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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1153 - 1153 Curry Favor

1153 Curry Favor

[ You guys should celebrate on your own. In addition, the bonus for the whole company will be doubled this month. ]

Zhao Xuan was not surprised by Shen Li’s reply, and he quickly replied with an [ Okay ].

Several of the company’s executives sitting next to him looked over with curious expressions.

“How was it? What did President Shen say?”

“Is President Shen coming or not?”

“This time, the box office earnings for “Chasing the Light” is so high. It’s not possible that President Shen won’t come, right?”

Zhao Xuan helplessly shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

“President Shen is busy, so he probably won’t be able to come.”

“Ah!” The others exclaimed in unison, their faces full of regret.

Shengguang Media was still a fairly new company, so all of the company’s employees were very young and contributed to a more lively atmosphere.

Although Zhao Xuan was the Vice President, he usually got along with them in private. Everyone had a good relationship, so he spoke more casually at this time.

“President Shen didn’t come to the celebratory dinner for “Hibiscus” previously. It’s such a pity that he’s absent this time as well, isn’t it? ”

“That’s right! Speaking of which, I’ve been in the company for a year yet I still haven’t seen President Shen yet!”

“Hey, I’ve been here longer than you, and I haven’t seen him either. In our entire company, I’m guessing that only President Zhao has had the most contact with President Shen.”

“I think that “Chasing the Light” might very well break the box office record for a domestic movie this time, so we have to make this celebration party very lively! If President Shen doesn’t show up at this time, it will feel like something is missing! After all, it was President Shen’s idea to give up “Fantasy God Chronicles” and choose “Chasing the Light” instead. If it wasn’t for President Shen’s insistence, I’m afraid we’d be like those people from Yu Media, worried to the point of not being able to sleep!”

Zhao Xuan spread his hands,

“I also wanted to invite President Shen over, but President Shen is too busy. However, President Shen said that for this month, the company’s bonus will be doubled.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the others suddenly became spirited.

“President Shen is so generous!”

Even if they could not see President Shen’s face, it would be good to see more money!

One of them suddenly said, “By the way, when I was talking to the people from Lu Corporation, I accidentally heard them mention that Second Master Lu seems to want to meet our President Shen.”

Zhao Xuan, who was having a drink of water, immediately choked on it.

“Cough-cough cough-cough cough cough!”

The others were a little surprised.

“Vice President Zhao, are you alright?”

Zhao Xuan’s face turned red, but he waved his hand to indicate that he was fine.

“No, w-who did you just mention?”

“Second Master Lu.”

The person who had spoken bluntly said.

Zhao Xuan felt his throat hurt from coughing.

Wasn’t this nonsense?

Wasn’t there only one Second Master Lu in the whole of the Capital?

The people around him were all very surprised.

“Second Master Lu wants to meet with President Shen?”

“Tsk, that’s the Second Master of the Lu family, the real person in charge of the Lu Corporation! So many people are lining up to see him, but they’re not even considered qualified enough to see him. I didn’t expect that he would take the initiative to ask to meet with our President Shen?”

“What’s so strange about that? First, came “Hibiscus”, then there’s “Chasing the Light”. Even the top big shots in the domestic film industry might not have been able to win a bet on any of them in their lifetime, right? If President Shen doesn’t make a move, nothing happens. But when President Shen does, he hits two jackpots in one go! This ability was not any less than Second Master Lu’s. Don’t you agree, President Zhao?”

Zhao Xuan’s expression was complicated.

“… Probably…”

With the two of them together, it would probably be hard to say who would listen to who…

The person who had first brought up this topic leaned forward and smiled.

“President Zhao, can you pass on this message to President Shen?”

They were all smart people. Since the other party had said so, that had to be the intention of the higher-ups.

Naturally, they would have to cooperate.

Zhao Xuan felt a headache coming on and pressed the space between his eyebrows.

“I see.”

The remaining people were all very excited and looking forward to it.

“It’s the Lu Corporation after all! It would be really amazing if we could deepen our cooperation with them.”

After the establishment of Shengguang Media, it became one of the top media companies in the country within a very short period of time with the help of “Hibiscus”. Now, with the addition of “Chasing the Light”, it had become even more unstoppable.

However, compared to the Lu Corporation, it was still lacking.

“Tsk, if we can curry favor with Second Master Lu, what else will we have to worry about?”

Seeing the hopeful looks on their faces, Zhao Xuan hesitated.

No matter what he wanted to say, their President Shen had already latched onto that person, and it was not just a small part.

Besides, President Shen had the support of the top family in Hong Kong City.

Everyone thought that their company was a weakling that had survived in the cracks, but what kind of experience was it to have such powerful backing behind it?

Zhao Xuan’s eyes were filled with his inner turmoil as he sighed deeply.

His heart was tired.

The seven-day National Day holiday season ended very quickly. After a fierce competition, “Chasing the Light” became the biggest winner of the National Day slot with a score of 1.35 billion.

More importantly, the box office earnings of “Chasing the Light” were still increasing.

This meant that its box office sales would continue to rise rapidly.

Everyone understood that it was only a matter of time before it broke the record.

The investment in the movie had not been that much, only around 50 million yuan. But with the box office earnings, the investors and theater chains had made a profit.

Everyone could only sigh again at Shengguang Media’s foresight and luck. It was too good.

With just two movies, the company had already earned enough money that many companies would never even be able to earn.

Shengguang Media was planning to hold a celebration party when the box office earnings hit one billion, but before they could do anything, the box office earnings had already hit 1.5 billion.

The official account for “Chasing the Light” was busy releasing new box office posters every day. Sometimes, they would even release two or three posters a day.

Therefore, after much consideration, they finally decided to postpone the celebration party.

Shen Li was not too bothered about this and let them be. She also promised that if the box office earnings surpassed two billion, everyone’s bonus for the month would be tripled.

Her attention was on another matter.

Xiang Yao had been arrested.

The charge was: rape.