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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1162 - 1162 Miss Shen, Do Me a Favor

1162 Miss Shen, Do Me a Favor

Saturday afternoon.

Shen Li had just come out of the laboratory when she received the news from Zhao Xuan.

[ President Shen, Lu Corporation signed the contract with Chengmeng Entertainment this morning. ]

Shen Li stopped in her tracks.

[ Chengmeng Entertainment is one of the most important partners of Yu Media. Now that Yu Media is facing its most difficult time, this will make things worse. In addition, a few of their regular partners have also released the news that they intend on canceling or terminating their cooperation with Yu Media. Yu Media probably won’t be able to make it this time. ]

Shen Li pondered for a moment.

[ Is this information confirmed? ]

In fact, there was no need to ask.

Zhao Xuan had always been a reliable person and would not hand over uncertain information.

As expected, Zhao Xuan quickly replied.

[ I’m sure. In particular, the signing ceremony between Lu Corporation and Chengmeng Entertainment was very grand this morning. Everyone in the industry knew about it. Because of this, many people in the industry see this as a signal that the Lu Corporation is deliberately releasing. ]

They were deliberately targeting the Yu clan.

“Fantasy God Chronicles” had been a box office failure. Their investment of more than 300 million yuan had all gone down the drain. In addition to the impact from various aspects, their actual losses were actually far more than this.

Yu Media had almost been completely dragged down.

However, a starving camel was still bigger than a horse. After all, the whole of Yu Corporation was behind Yu Media.

This also gave the Yu Media company a breath of life as they struggled on their last breath.

However, after today’s incident, Yu Media was destined to be doomed.

The Lu Corporation’s attitude had already been made very clear.

Shen Li pursed her lips.

Just then, Lu Huaiyu suddenly called.

She thought for a while before answering the call.

“Second Brother,”

A low and undisciplined voice fell into her ears.

“Why aren’t you watching where you’re going?”

Shen Li was stunned. She looked up and saw Lu Huaiyu standing in front of the physics department’s laboratory building.

The black trench coat he was wearing made him look even taller and straighter than usual, increasing his cold and noble look.

There was a black Bentley behind him.

She put her phone away and walked down the steps.

“Second Brother?”

Lu Huaiyu took her backpack and smiled.

“You haven’t eaten yet?”

Shen Li nodded.

Lu Huaiyu opened the car door.

“Get in the car. What would you like to eat?”

“I’m fine with anything. I’ll accept whatever Second Brother suggests.”

Shen Li did as she was told and sat in the back seat. When Lu Huaiyu sat down beside her, she then asked another question.

“Why did Second Brother come over so suddenly? You didn’t even tell me in advance.”

Lu Huaiyu turned his head to look over as the corners of his lips raised slightly.

“There’s a small matter that I need your help with. We’ll talk about it after dinner.”

Shen Li was a little confused, but when she heard him say that, she did not ask much and merely nodded.

“Alright,” he said.

Shen Li originally thought that Lu Huaiyu would take her to the places they usually frequented, but when the black Bentley stopped at the HG building in the city center, she realized that something was wrong.

HG had branches in the first and second-tier cities all over the country. The headquarters in the Capital was the largest and could be considered a major landmark building.

Shen Li rarely came here. At most, she would just pass by the first floor to buy some milk tea. She had not expected Lu Huaiyu to pick this place for lunch today.

After they got out of the car, Lu Huaiyu held her hand and walked in.

This was the central area of the Capital where every inch of land was worth its weight in gold. In addition, it was a Saturday today, so it was very lively with the comings and goings of the people around.

The two of them received countless gazes along the way.

On the one hand, the two of them were extremely good-looking. Just by standing there, they were particularly eye-catching. On the other hand, this was Lu Huaiyu’s territory anyway.

As soon as she arrived at the door, several men in suits and leather shoes greeted her with eager smiles.

“Second Master, Miss Shen.”

Shen Li blinked and looked at Lu Huaiyu.

Lu Huaiyu said, “I’m just bringing Ah Li over to have a meal today. You guys can go ahead with your work.”

“Yes, sir.”

The small group of men insisted on accompanying them to the elevator.

Lu Huaiyu pressed the button for the top floor.

When they got out of the elevator, Shen Li saw a familiar store name.

She said hesitantly, “This place is…”

Lu Huaiyu smiled.

“Yes, it’s the same Japanese restaurant that’s on the top floor of HG in Yunzhou.

“Did they move here?” Shen Li asked in surprise.

“Old Qin originally opened his restaurant here.” Lu Huaiyu said, “I was the one who opened the one in Yunzhou back then. I was the one who invited him there. He’s back here this year.

Shen Li was speechless.

It turned out that Second Master Lu had even moved the chef and the restaurant over just to have a taste of Japanese food?

Lu Huaiyu led her into a private room and the two of them ordered.

The waiters served the dishes one after another. Shen Li thought of the messages that Zhao Xuan had sent her. She raised her eyes and looked at the man opposite her.

Lu Huaiyu peeled a shrimp for her and placed it on her plate. He looked up to meet her eyes and laughed.

“What’s wrong?”

Shen Li shook her head.

“It’s nothing. Thank you, Second Brother.”

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows slightly and smiled.

“It’s no trouble at all.”

Shen Li had just bit into the prawn when she suddenly stopped.

She did not know why, but she felt that there was something off with today’s meal.

She lowered her eyes and ate the remaining half of the prawn as she spoke in a muffled tone.

“Well… I still need to thank you.”

Lu Huaiyu stared at the little girl for a few moments before he leaned back and smiled.

“There’s no need to thank me. Just do me a favor later.”

An hour later, Shen Li was standing in the luxurious and spacious men’s clothing store, looking at the store assistants who were respectfully standing in two rows.


Shen Li stayed silent for a moment before turning to look at the man standing beside her.

“Second Brother, did you want to buy something?”


Lu Huaiyu smiled and glanced at her.

“I have to attend a very important dinner tonight, so… I need your help to pick something.”

Shen Li remained silent.

The strange feeling was becoming even stronger.

The store manager smiled and said, “Miss Shen, Second Master’s custom-made suit has arrived, but he hasn’t picked a shirt and tie yet. If you would like to take a look…”

In fact, in the past, Lu Huaiyu would not even personally come to the shop. It was obvious why he had made an exception this time.

After being in this position for so long, naturally, he had this little bit of insight.

This decision was not in the hands of Second Master Lu, but in the hands of Miss Shen!

At this point, Shen Li had no reason to refuse.

She nodded her head.

The store manager’s smile became even more enthusiastic.

“Please follow me.”

Lu Huaiyu’s suit was pure black. Shen Li thought about it and chose a black shirt.

He had been born stunningly beautiful, so he looked good in anything.

However, it was obvious that he preferred black.

After choosing the shirt, Lu Huaiyu went to the fitting room, while Shen Li stayed outside to continue choosing ties and tie clips.

Finally, she picked a black tie with a dark pattern.

Just as she took it, the door of the fitting room was pushed open.

Subconsciously, she turned around.

A tall man walked out. The black color made him look like a piece of floating ice, cold and abstinent.

Silence also fell upon the shop for a moment.

Lu Huaiyu’s gaze fell on her hand and he raised an eyebrow.

“You’re done choosing?”

Shen Li returned to her senses, nodded, and handed it over.

Lu Huaiyu did not accept it.

He lowered his head slightly, his dark phoenix-like eyes looking into her eyes. With the corners of his thin lips slightly raised, he laughed in a low voice.

“Miss Shen, please do me a favor.”

He was actually waiting for her to help him with his tie.