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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1163 - 1163 Grown Up

1163 Grown Up

This was not the first time she had accompanied Lu Huaiyu to pick a tie.

The only difference was that he had tied it himself previously, but this time…

Shen Li took half a step forward and her fair hands circled around his neck.

Her fingertips accidentally brushed against his collar, and she could feel the warm touch through the thin fabric of his clothes.

Lu Huaiyu bent over even more cooperatively.

They were so close to each other that they could hear each other breathing.

The cold aura of cedar on his body became stronger and stronger.

The surroundings were very quiet, so quiet that he could clearly feel his breathing and his… gaze.

Lu Huaiyu lowered his eyes and looked at the young girl in front of him.

Her forehead was smooth and full, her skin was extremely fair, her eyelashes were thick and curled, and her red lips were slightly pursed. She looked particularly focused.

Her fair and soft hands grabbed the black tie with the dark pattern. The simple yet extreme contrast was almost captivating.

He suddenly laughed in a low voice.

“This time, is it finally justified?”

Shen Li’s movements paused, and the tip of her ears suddenly turned red.

His meaning could not be more obvious.

Some of them had already had such thoughts, but they restrained themselves because of her young age.

His voice was very soft, and the store manager and the counter girls were quite far away, so only she could hear his whisper.

“After all, Miss Shen has grown up now.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw that the little girl’s earlobes were so red that they looked like they were about to bleed.

However, before he could continue, the little girl suddenly said, “I don’t know.”

Lu Huaiyu slowly raised his eyebrows.


Shen Li raised her eyes and looked at him confidently.

“I don’t know how.”

She really could not. After all, she had never done this before.

As she spoke, she was about to let go.

“Second Brother, it’s better to…”

A warm and strong hand suddenly covered the back of her hand, and the warmth was instantly transmitted.

Lu Huaiyu said slowly, “I’ll teach you.”

Shen Li did not reply.

She finally understood that she was no match for this man.

After that, she was forced to hold Lu Huaiyu’s hand.

The soft and cool texture of the tie was very different from the rough and slightly calloused texture of his fingers.

This time, even her cheeks were flushed red.

She wanted to hurry up, but Lu Huaiyu’s teaching was particularly detailed, so the time seemed to take a particularly long time to pass.

When it was finally done, he tightened his grip on her hand and asked patiently, “Have you learned it yet? If you haven’t, shall I teach you again?”

Shen Li quickly said, “I’ve learned it!”

Lu Huaiyu seemed to be a little suspicious.


“It’s true!”

Only then did he curl his lips and reveal a satisfied smile.

“Then in the future, I will have to trouble Miss Shen more.”

Shen Li did not know what to say.

Why did it seem like something was wrong?

But before she could think about it, she suddenly saw a pair of sapphire cufflinks on Lu Huaiyu’s sleeves.

She was suddenly stunned.

… That was the pair she had given him previously.

The sapphire’s color was pure and clear, shining with a bright light, making him look even more elegant and noble.

As if he sensed her gaze, he followed her gaze.

Shen Li hesitated and asked, “This pair of cufflinks…”

Lu Huaiyu’s lips curved.

“Didn’t I tell you before that tonight’s banquet is very important?”

Shen Li stared at the cufflinks without saying a word.

Lu Huaiyu ruffled her hair.

“You haven’t picked a tie clip, have you?”

Shen Li came back to her senses and nodded.


The store manager at the side stepped forward with a smile.

“The ones on the right are collar clips specially designed by our designer. Miss Shen, please take a look and see which one you like.”

Shen Li took a few steps in that direction as Lu Huaiyu followed her. However, it was obvious that he had no intention of picking the items himself. He merely stood at the side and waited for her patiently.

After looking around, Shen Li finally said, “That one.”

The store manager, who was wearing white gloves, took it out and handed it over.

Shen Li accepted it and turned to look at Lu Huaiyu.

Lu Huaiyu lowered his eyes to take a look. It was a collar pin inlaid with a sapphire.

He laughed, “Are you sure you want this?”

Shen Li helped him put on his collar pin and nodded.

“Yes, I’m sure.”

That afternoon, Lu Huaiyu sent Shen Li back to Skyleaf City.

After going upstairs, Shen Li went to the balcony and looked down.

The black Bentley slowly drove away.

Only when she could no longer see him did she finally withdraw her gaze and take out her phone to send a message to Zhao Xuan.

[ I’ll be there for the celebration party tonight. ]

Zhao Xuan, who was busy with the arrangements for the celebration party in the hotel, was shocked when he saw this.

A few of the staff members who were beside him got a strange feeling when they saw him like this.

“Vice President Zhao? Vice President Zhao?”

Zhao Xuan returned to his senses.


“What are you thinking about?” they laughed.

Zhao Xuan let out a sigh and waved his hand dismissively.

“It’s nothing. It’s just… President Shen is coming over tonight, so you should all be more careful.”

As soon as he said that, the crowd fell into a brief silence, and then everyone exploded!

“President Shen is coming? Is that true?”

“Didn’t he say he wasn’t coming? Why did he suddenly change his mind?”

Zhao Xuan vaguely felt that this matter was related to the Second Master Lu’s actions, but he could not say this out loud.

“I’m not sure, but he probably freed up some time.”

No one really cared about this answer, because they were more concerned about other things.

“Hey, what do you guys think President Shen looks like?”

“I think only a few of our company’s founding members have met him, but now, we’ll all be able to meet him tonight!”

“That’s true. “Chasing the Light” achieved such high box office sales, and President Shen is a hot figure in the industry now. I was so shocked when I saw the guest list earlier! So many big shots are coming!”

“Yeah, I know that they’re all here for President Shen too! During the banquet, I don’t know how many people are looking for the opportunity to get close to our President Shen!”

Zhao Xuan replied to Shen Li’s message.

[ Okay, President Shen. I’ll send you the schedule of the banquet. ]

After he sent the message, he heard the people beside him talking and subconsciously said, “It’s impossible.”

The others looked over at the same time with blank faces. “What’s impossible?”

Zhao Xuan did not reply.

Second Master Lu would also be here. Who could possibly get close to President Shen?

He coughed and said, “It’s nothing. Show me the wine list for the banquet again.”

At 7 p.m., in the banquet hall on the second floor of Aqua Front, a celebration party was being held for “Chasing the Light.

Flowers that had been air-flown over, were used to decorate the luxurious and resplendent hall very beautifully. The lights were bright, and many toasts were made. The atmosphere was very lively.

However, the most eye-catching thing tonight was not the crew of “Chasing the Light”, but–

It was the person in charge of Lu Corporation, Lu Huaiyu.

Many people in the hall were looking in a certain direction, intentionally or otherwise.

The man in the black formal suit had a handsome face. Even just by standing there, he revealed the noble and arrogant air in his bones.

The people around him were all big shots in investment bonds. He was the youngest among them, but his aura was the calmest and strongest.

There were many people who wanted to go over and chat with him, but not many felt qualified to do so.

“I didn’t expect President Lu to come over personally tonight.”

A middle-aged man laughed.

“Are you also here for the president of Shengguang Media?”

Lu Huaiyu’s phoenix-like eyes narrowed slightly as he answered with a half smile.