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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1151 - 1151 Cut It Apart

1151 Cut It Apart

This outcome was undoubtedly a heavy blow to “Fantasy God Chronicles” and Yu Media.

First of all, at such a critical juncture, the cinemas that had been willing to cooperate with them to steal the box office earnings were basically all related to Yu Media.

Now that they had been ordered to shut down, it would undoubtedly cause great losses, especially since it was National Day. Shutting down for three months for rectification was a considerable amount of money.

Secondly, the film bureau officially also issued a serious warning to Yu Media, which had a huge impact on their reputation.

To a certain extent, this was even more of a loss to them than a direct fine.

It could be imagined that from now on, whenever the audience watched the films that Yu Media had invested in again, they would definitely remember these things and feel disgusted.

Because of Yu Cheng, Yu Media’s reputation had already been half-ruined, and now with this, it had become even worse.

The most direct reaction was that after the film bureau had issued this decision, the movie slots that had been locked by “Fantasy God Chronicles” had all been changed to other movies. At the same time, several major domestic cinema chains had a tacit understanding to reduce the number of slots for “Fantasy God Chronicles”.

As the most promising film before its release, “Fantasy God Chronicles” screening schedule was ranked last among the seven competing films in the same period.

The tiny number of screenings and the pitifully low attendance rate led to increasingly tragic box office results.

To put it bluntly, this was no different from going offline.

Yu Yu had never thought that the “Fantasy God Chronicles”, which she had placed so much hope on, would end up having such a dismal end.

It had completely failed from its first day of screening before falling off a cliff, until now…

After Liu Bo and the others left, she sat in the office alone for a long time.

She could not figure it out.

She really could not figure out how things had turned out this way.

She was very smart. Ever since she was young, she had been able to do whatever she wanted.

She had never thought that she would one day face such a situation.

She took out her phone.

It was already 9:30 in the evening, and the box office earnings for “Fantasy God Chronicles” had not even broken past the 3 million mark today. Many cinemas did not even have any more sessions over the next few days.

On the other hand, the single-day box office earnings for “Chasing the Light” had already surpassed two hundred million, which was more than twice the amount that the people in second place had earned. It was truly a great achievement.

It was already halfway through the National Day holiday, so the market had basically stabilized. Everyone could tell that not only would “Chasing the Light’ end up the winner this time, but it would also win big!

With this momentum, it was clear that they were aiming to break the national box office record!

If only they had chosen “Chasing the Light” back then…

Yu Yu closed her eyes, feeling a headache coming on.

There was no ‘if’ in this world.

Knock, knock.

There was a knock on the door.

The assistant’s nervous voice could be heard.

“President Yu?”

Yu Yu did not say anything.

The assistant called out again, slightly louder, “President Yu? You–”

Yu Yu suddenly opened her eyes, her expression cold.

“Didn’t I say that I was not to be disturbed?”

As soon as she finished speaking, another cold voice came from outside the door.

“President Yu, you’re being very arrogant.”

Yu Yu was shocked!

This voice belonged to Yu Ming!

He had actually come here?

A sense of uneasiness rose in Yu Yu’s heart. Even without thinking, she knew that Yu Ming had come this time to look for her!

However, she could not possibly shut Yu Ming out of the door.

She took a deep breath and picked up all the documents on the floor. Then, she opened the door.

As expected, Yu Ming was standing outside with a dark expression.

Her throat went dry.

“Big Uncle–”


An extremely loud and clear slap resounded.

Yu Yu’s face was smacked to the side, and half of her face went numb for a while before it gradually began to sting.

The assistant had obviously not expected Yu Ming to attack her directly. He was shocked and his mouth opened, but he did not dare to say a word.

The commotion attracted the attention of all the staff outside the office. All of them looked up from their work desks and looked over in shock.

It was deathly silent all around. The scene seemed to be frozen, but there was a strange and subtle excitement spreading in the silence.

Many people secretly exchanged glances.

Yu Ming had actually slapped Yu Yu in public! This time, her face was really smashed to pieces!

In most people’s eyes, Yu Yu had a good family background, good looks, good education, a perfect resume, and outstanding abilities. There seemed to be almost no flaw in her.

She could even be considered the most outstanding one among the younger generation of the Yu family.

It was a pity that Old Master Yu favored boys over girls and was extremely biased towards Yu Cheng. Even if Yu Yu was a hundred times better than Yu Cheng, her status in the Yu family was still inferior to that of a dandy who only knew how to eat, drink, and play.

Because of this, many people had secretly complained about the injustice towards Yu Yu.

However, ever since YU, the company that Yu Yu had founded, had been involved in a sexual scandal, and the fashion show had ended up a mess, everyone’s opinion of her had changed.

Although Yu Yu had made several statements and even terminated YU, it was clear that Yu Yu had some sort of involvement with Yu Cheng’s unscrupulous behavior towards the young and upcoming model.

However, the Yu family’s power was astonishing, and they had forcefully suppressed this matter.

The Yu Media’s headquarters were in Haicheng, and everyone knew that it would be a piece of cake for the Yu family to solve these dirty problems.

Moreover, this time, “Fantasy God Chronicles” had invested more than 300 million, but the box office earnings were so low that it made people’s hair stand on end.

Yu Yu could not absolve herself from the blame for such a major mistake.

Yu Media had lost money and its reputation, so of course, their subordinates were also implicated.

Even so, they had not expected that Yu Ming would not give Yu Chen any face. He had come over and slapped her in front of so many eyes!

In the past, it was said that Yu Yu had grown up with Yu Cheng and had a good relationship with Yu Ming’s family.

Now, it seemed that the rumor was really ironic.

Yu Yu’s mind went blank for a moment. She raised her hand subconsciously and found that the side of her face was swollen.

Yu Ming had used his full strength this time, and she almost tasted the sweetness of her blood in her mouth.

“… Big Uncle…”

“Don’t call me that!”

Yu Ming was extremely furious.

Two days ago, when he saw the poor box office performance of “Fantasy God Chronicles”, he had already gotten a bad feeling. But at that time, Yu Yu had said that she would definitely find a way to save it, so he had waited patiently.

Who would have known that the film bureau would make a decision to come and investigate?

He pointed at Yu Yu and bellowed, “The Yu family has been completely humiliated by you!”

Now that the old man was still in the hospital, their biggest bargaining chip had been “Fantasy God Chronicles”. Originally, they had thought that they could rely on this to turn the situation around with the old man, but they had not expected to lose so much!

“You have to give the old man an explanation for this matter!”

Yu Yu’s heart sank!

Did Yu Ming’s words mean… he was going to cut off ties with her?