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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1159 - 1159 Settling Accounts

1159 Settling Accounts

The sound was so sudden that everyone in the villa was shocked.

It was Zhou Lan who had come.

However, the usual exquisiteness and elegance of the first Madam of the Yu family had long disappeared from her body. In its place were anger and resentment.

Due to Yu Cheng’s incident, she had become much thinner and Haggard. At this time, with such an expression, her facial features seemed a little distorted. At first glance, she looked like a fierce ghost.

Hearing her sharp voice, Yu Yu’s heart felt as if it was being tugged at by something, and a heavy sense of uneasiness welled up in her heart.

“First Aunt, you’re…”

She had only just spoken when Zhou Lan suddenly rushed over before she could finish her sentence!

Her actions were so sudden that Yu Yu was not prepared at all. So by the time she came back to her senses, she saw that Zhou Lan had already quickly walked up the stairs and was in front of her!

Zhou Lan raised her hand to slap her!

It was not the first time Yu Yu had been hit so she immediately grabbed Zhou Lan’s wrist out of reflex!

“First Aunt!”

Yu Yu was also annoyed.

“What are you doing?”

Previously, when Old Master Yu hit her, she had not dared to resist. When Yu Ming hit her, she had also been in the wrong.

But what was going on with Zhou Lan now?

Why had she suddenly come over and tried to slap her face without saying anything?

She would have to see if she had the right to do so first!

Zhou Lan was already beyond furious. Her eyes were red and filled with hatred.

“Yu Yu! You b*tch! To think that we’ve raised you and doted on you for so many years, and in the end, this is how you repay us!”

She was so agitated that she was almost shouting her lungs out and her hands were also very strong. Since one of her hands was being grabbed by Yu Yu, she reached out with the other hand to grab Yu Yu’s hair and pulled it hard!

Yu Yu instantly felt an intense pain!

For a moment, Yu Yu thought that her scalp was going to be ripped off!

This time, Yu Yu could not care less about her dignity. She immediately grabbed her other hand and snapped, “First Aunt!”

However, Zhou Lan was no different from behaving like a lunatic at this moment and she actually pulled even harder!

Yu Yu’s face turned pale from the pain!

She had lived a pampered life since she was young, when had she ever encountered such a shrew?

However, since the two of them were still on the stairs, an accident could happen if they were not careful. She had too many concerns and did not dare to move, so her entire body was firmly restrained by Zhou Lan.

Helplessly, Yu Yu gritted her teeth and yelled out, “Butler! Please come!”

Hearing her shout, the stunned housekeeper and servants finally came back to their senses and rushed over.

“First Madam!”

“First Madam! Please calm down! If there’s anything wrong, we can talk it out! This is too dangerous!”

A few people swarmed up and finally pulled Zhou Lan away.

However, Zhou Lan seemed to be filled with hatred, and in the end, she forcefully pulled out a large clump of Yu Yu’s hair.

Yu Yu was caught by the force and slipped, falling onto the stairs.

The servant beside her quickly came over to help her up and said in a panic, “Second Miss, are you alright?”

Yu Yu barely managed to stand up, and only then did she realize that her left ankle was swollen.

After such an intense battle, her hair was disheveled and the marks on her wrists were red. She looked extremely miserable.

Her face was pale, her chest heaved up and down, and her lips were trembling.

However, Zhou Lan seemed to feel that it was not enough, and continued to curse in a sharp voice.

“Yu Yu! You should die! You deserve to die!”

Yu Jia and Yu Qian were stunned by the scene.

When had the two ever seen Zhou Lan like this? And when had they ever seen such a wonderful show at home? It was truly an eye-opener.

Yu Qian tugged at Yu Jia’s sleeve. Still in shock, she lowered her voice and said, “Sis, what… what’s going on here?”

Yu Jia shook her head and gave her a look that told her to wait here and not say anything.

Seeing that the butler and the servants had finally separated the two of them, Yu Jia stepped forward with a worried expression.

“First Aunt, is there some kind of misunderstanding with… ? If there’s anything you want to say, just say it…”

Before she could finish speaking, another person walked in from the door. It was Yu Ming.

His face was also very gloomy.

He and Zhou Lan had come here together, but he had been just a step later than her.

It was also this step that had caused such an embarrassing scene.

Yu Ming had always been very particular about his face, so everyone thought that he would definitely be angry at Zhou Lan for causing such a scene.

However, no one expected that when Yu Ming arrived and saw this scene, he did not get angry at Zhou Lan. Instead, he pointed at Yu Yu and shouted, “Yu Yu! What did the yu family do to you that you would do such a vicious thing?”

When Zhou Lan had made her move, Yu Yu had already had a vague hunch. Now that she saw Yu Ming’s attitude, she was even more certain of his guess.

Did they already know that Yu Cheng…

But, how was that possible?

What was going on?!

A deep and aged voice that was filled with anger suddenly sounded.

Everyone was shocked and looked up to the second floor, only to see that Old Master Yu had appeared.

Yu Feng was standing beside him.

Old Master Yu’s eyes swept across the crowd, the expression on his face extremely ugly.

This was the yu family!

“Yu Ming!”

He shouted in a deep voice.

“Are you two trying to tear down the whole Yu family? Don’t you feel embarrassed making such a ruckus?”

The elders had gone mad, scolding and beating up someone from the younger generation in front of so many people. If this news were to spread, they would be laughed at by many people!

Yu Yu turned around and saw Old Master Yu coming out. His eyes turned red and tears fell.

She looked really aggrieved.

In the past, if Old Master Yu said spoke, Yu Ming would not dare to talk back.

However, today was different!

“Dad! You don’t know what she has done!”

Yu Ming’s face turned pale.

“Yu Yu was the reason why Yu Cheng became addicted to drugs!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a dead silence fell upon the whole villa!

Yu Yu’s eyebrows twitched, her heart almost jumping out of her chest!

Old Master Yu was also confused.

“What did you just say?!”

“It was her!” Zhou Lan shrieked, and tears once again gushed out, quickly flowing down her face.

If it was not for the fact that there was someone supporting her, she would have already collapsed to the ground.

“She was the one who secretly got someone to hide the drugs in Ah Cheng’s cigarettes! She’s the reason why Ah Cheng is in this state!”