen Li walking towards them, they subconsciously turned their gazes towards Lu Huaiyu.

Lu Huaiyu did not care about their reactions.

He was looking at her.

Without a doubt, from the moment she had appeared, she had already become the focus of the entire scene.

As she walked, the hem of her mermaid-style skirt swayed, the fine starlights that burst forth seemed to float in the air, and her teardrop-shaped sapphire earrings swayed gently.

She looked like a graceful fish that was swimming in the deep sea of the starry night.

She was coming towards him.

Everyone was looking at them, and time seemed to flow extremely slowly at that moment.

Everything in that scene seemed to have been deliberately slowed down, making every frame so clear and distinct.

Shen Li finally stopped a step away from him.

She looked into his eyes and reached out her hand.

“President Lu, welcome.”

Lu Huaiyu lowered his eyes and looked at the fair hand that was stretched out in front of him.

This hand had helped him with his tie just that afternoon.

The corners of his lips lifted slightly, and he reached out to shake her hand.

“President Shen, nice to meet you.”

The greeting between the two of them stunned everyone for a moment.

W-what did this mean?

Among the guests who had come tonight, no one could be compared to Lu Huaiyu in terms of status and strength.

It was perfectly normal for the President of Shengguang Media to greet him first.


How could it be Shen Li?

And why did this conversation sound so strange?

It was probably because the situation was beyond everyone’s expectations, so everyone still maintained a tacit silence.

Lu Huaiyu tilted his head slightly and looked at her carefully, as if he were really meeting her for the first time. He chuckled and said, “President Shen, you look very beautiful tonight.”

Shen Li said, “President Lu is the one who looks extraordinarily good.”

Lu Huaiyu raised his brows but seemed to agree in his answer.

“Well, it was my girlfriend who was the one who picked this outfit, after all. She has always had good taste.”

Their surroundings became even quieter.

They did not know why they seemed to be able to understand every word that the two of them were saying, yet, upon further contemplation, they did not seem to understand anything.

One of them was wearing a pair of sapphire cufflinks and a sapphire collar pin, while the other was wearing a pair of sapphire earrings and a twinkly mermaid-style dress of the same color.

Didn’t this look like they had intentionally matched their outfits to look like a couple?

Shen Li knew that this man would not let this matter go easily. Her intuition had told her that it was better to change the topic first.

“We have to thank President Lu for his support which was instrumental in the success of “Chasing the Light” this time.”

The Lu Corporation’s theater chain had indeed given them quite a bit of help. Without them, “Chasing the Light” would not have been able to make such a big splash so quickly.

Lu Huaiyu chuckled.

“You’re too polite, President Shen. The success of “Chasing the Light” was mainly due to the creative team and the staff of Shengguang Media. As for me…”

“It’s just that you have great vision.”