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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1152 - 1152 Celebration Party

1152 Celebration Party

It was not strange for Yu Ming to make such a decision.

His only son, Yu Cheng, had already been sidelined. It would be almost impossible for him to win against Yu Feng all by himself.

Hence, he had chosen to align himself with Yu Yu.

On one hand, Yu Yu was actually in charge of Yu Media. On the other hand, she had been quite close to their family over the years.

If they joined forces, their chances of winning would increase greatly.

However, he had not expected Yu Yu to cause such big trouble this time. He did not know if the hole in Yu Media could be filled!

What’s more, the whole of Yu Media would be in low spirits from now on.

This could no longer be considered a help, but a burden!

Of course, he had to draw a clear line between them immediately!

A trace of panic welled up in Yu Yu’s heart. She was facing the most difficult situation now. If even Yu Ming’s attitude was like this, then she…

“Big Uncle, this time I…”

She wanted to explain, but Yu Ming did not give her a chance to. He said coldly, “With your ability, I’m afraid you’re not qualified to continue as the General Manager of Yu Media. I’ll give you three days to resign from the Board of Directors.”

Yu Yu’s face turned pale.

Her company YU had already been terminated, so this was what she was relying on the most now.

If Yu Ming drove her out of Yu Media, where would she go?

The surrounding crowd was also shocked.

It seemed that Yu Ming was serious this time. By saying this in public, it was equivalent to pointing at Yu Yu’s nose and asking her to get lost.

Yu Yu’s lips moved slightly, as if she wanted to say something, but the words were stuck in her mouth.

A deep sense of despair gushed out from the bottom of her heart.

She understood Yu Ming all too well. Since this was what he had said, that meant that there was basically no way to salvage the situation.

Even if she knelt down and begged him, it would still be useless.

After Yu Ming finished speaking, he did not give Yu Yu any chance to defend himself and strode away.

The assistant looked at him, then at Yu Yu, with an extremely troubled expression on his face.

“This… President Yu…”

Yu Yu covered her face and lowered her head.

She knew that everyone in the company was looking at her as if she was a joke. She did not need to look up. As those eyes that were full of ridicule fell on her, she felt as if there were daggers on her back.

Without saying anything. she turned around and went back to her office, took her coat and bag, and left.

The assistant asked hesitantly, “President Yu, you haven’t had a good rest in these past few days. Would you like me to send you back?”

Yu Yu did not even turn her head.

Arriving at the underground parking lot, Yu Yu had only just gotten into the car when the phone in her bag rang before she could even start the car.

She did not want to answer it at first, but the phone kept ringing, as if an invisible hand was prodding at her sensitive nerves.

What else could she do at this point?

Finally, she took out her phone and answered it as she closed her eyes in exhaustion and annoyance.

“Hello,” she said.

“Second Miss Yu.”

As the familiar voice sounded, Yu Yu’s heart skipped a beat as she opened her eyes abruptly.

“Xiang Yao!”

“What a surprise, Second Miss Yu actually has the time to pick up my call.” Xiang Yao’s words were full of sarcasm. “I thought you’d be busy these few days. ”

Yu Yu clenched her phone tightly as she suppressed the anger in her heart.

“What is it that you want to do? Just say it.”

Xiang Yao laughed.

“Second Miss Yu, you should know what I’m trying to do. Why are you acting dumb now?”

Every time he contacted Yu Yu, it was for money, and this time was no exception.

Yu Yu leaned back in her seat, as she pressed one hand to her throbbing temple.

“If you’re here for money like before, then I only have one answer: No.”

She had given him eight million just two weeks ago. How much time had passed since then, yet now he was here again?

He was like a bottomless pit!

Besides, she was in a mess right now, so how could she even bother about him?

Of course, Xiang Yao knew what kind of situation Yu Yu was in now, and that was why he had come.

With the box office earnings of “Fantasy God Chronicles” in such a terrible state, who knew how much money Yu Media would lose? As the general manager, Yu Yu would naturally be the first to bear the brunt.

Furthermore, this incident would definitely affect Yu Yu’s position in the Yu family.

If he did not quickly get more money from her now, it would probably be really difficult in the future.

“Second Miss Yu, I know that you’ve been having a hard time recently, but what does that have to do with me? It’s all your own doing that you’re where you are today, isn’t it?”

Xiang Yao then said in a carefree manner, “Besides, no matter what, you still share the blood of the Yu family. Would they really abandon you?”

Yu Yu was so angry that she wanted to laugh.

The Yu family?

Didn’t Yu Ming just come to the office and slap her in front of so many people?

Her face was still hurting!

The Yu family had their own camps. They would rope in the useful ones and kick away the useless ones. Who was better than who?

All these years, she had done so much for Yu Ming’s family and helped Yu Cheng solve so many messes, yet in the end, it had all been useless!

Yu Yu gripped the steering wheel tightly and said coldly, “I’ve said what I need to say. I don’t have any money! Xiang Yao, let me give you one last piece of advice, don’t go too far! I’ve tolerated you long enough!”

In the past, there had been too many concerns that had restrained her in every way, but now that she had almost no way out, how could she care that much?

Xiang Yao obviously had not expected her to be so unyielding this time, so he was also very annoyed.

“Yu Yu! You–”


Yu Yu ended the call, tossed the phone to the passenger seat, and drove away!

This Xiang Yao…

She could not stay here anymore!

Skyleaf City.

Shen Li was reading in her room when she received a message from Zhao Xuan.

[ President Shen, the box office earnings for “Chasing the Light” should be surpassing the one billion mark within the next two days. The company is already preparing a celebration party. Would you like to attend? ]