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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1154 - 1154 When Did He Start to Like You?

1154 When Did He Start to Like You?

“I heard that the girl he raped was only 18 years old and had just entered her freshman year. After Xiang Yao was arrested, his parents have been trying to find a way to get him out, but they heard that the girl had called the police immediately on the day of the crime. She had irrefutable evidence, so it looks like it will be difficult to get him out of this,” said Zhao Xuan.

“Chasing the Light” had been doing very well at the box office recently so everyone in Shengguang Media was immersed in a happy atmosphere.

However, Zhao Xuan had not forgotten about Xiang Yao and had continued to follow Shen Li’s instructions. After the incident, he had informed Shen Li about it as soon as possible.

Shen Li thought for a while before saying, “This charge… is a little surprising.”

Of course, Zhao Xuan understood what Shen Li meant. In fact, when he first heard the news, he had also found it unbelievable.

Xiang Yao was a typical nouveau riche second generation, who ate, drank, had fun, and was ignorant and incompetent.

It was easy for someone like him to find a woman, so why would he need to break the law to get one?

“He’s someone who’s willing to spend money on women. Besides, his family has some power, so he generally wouldn’t need to cause any trouble. I didn’t expect him to be caught for something like this.”

“How much do you know about the girl’s condition?” Shen Li asked after a pause.

Zhao Xuan was stunned, “You mean…?”

“I’d like to know her personal information as well as about her family.”

Zhao Xuan thought for a while and said, “I’m not sure about her personal information, but I heard that she’s a student at a university in the Capital. As for her family, she seems to be from a small county, and her family’s financial situation is very ordinary. She was working part-time at a bar before and happened to encounter Xiang Yao there, which is why what happened after that happened.”

This was a girl who was working part-time at a bar to earn money when she was just in her first year of university. No matter which way one looked at it, it seemed that her family’s situation was probably not very good.

“Since that’s the case, has the Xiang family not thought of settling this privately?”

“I heard that the Xiang family has the same intention. They’ve tried to approach the girl several times, but she’s always avoided them, saying that she’s insisting on putting Xiang Yao in jail,” Zhao Xuan said, “If she insists on suing him and the evidence is irrefutable, Xiang Yao will probably be imprisoned for at least three years. ”

This was also the reason why the Xiang family’s parents had been trying to make amends with the woman.

In this situation, the only way for Xiang Yao to be exonerated would be for the girl to withdraw the lawsuit and overturn all her previous statements.

She had the upper hand.

Shen Li thought for a moment.

“Go and check on that girl’s situation. Also, pay more attention to the Xiang family’s actions. ”

Hearing this, Zhao Xuan could already make a guess.

Did President Shen think that there was more to… this case?

However, he did not ask any further questions and merely replied respectfully, “Yes.”

It was not that she did not think Xiang Yao would do such a thing, but the timing of this incident was too coincidental. It had happened just as Yu Yu was about to face the failure of her investment in “Fantasy God Chronicles” and was being besieged from all sides.

Previously, Yu Ming had gone to the Yu Media headquarters and slapped Yu Yu in front of countless employees. This news had spread like wildfire within the industry, so naturally, Shen Li had heard about it.

Just from this, it was not hard to see that Yu Ming had already given up on Yu Yu.

Without Yu Ming’s support, and with such a big hole in the Yu Group Media that she had managed, it was easy to imagine how difficult Yu Yu’s days in the Yu family were.

Of all times, something had to happen to Xiang Yao at this moment.

One had to know that he still had something on Yu Yu in his hands.

“By the way, President Shen, there’s something else that I didn’t have time to tell you before.”

Zhao Xuan’s words were a little hesitant.

“What’s the matter?” Shen Li asked.

Zhao Xuan took a deep breath and finally said, “It’s just that the Lu Corporation’s collaboration with us this time has been very successful. Their people revealed to us that Second Master Lu seems to want to meet you. ”

Shen Li paused.

Of course, this phrase “want to meet” was not referring to her, but the glorious President Shen.


“I see.”

Shen Li interrupted him.

Zhao Xuan was momentarily stunned. By these words, did that mean that… she was going to see him or not?

However, he did not dare to ask too much. To the public, this was the interaction between President Lu of the Lu Corporation and President Shen of Shengguang Media. In private, this was the fun between a young couple.

He was just an employee and a bachelor. If he asked about it, wouldn’t he just cause himself more harm?

Shen Li ended the call and twirled the phone around in her hand. She lowered her eyes and fell into deep thought.

Lu Huaiyu wanted to see her.

This was normal. Shengguang Media was in the limelight now, but she had never appeared in public. Naturally, everyone was curious.

However, it was a little awkward.

She had registered Shengguang Media as a company when she was watching a horse race in Hong Kong City last year. All her previous plans had been made just to deal with Yu Media.

To be more precise, it had been to deal with Yu Yu.

If Lu Huaiyu knew about her relationship with Shengguang Media, it would not be difficult to guess her true motive.

If that happened, it would be very troublesome for her to explain.

She had a headache.

Just then, her phone rang again. He Xiaochen was asking her out to watch “Chasing the Light”.

[Ah Li! I got a slot at three o’clock this afternoon! It’s at the Equator Cinema near the school! Would you like to go and watch it together?]

Shen Li gathered her thoughts.

[ Okay. ]

It was a Wednesday, so there were fewer people in the cinema than during the National Day holidays. However, most of the people sitting in the hall were still there to watch “Chasing the Light”.

Shen Li went to the counter to buy popcorn and drinks. He Xiaochen snuck over and said, “Ah Li, does your second brother have any objections to me kidnapping you here? ”

Shen Li shook her head.

He Xiaochen tutted.

“I don’t believe you. Look at the people behind us, they’re all young couples.”

Shen Li hesitated for a moment before looking at the counter attendant.

Please change the medium bucket of popcorn to a large one.”

He Xiaochen’s face reddened and she coyly replied, “Ah Li, I can’t eat that much…”

Shen Li passed the bucket of popcorn to her and said seriously, “Believe in yourself, you can do it.”

He Xiaochen thought, ‘Ah Li truly knows me the best!’

She happily took the large bucket of popcorn, not forgetting to gossip.

“Speaking of which, I was really surprised when you and your second brother went to the cinema to watch a movie for the first time!”

Shen Li looked at her.

He Xiaochen lowered her voice.

“I was in my third year of high school at that time. Wasn’t it just in time for Christmas? At that time, you had two free tickets. So, when I asked you to invite him, it had just been a casual suggestion. After thinking about it, I realized that someone like him probably watched movies in a private theater and that he probably wouldn’t go. In the end…”

She chuckled as she spoke.

“He must’ve liked you even back then!”

She had not realized it at the time, but when she thought back, she realized that all the compromises, concessions, and exceptions were actually hints of love.

As Shen Li took a sip of her Coke, the sweet and sour bubbles rose.

He Xiaochen asked curiously, “Speaking of which, I’ve always been very curious. When did your second brother start to like you?”

Shen Li suddenly stopped.


The first time she met Lu Huaiyu in this life had been completely different from her previous life.

When had he started to like her?