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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 116 - Our Ning Li

Chapter 116: Our Ning Li

Geng Haifan called Lu Huaiyu.

From past events, he already knew that Su Yuan, the mother, treated Ning Li and Ye Ci differently.

Aside from the time that Su Yuan had assumed that Ning Li cheated in her exams, she had not bothered to attend the parent-teacher meeting, which had been important to Ning Li. He believed that there would be no point in calling her.

He could also tell that Ning Li listened to Lu Huaiyu. Thus, he believed calling him would be more effective.

Lu Huaiyu glanced at his phone and noticed Geng Haifan’s number on the screen.

Geng Haifan only called him when Ning Li was involved. Still, it was strange that he would call at this hour.

It was not even time for the first class of the day at Second High, yet he was receiving a call from the teacher?

Lu Huaiyu answered the phone.

“Mr. Geng, what is the matter?”

Geng Haifan cleared his throat and thought through his words before speaking.

“Mr. Lu, there is something I would like to inform you about regarding Ning Li. If you have the time, please drop by the school today.”

Lu Huaiyu frowned.

“What’s wrong with her?”

Geng Haifan paused. “Ning Li… Might be in a relationship.”

Lu Huaiyu thought he heard wrongly. “WHAT?!”

Geng Haifan turned around to face the two students in front of his desk.

“With… Pei Song.”

Ning Li started to feel regretful when she heard Geng Haifan calling Lu Huaiyu.

Geng Haifan stood quite far away, so she could not hear what they were talking about. However, she had a feeling that the situation would become dangerous.

Even though the rumors were untrue, if Lu Huaiyu was informed about this matter…

She took a deep breath and walked over to Geng Haifan.

“Mr. Geng, I can explain. You don’t need to call my second brother to the school. He is busy—”

Geng Haifan hung up the phone and said, “He said he’s on his way.”

Ning Li was speechless.

Pei Song looked at her.

Even though it was only for a split second, he was able to spot the nervousness on Ning Li’s face.

She was nervous not because her guardian or her parents had been called but because of the man that Geng Haifan called, the man she called second brother.

Geng Haifan pointed at the two of them.

“You two, stay here.”

The bell rang.

The first class of the day had started but Ning Li and Pei Song had yet to return.

The whole class was restless and suspicious.

Being in a relationship was already big news, let alone between the two best students in the school.

Coupled with the picture they had seen on the school forum, it was difficult to believe that it was merely a misunderstanding.

Students from other classes had also found out about this. Even though classes were still going on, many students from the other classes looked into the class curiously as they walked past.

After knowing that both of them had been called to the teacher’s office, the students went there in groups. They came up with all kinds of excuses just to go in to catch a glimpse of the infamous duo.

Some of the students saw Ning Li and Pei Song sitting separately as they were detained in the office. Even an idiot could guess that something must have happened.

Knowing that his students were busybodies, Geng Haifan shut the door and the window.

It was not until the second class had started that things started to quiet down.

Ning Li borrowed a book about ancient literature from Geng Haifan to pass the time but was unable to read much of it.

It was not the prying gazes that bothered her but the…

Knock, knock.

There was the sound of knocking at the door.

Ning Li instinctively sat up straighter.

Pei Song looked towards the door.

Geng Haifan got up and opened the door.

“Mr. Lu, you’re here.”

Ning Li sat with her back facing the entrance but when the door opened, she felt a sharp gaze on her.

Lu Huaiyu’s rich and lazy voice sounded, “Mr. Geng.”

“Come in, Mr. Lu.” Geng Haifan invited him in.

Ning Li got up and turned around.

It was getting cold outside. Lu Huaiyu came in wearing a black trenchcoat, which further complimented his perfect physique. He carried himself very naturally with an aristocratic air.

He shook Geng Haifan’s hand and nodded at him.

Geng Haifan went behind his desk and poured a cup of tea for the man.

“Mr. Lu, please have a seat.”

Lu Huaiyu sat down beside Ning Li.

“Second brother,” Ning Li said.

She had been fine with Lu Huaiyu attending her parent-teacher meeting the other day but now, he had been called to the school due to some rumors. She had no idea how she would be able to face him any longer. She looked down quietly after calling him.

Lu Huaiyu glanced briefly at her before turning his attention to Pei Song.

The young man had a slim build, with a cold and distant look about him.

Lu Huaiyu remembered him.

Pei Song felt the weight of a stare upon him. When he looked up, he locked eyes with Lu Huaiyu.

The man’s deep and lazy gaze was profound and mysterious. It was difficult to return his gaze for too long.

Even though Lu Huaiyu was a few years older than them, he had a powerful presence.

Fortunately, Lu Huaiyu looked away and focused on Geng Haifan.

Geng Haifan crossed his hands. “Here is what happened, Mr. Lu. As you know, this is a critical time for them both. Any distraction would cause them to fail in the upcoming exams. As part of my duty as their teacher, I hope to be able to discuss this with you openly. Pei Song has informed me that his parents are not in the country, so they will not be coming today. That is why I called you here first.”

Lu Huaiyu nodded,

“You’re right, Mr. Geng. But before that, may I ask where the rumor about them being in a relationship originated from?”

Geng Haifan replied with a question of his own, “Mr. Lu, did you know Ning Li went to Jingcheng during the weekend?”

Lu Huaiyu squinted his eyes.

Judging from his expression, Geng Haifan could tell he had not known where Ning Li had gone.

He briefly updated the man on what had happened and handed him the phone.

Lu Huaiyu had a glance and saw the picture of Ning Li and Pei Song.

He squinted his eyes at the picture and it immediately felt as if the temperature in the room had suddenly dropped.

There was a sudden tension in the air.

A while later, he tapped his fingers on the table before he leaned back. He scoffed lightly saying, “Our Ning Li would never be in a relationship at such an early age.”