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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1157 - 1157 Leeway

1157 Leeway

Haicheng, Yu family home.

Yu Yu sat alone in the living room on the first floor and waited for more than two hours.

Her back was already sore, but she continued to wait.

The butler and servants had not come to talk to her since they had served her a cup of tea.

In fact, they used to get along well with Yu Yu. Not only was she sensible and generous, but she would also often prepare gifts for them whenever she came back from business trips. She had always been very considerate.

Among the younger generation of the Yu family, Yu Cheng was a pure profligate son. Yu Jia and Yu Qian had the temperament of spoiled young ladies. Yu Jing was an illegitimate child and rarely came over. Moreover, his words and actions always carried a sense of pettiness.

Yu Yu had been the most popular, so much so that they would put in a good word for her from time to time, or let her in on the things that were happening in the household to her occasionally.

In short, everyone was happy.

However, things were different now. Yu Cheng was in prison, and “Fantasy God Chronicles” had caused Yu Media to suffer a huge loss. The relationship between Yu Yu and the first branch of the family had openly been broken off.

Anyone with a brain would know that there was no place for her in the Yu family anymore.

At this time, everyone wanted to distance themselves from her for fear of being implicated by her. Naturally, they did not dare to say anything more to her.

Finally, just as Yu Yu’s cup of tea was almost completely gone, there was a commotion outside.

She immediately looked out of the window and saw three black cars slowly driving into the courtyard.

Old Master Yu and the others had returned.

Yu Yu immediately stood up, but the butler and the others were a step faster, going outside to welcome the old master.

She hesitated for a moment, but still followed them.

When Old Master Yu got out of the car, it could be seen that he was much thinner and his complexion was obviously worse than before. Yu Feng, who was beside him, immediately handed him a walking stick.

He used to have a very healthy body, but it seemed that his illness had affected him quite a bit.

Yu Ming and his wife followed behind, but they were obviously not behaving as arrogantly as before.

At the end of the day, Old Master Yu’s sudden illness had been caused by Yu Cheng, so it was natural that they felt guilty.

“Old Master, you’re back.”

The butler bowed respectfully.

Old Master Yu walked over with his walking stick.

Yu Yu pursed her lips and took a step forward.


Old Master Yu raised his eyes but his face remained expressionless. When his slightly cloudy eyes looked over, they were cold and indifferent.

Yu Feng frowned.

“What are you still doing here?”

Hadn’t he asked her to leave before?

Yu Yu’s eyes reddened, and she lowered his head slightly, looking apologetic.

“I… I didn’t have any other intentions. I just wanted to see Grandpa…”

Old Master Yu did not reply and continued to walk away without looking at Yu Yu.

Yu Yu stepped aside, her fingers slightly clenched.

She had anticipated many different reactions from Old Master Yu, and she had been prepared to face a storm. However, this was the only scene she had not expected.


“Yu Ming said that you’re already preparing to resign from the board of directors?”

As Old Master Yu walked past her, he had suddenly stopped in his tracks and spoken.

Yu Yu was shocked and subconsciously raised her head. In the next second, she heard Old Master Yu say emotionlessly, “Then you should do it as soon as possible. Yu Jia will take over later. You just need to cooperate with her to complete the handover.”

Yu Yu’s eyes widened, her face filled with disbelief.

Did that mean that… everything that had once been owned by her would be given to Yu Jia?

Yu Jia stood behind him and said with a smile, “I have a lot of time today. I’ll see when it’s convenient for Lil Yu.”

Yu Yu opened her mouth to speak.

“Grandpa, w-what is this? Sister Jiajia has never done any work related to this before. She doesn’t know much about Yu Media either. If she goes there just like that, I’m afraid…

Yu Jia interrupted her and said slowly, “It’s true that I’m not as good as Lil Yu in this aspect. After all, she’s been in charge of Yu Media for the past few years. Without her, Yu Media wouldn’t be where it is today.”

Yu Yu’s face turned pale!

She was indirectly criticizing her, reminding Old Master Yu that she was the one who had dragged Yu Media into the water!

As expected, hearing this, Old Master Yu frowned.

“This matter is settled.”

It was not that he was not angry. It was just that after he had been struck with his recent illness, the health of his body was not as good as before. He did not want to waste his emotions on Yu Yu.

In addition to that, no matter how uncomfortable she made him feel, how could it be more uncomfortable than Yu Cheng’s indefinite sentence?

At the thought of this, Old Master Yu’s chest felt heavy again.

“After this, you should go back and reflect on yourself.”

Yu Yu’s heart turned cold.

Did this mean that Old Master Yu was really going to kick her out of the Yu Corporation?

As long as he did not relent, she would not be able to return!

“Grandpa, I…”

She was just about to defend herself, but when she saw Old Master Yu’s undisguised disgust and impatience, she suddenly stopped.

After a moment, she took a deep breath.

“I understand. I’ll go with Grandfather’s arrangements. But Grandpa, I’m willing to bear all the consequences of the failed investment. You can punish me however you want, as long as you can calm down and take care of your health.”

She bit her lip as if she was trying to hold back her tears.

“… I don’t have any other relatives in this world.”

Hearing this, Old Master Yu finally looked at her again with a frown on his face, but the cold look in his eyes softened a little.

Perhaps it was because he was old, or perhaps Yu Cheng’s incident had changed his way of thinking.

In the past, he would not have let Yu Yu off so easily for this kind of mistake. However, after hearing what she said, his heart unexpectedly softened.

At the end of the day, she was still his grandchild…

Yu Yu continued, “If you don’t have any other instructions, I won’t disturb you anymore.”

With that, she made a move to leave.

Old Master Yu closed his eyes and said in a deep voice, “Forget it. Since you’re already here, have dinner first before you leave.”

Yu Ming, Yu Feng, and the others who were standing behind him were all shocked. They never thought that Yu Yu would still be given a chance under such circumstances.

Yu Yu’s expression was one of shock. She quickly turned her head and wiped the corners of her eyes, before saying in a slightly choked voice, “Thank you, Grandpa.”

Old Master Yu did not respond, merely walked into the house.

Yu Yu did not mind.

Even if all her positions within the Yu Corporation were revoked, as long as she was still a part of the Yu family, there would still be a day when she could make a comeback!

She was the last to enter when her phone suddenly vibrated.

She took it out and glanced at it.

[ President Yu, it looks like Xiang Yao’s parents are preparing to go to Tian Zhenzhen’s hometown to look for her parents. ]